Computers Sale

Computers have fast become an integral part of our lives and times have changed since we were kids and did not even know of the existence of this wonder machine while at school. Computers have become such a significant part of our daily lives that it is impossible to conceive a life without the PC or the Mac.

In such an environment it is imperative that our children do not face the same problems that we had to face while grappling with this new invention. I had crossed fifty years of age when I bought my first computer. I was hopelessly ignorant about it. It was simply a wonder machine as far as I was concerned and was oblivious of its capability and versatility in creating, managing and storing documents and accounts and sourcing information from the Internet. I was the unlucky one and learnt all that I now know, the hard way and through the hit and trial method. And believe me it is not even 1% of what one should know about computers.

Children are nowadays taught computers in school starting from first grade and. it is astonishing to note how much they know so early in life. Words like PC and MAC and hard disk that were all Greek to us are part of their normal vocabulary.

To augment the knowledge that they acquire at school they need to be encouraged to spend quality time on computers at home too. There is a vast storehouse of knowledge waiting for them on the Net. There are sites that teach kids and novices, step by step, the basics of computers and use of the Internet. New software is so user friendly that all it requires is a click of the computer mouse to enter the web and unlock the doors that lead to all the information that your kid needs to learn about computers.

However it is obligatory on the part of the parents to make them aware of the dangers that are hanging around and to teach them to stay away from disgusting sites that abound the Net. With vultures in the shape of obnoxious sites waiting to pound upon impressionable young minds you need to teach your children how to be circumspect while roaming through the abysmal abyss that the Net has now become.

All said and done, it is a bounden duty of the parents to learn more about computers and at the same time encourage their children to gain as much knowledge as they can.