Computer Recycling

Where can I recycle my computer in Rochester NY ? Computer recycling Rochester NY.

Why should I recycle my old computer? We get that question a lot over at Aware Bear Computer Recycling on 5 Monroe Ave Pittsford NY 14534. Computers have a lot of hazardous materials such as lead, mercury and plastics. These materials should be proper recycled and not dumped with household trash. Your old computer also has all your personal information stored in it. Taking your computer to a recycling center should ensure that the hard drive will be disposed properly and all personal data will be destroyed. Putting your old computer out at the curb does not help. Someone might get a hold of it and use it to do identity theft.
Computers, monitors, printers have a lot of lead, mercury and the hazardous plastics if dumped into a landfill it can contaminate the underground water supply causing irreversible damages to the environment and to us. If everyone decided to dump their old computers without properly recycling them would be dumping old tires anywhere. It would make a big mess that would be very hard to clean up.
Several places charge a lot of money to provide that service, then turn around and sell the old equipment. ” I call this double dipping says Andre Leite Alves owner of Aware Bear Computer Recycling in Pittsford NY. The number of obsolete computers are going to sky rocket in the next few years. The technology is getting cheaper every day and people are buying more and more. There is not a plan to properly dispose computers.” Adds Arthur Leite from Aware Bear Computer Recycling 5 Monroe Ave Pittsford NY 14534.
Aware Bear Computer Recycling 5 Monroe Ave Pittsford NY offers a free computer recycling program for Rochester NY (Monroe County, Ontario County, Wayne County) and all Upstate New York when it comes to recycling and disposing old computers, monitors and printers. At Aware Bear Computer Recycling Pittsford New York we believe that old computers should be recycled accordingly. We offer computer recycling for big corporations 100+ units. If you have old computers to recycle in Rochester NY please bring them to 5 Monroe Avenue in the Village of Pittsford. Our phone number is (585)473-7035. Aware Bear is open Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 9am to 7pm, Saturdays 9am to 5pm and CLOSED on Sundays.
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If you have any computer recycling question and live in the Rochester NY area please call us at 585.473.7035.
Let’s work together to keep our landfills clean and water supply unpolluted. All computers should be recycled properly and your recycler should not send them to 3rd world countries and use those countries as a landfill.