Remove Virus From Computer

Win32/Zafi.B worm is one of the latest detected viruses. It gradually spread itself over the internet. Win32/Zafi.B worm certainly has compromise a little part of computers and continues to gain access to more PCs. No matter whether your system is infected by the virus or not, you learn something about this issue in order to effective remove or prevent Win32/Zafi.B worm.

How does Win32/Zafi.B worm invade your computer?
If you have a long time not to repair system vulnerabilities and not to clean temporary files, Win32/Zafi.B worm can easily infect your system before your firewall gives you an alert. If your system is not free of PV threats especially backdoor virus, Win32/Zafi.B worm can get access to your system via system backdoor.

What damages does Win32/Zafi.B worm bring to your system?
* Like many other viruses, Win32/Zafi.B worm will firstly occupy some system resource when it is activated and thus your computer runs very slow and is easy to freeze up.
* Win32/Zafi.B worm is likely to be used by some rogue programs, which will generate lots of fake security alerts, advertisement or other annoying pop-up windows.
* Once Win32/Zafi.B worm sneaks into windows, it will modify “hosts” file by adding malicious codes to it, which will cause dll or exe errors, runtime error and other system errors.

How to remove Win32/Zafi.B worm completely in minutes
Have you been looking for ways to get rid of the tough virus? Have you been trying lot of Win32/Zafi.B worm removal methods but all turned out to be invalid?

Tips on removing Win32/Zafi.B worm with your own antivirus (it is not a guaranteed solution, but you can have a try.)
1. Enter Safe Mode with Networking by pressing F8 during windows startup
2. Launch your antivirus program to scan your computer with updated antivirus database.

Recommended Win32/Zafi.B worm removal tool
To safely and completely get rid of the virus, you should scan your computer thoroughly with a Win32/Zafi.B worm removal tool which is specially able to clean latest viruses.

To manually remove Win32/Zafi.B worm (for your reference)
1. Delete the original infected file the virus attaches to
2. Replace the hosts file with a normal one

How to prevent Win32/Zafi.B worm from your computer effectively
If you have removed Win32/Zafi.B worm successfully or the virus has not infected your computer, it is necessary to know to protect those latest viruses.
1. Build good Protection consciousness when PC is connected to the net
2. Equip computer and an Win32/Zafi.B worm removal tool that can provide effective real-time guard.
3. Turn on Firewall all the time.