Computer On Sale

Picture this. You’ve spent all day working on organizing files and at the end of the day, you need to change the name of the folder to show the status of your work. Vista takes control and pop-ups start slapping you in the face.

“You need to confirm this operation. ” Ok, you click “continue”

Then another- “If you started this operation, click continue. ” Ok, you do.

Then another- “You need permission to perform this action” Good grief, I own this computer, I am the only one using it and I need permission? Who does Vista think it is?

You’re given two choices- try again and cancel. Neither gives you the desired change of name.

What should have taken seconds is now minutes and you still have not got it done.

Ok, so lets change permissions. Now where do you begin.

Right click on the folder and go to properties. Shared with everyone from there and tried it again. Same results.

Right click on the folder again and then chose “share”. Another pop-up. . . “This may take a few minutes” The “few minutes” is now 5 minutes. Then finally, another popup- “your folder is now shared. ”

You try again. Same results.

You give up on that approach and make another folder naming it what you want. Then copy and paste from old folder to new. Now you wait while it is copying. Ok, three minutes later you have a new folder, named what you need and the old folder that you can now delete. Another pop-up, “Are you sure you need to move this item to the Recycle Bin?”

I would not have had to, if you had just let me rename it!!

“yes” then wait another minute and finally you have accomplished your renaming of a folder Vista style.

What should have taken 5 seconds, took 20 minutes.

Thank you Vista for wasting my time, for thinking that I don’t know what I’m doing, for your “I know best attitude. ”

I’ve had it. Ubuntu here I come!