Wallpapers For Computer

Happen to be tired of the background on your computer screen? Then why not spice it up with any customized computer wallpaper. When your computer starts up then what you see in the background is called the background wallpaper. You do not have to stick with the background the computer came with – computer wallpaper comes in many different designs and is easily changed to something more personal. The design can be easy or elaborate; it just depends on your personal taste.

You can change your computer wallpaper from various locations on the internet. Most computers come with a small variety of wallpapers from which you can choose. If none of these suits your taste then do not worry. There are plenty of places where you can upload a picture to your computer or find one on the world wide web that you like.

Once you’ve found a design that you would like as your computer wallpaper, and then you have the easy task of installing and displaying it. If you’re uploading a picture from your computer then you need to right click on your desktop. When you do this a drop down menu should appear. Click on the word “properties” then, you can click the “browse” button and find the picture you would often add to your desktop.

It is then up to you to tell the computer how you need to display the picture. If you choose “stretch” the picture will be enlarged to cover the entire computer screen. If you would prefer the picture to be displayed in a repetitive pattern on the desktop then click “tile”. If, on the other hand you prefer to have a small picture in the center of the screen, then click on “center”.

If there are no pictures on you computer that suit your preferences, do not worry there are still other places to look for computer wallpaper. You can search the world wide web until you find a picture or other design that you like. Once you have found something, then you can right click on it – again, a drop down menu will appear. Simply click on “set as wallpaper” and the picture will be added to your desktop.

The collection of files and images that you choose for your computer wallpaper use a considerable amount of your computer’s resources. If you have an image that’s quite big as your wallpaper then it could result in slowing your computer down. If you have this problem then you may need to consider removing the wallpaper.

Many websites will allow you to use their photos for you computer’s wallpaper but before you do this just check that you’re not breaking the site’s copyright. If not, then go ahead and enjoy your new wallpaper.


Computer wallpaper is largely a matter of preference. You can customize computer backgrounds to just about any design you choose. If you’re lacking photos on your computer then try the world wide web where you’ll find a seemingly endless supply of images. No matter what your style, you’re sure to find wallpaper that suits you.