Impact Computers

Computers have been invented nearly 6 decades ago. The decade when the computer began becoming increasingly available to most of the general public and users was in the 1970s decade. From then the web and computers have had impacts on the social life of the people.Computer emphasizes its impact on five dimensions of human life, singly and collectively. It impacts personal, community, national, global and future dimensions. Now we would analyze how each of the dimensions is affected by the internet. Personal impact can be on the privacy and personal rights. The computer might become corrupt and dissolve important information or with the inclusion of web can be misused or passed on into wrong hands. There might be decreased employment opportunities because presently the computer has formally replaced the manual labor. All the work is done using computer and so there is a lack in employment opportunities. However, web may also help to find more jobs, which the people might not know about. Unemployed individuals may find online part-time jobs and may earn to support their family. Thus, web may help to refurbish our own career. Automated billing procedures, and development of multiple consumer friendly policies through web has maintained to achieve a greater consumer satisfaction and credibility. For the community as a whole, employment is the main issue that highlights the impact on this group of people. To a society as a whole, more level of employment would bring prestige and increase the standard of living of the people. It may even bring out possible positive effects for example, law enforcement and traffic control. Through such preventative measures there would be less criminal activities and the society as a whole would benefit because of computer security systems. The nation as a whole may also be benefited and harmed by the effects of the computer and the services that it provides. Communication may be the principal highlight. The communication may be between the security departments, police, or international departments. It can also be used for keeping the control of information and recording all the transaction for vehicles and other important issues. Defense may be another important issue where the computer may have an impact on. The inclusion of computer in the defense department has changed the entire way of protecting one’s life and property and to save ones’ country. Now there computer based investigators that investigate any crhyme or research for any bomb, etc and monitor the defense areas strictly. It may also be used for the vote counting or invigilation and surveillance. In short, computer has reduced the manual inputs of force form humans and gave them a halt towards work. The global impact that the computers have had is research into the far and remote areas of space and maintaining a technology of world survey. World wide access and international standards are probably the secondary important reasons for building a computer network globally. As far as the future dimensions are concerned, the young generation might emphasize on virtual reality,events near to the real because the increasing development in technology is rapidly going towards artificial intelligence. They might be in games, videos, communication, travelling, robot usage and total dependency on the computers.Thus we declare that men’s every dimension of life is affected by the impacts of the web and it is likely that in the near future the computer would be an everlasting replacement and alternation for every thing in the world, even humans.

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An old commercial for a local store called I’mpact computers. Featuring what are now some really old and outdated computers. This now-defunct store was in Gulfport, MS.