Computer Upgrades

Regarding newer motherboards: most newer GeForce series boards are faster, the 6800GS and 6800GT are faster, but hard to find, the 7600GT is comparable in performance to the 6800GT so therefore likely faster. The GeForce 7800 and 7900 series will be much faster, and the 8800 series will be downright absurdly fast. Obviously something is wrong so if you want to turn your on board graphics card back on just go and look on your motherboard for a watch battery the size of a quarter. Remove it. Then look for a jumper (three wires sticking up from the motherboard by the battery or just two).

If there are 2 and they have no plastic jumper on them then short them out with the computer off and then remove the short and replace the battery and turn it on. If there are three wires move the jumper from the position it is in to the other position and then back after removing the battery. Replace the battery and turn the machine back on. If neither of these work remove the battery for about a week and see if it works.

I think that’s the problem right there “I have installed the latest drivers” see most people doing windows updates or mainly driver updates have been noticing that they have more problems. Just right click on my computer and click properties. Hardware, device manager, then roll back the video card driver. That’s it. If this does not work then maybe your direct X needs updated or you just recently put something new on your machine. If not then maybe your computer is just overheating.

I have three identical computers and they have all been set up the same. One of them has this enormity. I have asked several people about it. They told me to upgrade My Direct X or uninstall it and reinstall it. The only problem is that I cannot find an uninstall program for it. Don’t install direct X 10 it’s a Beta Version. Let me assume you are using an LCD monitor. If this is true your images will never be crisp. If you want to improve the frame rate just go out and get a new CRT monitor. It will support better frame rates or screen refresh rates measured in hertz. 60 Hz is default. 100 are pretty good.

Don’t use a plasma screen monitor unless you are looking for maximum picture quality and a maximum waste of money. Plasma screens literally burn out very fast. I would not worry about going into the bios to tell it to check for a VGA graphics card first. The thing is if you have to change it back you can always just reset the bios using the battery jumper. All you do is take out the battery. And use your motherboard manual (assuming you have it) or download a new one and print it to jump your motherboard and reset the bios.

I’m guessing the problem lies in the codec or the player itself, try updating both. I’d suggest updating video drivers, motherboard drivers, etc If it’s streaming content it’s most likely waiting on the content server, if it’s from a DVD or VCD, I’d suggest ensuring the drive is in functioning condition, and set to the highest possible Ultra-ATA mode.