Computer Rental

Special projects, temporary staff increases and internal training are made much easier when you consider desktop computer rentals. Just think of the problems you can avoid when you rent:

No scrambling to find enough machines to set up a training room or office for temporary staff
No costly purchases of equipment that will become surplus once the project is complete
No need to sell or dispose of used equipment

Desktop computer rentals offer other benefits:

A full-service computer rentals firm will offer setup and takedown services
You can get the latest equipment for your project without the high costs of acquiring new equipment
The computer rentals firm can help you by pre-loading the software you need on each machine
Your desktop computer rentals will be fully supported by the rental firm

Who Uses Desktop Computer Rentals?

Many organizations depend on desktop computer rentals for a variety of reasons. Here are just a few:

Contractors and Temporary Staff Organizations with short-term special projects often hire people on contract. To avoid large expenditures on new equipment, they turn to desktop computer rentals. Industries that rely on computer rentals in this kind of situation include software development companies, income tax services, and non-profits that need to enter large volumes of donations during fundraising campaigns.

Testing Many businesses need to test new hardware and software before rolling it out to a broad base of users. With desktop computer rentals they can obtain the hardware they need, tailored to their exact specifications, to create a testing network that is identical to their real work environment.

In-house Workshops and Training Whether it is training in the use of new software or workshops designed to enhance job skills, many organizations conduct courses for their employees. Desktop computer rentals enable them to set up a temporary classroom that can be easily dismantled when training is complete.

Get Your Desktop Computer Rentals from a Full-Service Provider

The computer rentals company you select should offer you a wide range of services and products. Be sure to find out what is included in the service they provide. You can ask about:

Product Selection Can they provide hardware that matches your specifications? Can they source machines that they don’t currently have in stock?

Support What happens if your rented hardware malfunctions? Does the company offer phone or on-site technical support?

Changes What penalties are charged if you change the timeline of your rental agreement? How does the company deal with early or late returns?

Setup and Removal Does the company offer full setup of its desktop computer rentals? Data security is crucial be sure you know how the company removes data from rented machines.

If your company is anticipating temporary staff increases or special projects, make sure to include desktop computer rentals in your planning. Do your homework and research competitive companies online before you agree to a log-term or short-term agreement and make sure it is flexible.

Make sure the company provides 24/7 phone technical support or a rent-a-tech program and start a relationship with a sales representative you can trust!