What Is Computer Hardware

What is Computer Hardware?

Computer hardware is the physical components of a computer, whereas the data and computer files are referred to as the computer software. The computer hardware is named this because it is not often or easily changed, unlike the software, which is updated and changed frequently. Home computers mostly consists of several hardware components, including the motherboard, which holds the central processing unit, and the RAM. Personal computers also consist of power supply, which holds a transformer, fan and voltage control, as well as video display, computer device controllers, which connect to things such as scanners
Or printers. You’re computer hardware also consists of the CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, floppy and hard disk drives, a sound card and a modem for online dial up connections.

Hardware also consists of several independent pieces, which include the keyboard, the mouse, gaming devices such as joysticks, web cameras, scanners, printers and speakers. These are the parts of the computer hardware that you are probably more familiar with. Computer hardware is designed with performance in mind, but also focuses around weight, appearance, size, reliability and power consumption.

Computer Hardware continues to evolve at an exponential rate. Scientists are constantly trying to improve on various types of computer hardware, in hopes that one-day computer will be small brain implants. If this sounds too far fetched then think again. We already have the ability to control electronics by electronic brain impulses alone. If you think about it, the brain is really just an organic computer. Our memory is like a hard drive and our synapses are like the circuitry of a motherboard. I believe that one-day computers will be living organisms, mini brains in a box with 3d displays and completely controlled by our thoughts. Until then, enjoy the hardware you have!