Computer Virus Removal

Is your Microsoft Windows computer not working like it should when you first bought it? Do you think maybe you might have a Virus or something possibly worse? You might be in need of Windows Vista virus removal. Windows Vista has not been out for all that long, maybe 2 years, but enough people bought and use the operating system where we think its important you know how you should deal with virus and spyware problems when your home computer gets into trouble.

1 – In Control Panel Disable System Restore

Go to the start menu navigate and get to the control panel. Then go to backup and restore center. click on create a restore point. You will see the system properties window come up. Mark all the check boxes associated to the hard drive that is your operating system. Windows Vista is usually the C: drive. Another protection window arises and click on turn off system restore.

2- Install AVG Antivirus Software

Wait, make sure you have no other versions of anti virus software before installing AVG antivirus. Download and install AVG and then do all the updates. Next do a full complete scan of your computer. Remove or quarantine all malicious things it finds.

3 – Restart Your Home Computer

Reboot into safe mode by pressing f8 when the computer boes through its bootup process. Just like you did before check for updates in AVG antivirus again. Then do a full scan again and remove or quarantine absolutely everything it finds.

4 – Turn System Restore Back On

Go back in the same way you turned it off but this time Turn back on system restore. You will see the same windows starting with the control panel. Make sure you put a check box next to the hard drive that has your windows installation in it. This is usually the C: drive but can be another letter if you choose that on installation of your operating system.

5 – Enable and use Windows Vista automatic updates

You need to enable automatic updates in Windows Vista. Yes we completed out Windows Vista Virus Removal but we need to update windows to make sure we get all the critical updates installed, do not skip this step!

Restart the computer one last time. If you feel there still might be viruses or spyware on the PC, contact your local home computer repair company and let them know you did Windows Vista Virus Removal steps and go from there.