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The Xbox 360 controller is very much required if you need to enjoy high standard of PC gaming. Although, Microsoft Xbox 360 is not the only brand available in the market, yet it has its own charm and effectiveness that can elevate your gaming experience by manifolds.

Those who are already using this gaming console understand the depth of the aforementioned statement that a gaming controller has its own charm to deliver. Those who have yet not experienced or enjoyed that charm will be able to get an idea by reading following five reasons why they should get a gaming controller for PC gaming.

Note here that the need of having specific controller gets more important, if you are fond of playing games such as racing games, fighting games, platformers, etc.

1.XInput Vs DirectInput

The Xbox 360 Controller uses the XInput API to send input data to games; this makes the controller different from other controllers. XInput API is different from the older DirectInput API which is being used in other controllers. XInput is better than DirectInput because it gets easier for developers to use it and it also supports analog triggers and controller vibration.

Modern games are designed with XInput support in mind. Many games don’t even include DirectInput support at all then this makes the games incompatible with other controllers. Even if you are playing a game that supports DirectInput, still you have to go through the procedure of configuring the controls because the default controls of modern games are designed keeping the Xbox 360 controller in mind.

There are tools like x360ce that help in translating DirectInput controller calls to XInput, but for this also, you will have to tweak with the configuration and again there is no guarantee that it will work perfectly. Hence, to be on safer side it is good to use Xbox 360 Controller only.

2.Xbox Ports

Most of the modern PC games are ported from the Xbox 360. As a result, these games are released with built-in support for the Xbox 360 controller. This makes the use and compatibility of the Microsoft gaming console’s controller easy. All you need is to plug in your controller and then the on-screen button for mouse and keyboard will change to Xbox 360 controller buttons.

3.Games for Windows certification program

Xbox controller support has received Microsoft’s Games for Windows certification program. Under this certification, if you have 360 controllers then you can plug your controllers directly to your computer’s USB ports, and there will be no need of setting up any configuration.

4.Good for playing Classic games

It is great for playing classic and old multiplayer console games on your PC. However, for this you need to do some configuration setup with your emulators but with little tweaking it works well.

5.Get Any Wired Xbox Controller

Another reason of going for this controller is that it is a wired input device. No doubt these days people love going for wireless input devices. But using a wireless controller is very inconvenient because the wireless controller doesn’t support standard Bluetooth. Furthermore, it has to be connected to a Wireless Gaming Receiver for Windows through your PC’s USB port.

In this way you will end up paying extra in a deal to get the possible wireless reception issues. But in spite of setting the wireless setup, you will still be using the USB port and a large wired dongle. So the smart choice is to get a wired Xbox 360 controller, which makes the setup cheap and it will let you handle the controller with continence. However, you might have to compromise on additional space that a wireless controller might have provided you.
Tips for Xbox 360 Controller buyers

In the market there are two different types of wired controllers:

An Xbox 360 Wired Controller for Windows
An Xbox 360 Wired Controller

These are exactly the same product and you must not get fooled seeing two different names because this is just a tactic of marketing. By marketing the product for Windows, the retailer is charging high retail price, but it has been confirmed by Microsoft that it is the same product. So the tip for the users is not to pay extra for an identical controller. Even if you buy Xbox 360 Wired Controller, then also it will work for Windows on the box.

For now, the Xbox controller is the winner in the competition of which is the best controller for you. However, Valve’s Steam controller is also highly likely and has the chance of rising high as a dominant PC gaming controller.