Computer Stores

The computer help provided by computer service centers may be emergency help or non-emergency help. Most of the computer problems like the crashing of a hard disk, non-responsive keyboard, power connection problems, or data corruption will require emergency computer help. The reactivated computer or recovered data may be necessary to carry on with the day’s work or meet the exigencies of the business.

Non-emergency help is mainly routine maintenance like ensuring the security features of the computer and computer upgrades. These may not be instant necessities but are nevertheless important. Having this non-emergency help in time is one way of reducing emergency computer help.

Computer upgrades will involve software upgrades or system upgrade. The manufacturers of the software itself usually provide software upgrades, sometimes at an additional cost or otherwise. When a completely new version of software has to be installed, the memory provision of the old computer might be insufficient, and to make the new software functional, computer upgrades of the other parts of the machine will be necessary.

Computer upgrades, whether done to support software upgrades or otherwise, may include a hard disk upgrade, memory upgrade, video card upgrade, or a combination of all these. A hard disk upgrade is often a must for installing a new program or upgraded software. Besides that it will be a necessity when the user’s workload increases and more space for data storage is required.

The computer user or computer help providers can upgrade the hard disk by replacing the old one with a new one of higher capacity, or just by placing an additional next to the existing hard drive. Replacement of the disk is always better for speeding up the machine and ensuring smoother operation.

When doing Computer upgrades it is important to check the type of memory that is used in the present computer since computers generally support only one type of RAM. Those who prefer to do the upgrades themselves can check with the manufacturers the RAM of their present computer. There are also online tools for RAM checking. All you have to do is fill in the make and model and product line of the machine and it will tell you what type of RAM the machine has got. If you are taking outside computer help for the job, the service providers will have the tools for finding out the RAM.

Video card upgrading is important for getting best effects while using animation software, video games, digital painting, and CAD applications. However, changing it in isolation without other computer upgrades may not always be possible. The motherboards of older systems have what are known as AGP card slots and these are not compatible with more recent video cards. To get new video cards installed the mother board must have slots for PCI Express cards. More recent motherboards will even have two such slots to support dual video cards. As such the motherboard might have to be upgraded first to have the video card upgraded.

Since video card upgrading is important only for those who use graphics extensively, it may not always be necessary. Those who provide computer help will be able to tell you correctly what type of computer upgrades you should go in for.