Evolution Of Computers

With the advent of electricity we humans got our first taste of pushing a button and making something happen. It was the kind of magic power that our forefathers could only dream of having. Now we take it for granted and so we have arrived at a point where we expect everything to be immediately accessible. To me this progress demonstrates evolution.

Think about it. What has been the evolutionary goal of humanity’s progress so far? Hasn’t it been to make things easier? And what does making things easier really mean? It means we have less need to deal with physical reality. We are progressing then from a state of body to a state of spirit.

In the spirit world, all intention is instantaneously accomplished because we are living in a world of thought. Thought is clean. There are no messes to mop up afterwards. There are no physical components which need to be rearranged, only energy. Of course food is unnecessary on this level because we don’t have bodies to feed but if we did need to eat, we would think of what we were in the mood for, and then it would be dished up to us. We could even think we have eaten already and then we would not even have to conjure up a thought of food at all. Compare the ease of this scenario to the original effort required to kill an animal or forage for a plant, prepare either one, and then clean up the mess. I heartily endorse option one and I think that would be true of anyone.

The reason we would choose something easier is because we are by nature somewhat lazy and we welcome any opportunity to get out of exerting ourselves on a physical plane. Where do you suppose this laziness is coming from? I believe it is coming from our innate desire to metamorphose from a hulking mindless body to streamlined bodiless mind. Now that is what I call evolution.

Enter the computer. For people who like to live in their minds and not have to go through all the work of living bodily, it is a perfect solution and also a major stride toward our pre-programmed destiny. It may take thousands and thousands of years to get there but gradually we are making our way back to the world of thought which is in fact the spirit world. How we got bumped into the caveman state is a matter of speculation and is the foremost reason for coming up with a religion. The important news though, is the fact that gradually we are returning back to pure energy. We are returning to our original condition and we are going home.

Think about how computer interactions propel us toward the spirit state. We can look for jobs, have relationships, travel, shop, see a doctor, mail a letter, attend church, do research, (remember the days of the card catalogue?) without having to drag our bodies around. Think about how wisdom teeth are becoming obsolete because we don’t have to gnaw on things so viciously to make them digestible. Well, the same goes for any of these other activities. We can fully respond, learn, obtain, relate, communicate, socialize, worship and even make a living on the computer. We can digest all the necessary essentials of a fulfilled life experience but we just don’t have to chew so hard.

The less we exert our flesh in order to live a satisfying life, the more we approach a world of pure energy. Computer living is like flying because we defy gravity. To me, that is always a good thing.