How To Speed Up My Computer

So, are you irritated by the slow speed of your computer system? Does your computer freeze just when you typed a lot of information and forgot to save? Does it take a long time for your programs to run? There is one way that you can easily speed up your computer and that is to fix your windows registry.

What is Windows Registry? The windows registry is the database of your computer’s settings. All information that makes your computer work is stored in the registry. As an example you install a new program, all the data of that program is stored in the registry. If you uninstall a program, some files are not completely deleted therefore causing clutter in the registry files. When there is a lot of clutter like unused or corrupted files, it slows down the system and may cause errors.

How to Speed up Your Computer: One way to speed up your computer is to clean the Windows registry of unwanted files. It is like de-cluttering your closet. The sound of cleaning up files in the computer that you may not understand is a pretty difficult task to do. Unless you are a computer professional, you might cause more harm than good to your system if you try to manually do it yourself.

Good thing that there is an easier way to de-clutter your system. All you have to do is choose a good registry cleaner software for your computer to run smoothly again.

What is a Good Registry Cleaner? In a nutshell, a good registry cleaner should be able to fix your Windows Registry in no time.

1. Effective – Some registry cleaners can’t identify most of the errors in the system. Some badly programmed ones could not properly identify a corrupted file from a valid one. Make sure that you choose one that is effective. Search for reviews and communicate with users through forums before buying any software.

2. Easy to Use – Choose a registry cleaner software that has a simple layout. One reason why you might want to get an automatic cleaner is because you are not a computer expert. Choose a software that can fix Windows Registry with only a few clicks.

3. Legitimate – You might have qualms about downloading software in your computer. Look for a legitimate software provider that can provide you of both effective and easy to use cleaner.
Is fixing Windows Registry the only solution to speed up my computer?

It is not the only solution but it is one of the best solutions that you have. Take note that the registry stores almost absolutely everything that makes your computer run. It stores your installed programs so it has something to do with the speed of loading your programs. When your computer boots up, it prepares all the necessary information needed to run your system and those information are in the registry.

Viruses, malware, scareware and spyware are also possible reasons why your computer system is slow. A registry cleaner is not an expert to remove these unwanted files so it is also safe to run an anti-virus to give your system a total clean-up.