How To Make My Computer Run Faster

Do you often use Yahoo Answer to search for the key to the question” How to speed up Windows Vista operating system”? Do you need to speed up Windows Vista operating system in seconds? If you need to speed up Windows Vista operating system easily, I highly recommend you to use the three tips below to make your computer faster.

*Tweak the power settings

With Windows Vista Power Management, you can encourage the use of power-saving modes, restrict the ability of applications to interrupt sleep transitions, manage applications that are blocking shutdown, present the power management settings simply.

If you set the power options to “Balanced” mode, this will limit the CPU usage to 50%. “Balanced” mode can automatically offer equal weight to the energy savings and performance. “Energy” mode controls the energy consumption to the minimum level on purpose to save energy. “High performance” mode sets the productivity to maximum level in order to sacrifice energy conservation for better performance.

You can follow the steps to adjust power settings:

1. Open Control Panel, and then click Power Options

2. Find “Change Plan Settings”, select it under desired plan to make changes

3. You can select “Change advanced power settings” to adjust power settings.

*Disable the Sidebar

Sidebar in Windows Vista operating system is also called Windows Desktop Gadgets. It serves as a widget engine for Microsoft Gadgets. Introduced with Windows Vista, it serves as a sidebar that is bulit to be anchored to the side of the desktop. Gadgets in it can perform various tasks, such as displaying the time and date and showing the CPU usage.

Maybe you find out that the Sidebar is a useful tool due to it requires you to use its applets. In any cases, any users find out that it needs to require too much extra resources from the operating system, so they need to disable this utility to speed up Windows Vista operating system.

How to disable the sidebar to speed up Windows Vista operating system?

1. Right click on the Windows Sidebar icon in the system tray to run it.

2. Go to Properties

3. Uncheck the Start Sidebar in the box.

4. Click OK.

*Optimize the Windows Registry

Registry errors, such as empty registry keys, invalid entries, obsolete files and embedded registry keys, can dramatically slow down your computer like a crawl and lead to frequently system freezes, application removal failure, spyware attacks and Blue Screen of Death Errors. These errors usually appear when you are doing a transaction online, playing games with your friends through the network or installing an important application for your work. They may have made you feel frustrated for millions times.

How to speed up Windows Vista operating system in few seconds?

I sincerely suggest you choose an excellent registry cleaner for your slow PC. How to choose out the Best Registry Cleaner from a large number of registry maintenance tools that are available and can help you in regular maintenance of the registry?

With an excellent registry cleaner, you can easily and quickly remove out the entire amount of registry errors on purpose to help you out of the sluggish system performance, the constantly pop-up Blue Screen Errors, application removal failure and system freezes.

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