Notebook Computer Reviews

Cheap notebook computers are becoming more popular, driving down the costs of even the most expensive brand name ones. The bottom line is that the inexpensive notebook computers have proven themselves as just as good as the more expensive brand name ones. When the time comes to go browsing at inexpensive notebook computers, think about your answers to the following questions to find out if you really do need a new notebook computer:

1.Does your current notebook computer still meet your needs as far as digital photography, burning CDs and DVDs goes? When you bought your first notebook, it may have been the latest in technology for these tasks at the time, but with technology improving so quickly, think about during the past yr if you’ve said to yourself I wish I could do_____with this computer. Gaming has evolved quite rapidly, too, so ask yourself if your current inexpensive notebook computer still delivers in these categories or not.

2.What speed is your processor? The processor is the core of the computer; the engine. Most experts concur that a good processor without going overboard is one of 2.0 GHz. Processor technologies improve so rapidly that after a couple of years, it almost seems like a requirement to have to buy a new inexpensive notebook computer just to keep up with all of the advancements.

3.What Operating System does your notebook use? If the answer to this one is anything earlier than Windows XP, it may be time to upgrade. Although older computers may work fine with older operating systems, you would be amazed at the difference if you opt for a new one.

4.How much memory does your computer have? Usually, the current recommended minimum for RAM is 2 GB, at the least. Several inexpensive notebook computers as well as the name brand ones offer DDR SDRAM memory, which delivers better performance than the old SDRAM technology.

5.Does size matter? When you bought your inexpensive notebook computer a few years ago, you undoubtedly were amazed at its compact size and lightweight design. After having a look at the new, recent notebooks, do you still feel that way about your notebook? If not, consider buying one that’s slimmer, lighter, and more versatile. The new ones can weigh as little as three pounds!

6.Hows the display on your inexpensive notebook computer? In the last few years, TFT (or Thin Film Transistor) displays have become main stream because of their bright, sharp, vivid displays. These displays can be seen from any angle, which is a breath of fresh air for those whoever know all too well that if a notebook screen isn’t tilted right, the computer may as well be off, because at the wrong angle, you can’t see what’s on the screen! Can you see your screen from any angle?

Once you’ve thought about and answered these questions, ask yourself one final question about buying a inexpensive notebook computer: Dont you just need one SO MUCH? Have fun, and go shop for a inexpensive notebook computer TODAY!