Large Computer Monitors

Flat panel monitors are much more convenient with its slimmer and lightweight design. Users worldwide liked it so much that many manufacturers of the CRT monitors stopped their productions. Only very high end CRT monitors specially designed for graphics artists were continued being manufactured. These days most of the people prefer to buy flat panel monitors. If you are thinking otherwise you can go through these computer support suggestions on the benefits of the flat panel monitors. In case of a assistance regarding any computer issue you can always call up to the computer support experts.

One of the many advantages of flat panel monitors according to the computer help experts is that it saves lots of your space. The traditional CRT monitor with its heavy and bulky looks takes much of the desk space. The flat panel monitors are very lightweight, slim and thin so it takes less space. Mostly they are just few inches thick and less than five pounds in weight. On the contrary the CRT monitors are most often 30 pounds to 40 pounds in weight. Flat panel monitors are ideal for businesses today where changing desks and cubicles are happened regularly. Because of its light weight it can be easily moved to one place to another without much hassle.

Computer help experts suggest that another advantage of this type of monitor is that users can mount it on the wall to save space on desk and also to make certain an easy viewing. This type of monitor can easily be used as a medium for entertainment. When mounted on a wall, it can be seen by anyone in the room clearly and if it is hooked up with television and computer connectivity then it can use as an alternative to television.

You can increase the display size without taking much room in flat panel monitors compared to the CRT models. Multitasking is easier on bigger display and the thinner casing of flat panels helps to get the large size of display. Most of the CRT monitors are square shaped on the contrary the flat panel monitors mostly come with widescreen versions. The widescreen versions of the flat panel monitors make multitasking easier. It helps to manage multiple windows and applications properly with its widescreen versions.

The flat panel monitors are environmental friendly because it uses only a quarter of the energy that a traditional CRT monitor generally uses. With cathode ray tubes flat panel monitors consumes much less electricity. In regards of radiation emission also flat panel monitors are much more environmental friendly. If you are thinking about budget then be sure that the extra amount that you will be paid for a flat panel monitor will even out the cost with a traditional CRT monitor after several years of usage.