My Computer Is Running Slow

Tired of the same problems of PC running slow? You do not actually have to wait for any miracle, because the answer is right in front of you: get the maximum protection and clean your PC all by yourself, for free! Here’s how:

Adjust your startup settings. If you have already visited your Windows Configuration Utility, there will not be any problem on this step to solve your PC running slow problems. However, if you are a newbie (and there is certainly nothing wrong with being one!), follow these simple steps on how to get there: First, click the ‘Run’ command found in your startup items.

Second, type in ‘msconfig’ and hit enter. A new dialog box will appear, which is entitled Windows Configuration Utility. This is where you will find the complete list of startup items in your computer. On the ‘Startup’ tab, you can easily enable or disable certain computer processes by just checking or unchecking these items.

Here’s a tip: disable any of these malicious processes before they completely penetrate into your program files. A more advanced step is to physically locate where these malicious files are thriving, and then delete all the traces that they have created as they may actually have the capability to multiply and self-launch themselves without your knowledge. After you have made the changes, perform a quick restart with your PC and see the results.

Enable your firewall. The first base that your viruses would have to pass through is your firewall. This means that the weaker your firewall settings are, the greater the chances that you can be infected by a virus. Therefore, the easiest way to prevent any of these computer attacks is to enable your firewall configurations and set them to the maximum computer protection level, which is related to solving the problem of PC running slow.

This also means that there might be any cookies or internet files which may have to be blocked from entering your computers; in the same manner that personal information and user identity will have to be prevented to be transmitted to a potentially unsecured third party. All of these things would have to keep your computer protected from viruses which are the culprits of PC running slow.

Install the best registry program in the market. The best registry software that you can find in the internet need not be very complicated to try. In fact, those programs that have a very friendly interface will gain the advantage of being more widely used by computer enthusiasts. There is no better way to solve the problem of PC running slow than to keep your registry entries protected from fragmentation and corruption that can be caused by virus attacks in your PC.

If you think that you still need more protection, do not worry because even these softwares that specialize in protecting your registry files can also be powerful weapons against the common viruses that any computer can be held vulnerable to. Just be sure to update the software regularly in order to get the maximum protection possible in these registry protection softwares that are widely available online.