Connect Computer To Tv

If you want to connect PC to television you would need PC to television converter cable. This cable connect PC to television, one end is in PC output port and other end in television port. After this you would view your pics with your family in big screen and it is really amazing and sometimes it is also enjoyable to watch match on big screen and television is much more comfortable than PC.

There are many type of cable available that connect PC to television and all are different from one another in some kind. It depend up to you that which cable you choose according to the available ports in your PC and television keep in mind that match with cable. Television resolution as compared with PC is not same but PC to television converter cable will adjust the resolution automatically you need not to adjust picture appear with fine resolution. To connect PC to cable there is some options to keep in mind. According to some people views S-Video is the best and cheep ways to connect PC to TV. In this technology world today every television has an S-video port but some times you face difficulty in different types of S-video cable types four or seven pin cable. If your television is equipped with four-pin cables n PC is seven-pin cables then incompatibility issue may rise.

There is another option for you if you’re facing incompatibility issue and that’s Connect PC to television wireless. There are many range of connections in the market that will connect PC to television wireless like VGA/RGB, DVI, HDMI, S-video or RCA out of these VGA connection is new and more easy and it is also cost effective value for your money.. Nowadays most PC can connect to televisions wirelessly using wireless connection. If your television does not VGA or neither DVI then you purchase VGA to television converter which will give you S-video to connect and HDMI is also a option to connect but your television must be HDMI compatible. After checking all the things you need to set television input to receive PC signal and if you face difficulty in it you would find it in televisions menu. The most interesting part of this is that you can relax completely and sit back comfortably in your sofa instead of cramping your back sitting in front of your PC for hours together. Another interesting part to the story is that you can control up to 8 PCs with your Mac on television Any of your content can easily be shared on your television sets in just a matter of minutes. This technology will surely ease the job of individuals having a job which involves a considerable amount of computer work and will also add on to their comfort.

Now the question arise which is better connection wire or wireless and this depend up to your need but wire connection is cost effective and picture quality is also good as we compare with wireless. Wireless connection is much costly. You must kept in mind when you’re choosing wireless connection that it is nearest to access point and if distance is too far then you may face problem because signal is not that strong.