What Is A Browser On A Computer

When you first buy a computer it seems as fast as lightning then for several years it seems to slow down little by little. Most people think this may be caused from adding on too many programs or storing too much info on their computer. That really isn’t the case in most instances. This may be caused from such things known as spyware that gets stored on your computer when you visit certain websites.

Most of the spyware applications are usually bundled up as a hidden component when you download freeware or shareware programs. Keep in mind that most freeware or shareware programs normally don’t come with attached files. Once the spyware gets installed on your computer or attaches itself to your computer it then monitors your activity on the Internet. It takes the info it steals from you and sends it back to the owner of the program.

Several people have heard of the software being similar to a Trojan horse because you don’t know about it being installed on your computer. Once these programs are on your computer, they can do much harm before you know it. These are generally independent executable programs and they sit in the background monitoring your keystrokes as well as reading files you have on your hard drive. They can go through other programs such as chat programs or even word processors and they can read the cookies on your computer. Some of these programs can even change your default home page on your web browser.

This may be very dangerous as it gathers personal info about you such as your passwords, e-mail addresses and even credit card numbers. One of the first things you’ll notice when you’re infected is that your computer can slow down considerably as these programs are using the bandwidth on your computer to send info back to its originator. Thankfully there are programs out on the market today that you can use to clean your computer and get it free from the bad programs.

You need to one should get an anti-spyware program that’s reputable and will monitor your computer 24 hours a day. It is very important that you do a complete scan of your computer on a regular basis so that you can remove unwanted software as quickly as possible. When there are plenty of free programs out on the market today, they can only do so much.

Generally the free programs will remove some of the junk that’s on your computer but they may not be as thorough as many of the programs that you can purchase. If you have noticed that your computer is running slowly and seems to be lagging going from page to page, then you may be infected. You need to get a program as soon as possible so you can keep your computer running as efficiently as possible and to protect your personal information.