How To Fix A Slow Computer

The computer system has such a prolific effect on our lives that it is present in almost all the spheres of life. A majority of the population rely on PC system to organize and conduct work to operate efficiently. However a majority of the PC user doesn’t even ponder much about the computer problems that can arise with a computer system until a user is actually faced with a computer problem that occurs in the computer system. Once a computer problem occurs in the system it could have a far reaching effect and to fix computer problems could be both time consuming and expensive, not to forget the mental agony that one goes through.

Various reasons can lead to a problem in computer systems. Computer problems can take place due to the faulty handling by the user or by any other unmanageable factors or a combination of the both. The malicious programs, more commonly known as viruses, spy-wares or malwares, which hinders the normal functioning of a computer, mainly gets into the system, through the web or file sharing between different nodes. The other factors like heat or magnetism, static electricity shocks or power fluctuations, extreme accretion of dirt on the hardware or knocking or dropping the hard drive casing, incorrect or crashed software or an improper computer handling reasons to several computer problems.

When a PC system is encountered with a computer problem, its normal working is affected and its performance is compromised. The computer making quiet grumbling noises, the operating system taking too long to startup or shutdown, menus popping out, computer showing no signs of power at all, applications not working properly, frequent hanging of the system are any of the symptoms that signifies that the PC system is facing any computer problem. Computer problem could be either because of a fault with the hardware or a fault with the software.

There are any measures to fix computer problems that can be taken to reduce the probability of running into problems with the computer’s smooth and efficient operation and also to minimize any harm that does occur despite greatest efforts to shun malfunctions and increase component lifespan. Computers need regular maintenance to avoid and fix computer problems. There are any steps that can be taken to fix computer problems and ensure a hitch free performance.

It is always a good habit to keep a backup of all the important data in case the original data is lost or gets corrupted; these data can be later reinstated after fixing computer problems. Having a good anti virus software can fix computer problems like fixing bugs and security threats. Anti virus programs should be updated regularly along side other software installed on the computer. Only registered software should be used which are less likely to crash or harm the computer system. The components like monitor, keyboard, mouse etc should be regularly cleaned. Computer should be kept away from any kind of magnetic field or near a heating or cooling source. One of the best ways to help protect the computer so that the need to fix computer never arise is to perform regular maintenance of the PC.