Tablet Computer

Since last few years, Tablet Computer in India has gained much popularity than expected. Bigwigs like Samsung, Apple, Acer, Sony, BlackBerry, HCL, HP, ViewSonic, Dell, Asus, Motorola, Toshiba, Lenova, iBerry and Micromax are any of the major players in this segment. Latest tablets launched by these renowned brands have added more fuel to the much competitive market of tablet PCs. Also there are any brands whoever are engaged in offering the consumers with affordable range of tablets in comparison to the big brands. Moreover, tough competition in the market has given birth to the companies like Karbonn, iBall, BenQ, Zte, Wespro, Vox, Intex and Fujitsu, whoever have introduced cheaper versions of tablets keeping in mind the large population of mid-income consumers. In fact, various companies have adopted different marketing strategies to woo the buyers with their appealing tablets.

So if you are in hunt for portable computer, which is lighter and smaller than a notebook or laptop and more user-friendly than your latest smartphone, than tablet PC is a thing you are looking for. These tablet PCs come in different sizes, designs and specifications depending on their brands, needs and capabilities. Furthermore, in contrast to laptops, these tablets are provided with touchscreen that ranged from 7 inches to 10 inches in size. But you also have the option to attach keyboard with any of the tablets if you wish to type your documents and emails in a traditional way. Depending on the specifications you are looking for, these tablets come with the features such as Wi-Fi, 3G connectivity, USB ports, media players, pre-installed games, net browser, word-processing programs and spreadsheets. Moreover, it is also integrated with a high resolution camera and comes with capacitive touchscreen. Also, these next generation computing handheld devices are capable of storing various latest applications.

Let’s have a look into any of the best tablet computers available in the market. One of the bestselling tablets in the Indian consumer is probably the iPad. Available with a hefty price tag, it is designed and programmed by Mac. The launch of iPad did set off alert for other brand’s tablets that run on Google’s Android OS. More advanced and full-featured, Apple’s iPad comes with stunning touchscreen and 5MP camera. Powered with quad-core graphic processor, it is provided with 3G connectivity to ensure excellent net browsing experience. Another tablet which has been successful in acquiring a huge clientele across the nation is Samsung Galaxy10.1 Tab. It is much more compact and thin in comparison to the Apple’s iPad and cost less. The latest from Samsung incorporates 10.1 capacitive touchscreen along with 3MP rear and 2MP front camera. This device is based on Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) operating system and is powered with NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor. Furthermore, it also boasts any of the basic features similar to iPad in terms of connectivity, media players and gaming.

So, has the time come when we are going to swap all our desktop computers, notebooks and laptops for these tablets? If you through the opinions of tech-experts, this change will not happen because may be these tablets are quite handy and portable, they don’t pack anywhere near their computing power of their larger cousins, PC’s and laptops. But still, this Latest Tablet PC is a craze among the youths at least for coming years.