Slow Computer Fix

Computers run essentially over a series of commands. To be able to download and run certain applications, a user should have a process of these commands that would run smoothly. Your computer would take up memory whatever application you are running, and by doing so, certain commands support your application. Your computer has what we call ‘registry’ where the commands are located. The registry also has the information that is needed for your computer to do the task that you want. As instructions and information in your registry gets messed up over a period of time, it is inevitable that your computer would eventually experience any errors. Worst case would be that your computer would crash and your computer would also slow down as a result. Without any expensive professional help, easy tasks can be done by you at the comfort of your own home, in order for the errors in the computer to be fixed.

By cleaning your hard disk, the performance of your computer will be improved. Fragmentation is the result of your hard disk being filled up with unwanted files and junk data. It would take longer for your computer to find files in its own filing arrangement thus, taking time to operate or open files and programs you are trying to use if your hard drive will be filled with fragments. Windows will provide with two tools: Disk Clean Up tool and Disk Defragmenter. The disk clean up tool will help in cleaning up space in the hard disk, as the name suggests. This then would find the files that you can safely delete, and gives you the option to delete any or all of the files. Recycle bin, program set up files, temporary file folders, outdated system restore points, browser history and unwanted programs, are examples of unwarranted hard disk files. The disk defragmenter tool would merge all files stored on it and speed up your computer after you have cleaned your disk.

Another way in fixing and preventing errors from your computer is by performing a virus scan. A computer must have an updated virus scanner to prevent and ensure that your computer is free from malevolent information. A virus is a major cause in computers that have behaved erratically.

Fixing problems using Windows XP Boot CD is another way. A lot of times, a virus infection will damage the boot sector of your computer. So by using your Windows XP Boot CD, you can now repair the installation of your Windows XP from the damage that the virus has done. This CD would just require you to perform certain tasks to smoothly start up your computer.

Lastly, by performing a registry scan, we can also prevent future problems and also fix computer clutters and errors. Computer files such as DLL (dynamic link library), EXE (executable), and driver files will be free from errors and thus, they can properly operate entries in your computer. As a result of the damaged registry, the system in your computer would dramatically slow down and eventually would crash. Anybody can perform registry scans quite easily and economically with the help and guide from a reliable registry cleaner tool.

Thanks to advance technology, there are many free registry scans that you can get without the hassle of contacting an expensive professional to fix your computer. Registry scans will give you registry maintenance, removing malevolent virus and spyware, scan and repair any registry and computer errors, defragging the registry and also registry back up.