Slow Running Computer

When people bring me their computers for repair, there is one problem that motivates them to bring it to my shop more than any other. It is the computer is running slow. Maybe the computer has other problems, but the running slowly part bothers them the most.

There are a few things that can happen to a computer to slow it down and I will talk about these things in this article. However, there is one problem that often goes overlooked when discussing things that need to be done to get a computer’s speed back. We will not overlook this problem.

Malware And Registry Corruption

Spyware, adware, viruses and all that nasty stuff can be detrhymental to a computer’s health. When a computer is running slow, these are the first things to check. Spyware can also be detrhymental to a person’s financial health because it can steal his of her banking information. Being well aware of this, most people have a virus/spyware scanner installed on their computer.

In the last couple of years, registry corruption has become a very big problem for PC owners. Windows XP and Vista registries become corrupted very easily. Because of this, many people have decided to install a good registry cleaner on their computers. This is a great choice because registry corruption will cause a computer to be slow and error prone.

There are times, with no malware or registry corruption present, the computer will still be slow and sometimes error prone. In a case like this, a technician has to go to work locating the problem with the computer.

Device Drivers And Computer Slowdowns

It is often a problem of this type will involve an outdated or unstable driver. Even if this were known in advance, finding a replacement and installing it takes time and effort and to the customer, this comes with a cost.

Enter The Driver Scanner

However, we don’t have to do this the old fashion way anymore! Now, there is an excellent new driver scanner that does 100% of the work for us! Most we do is start it up and the driver scanner will find any bad or outdated driver we have and it will then upgrade it automatically for us.

The way I see it, driver scanners are worth their weight in gold because they easily do a job that was once very difficult and time consuming. Due to the expense of dealing with them, the fact there could have been outdated drivers in a PC used to be ignored unless these bad drivers were causing major harm. So, it was common for a computer operator to have to put up with a few irregularities in his or her computer’s performance. Now that a good driver scanner can take care of the matter, we don’t have to accept these irregularities anymore!