Computer Monitors Reviews

The most trending topic on Twitter today is “Dual Screen Laptop”. Computer users seem to be so excited about this new laptop from gScreen, an Alaska based notebook designer company. Well, it is definitely a breaking news for all dual screen lovers. They have the dual screen now on the laptop too!! Now you can work from anywhere without missing your dual screen computer back at home.

With this announcement, I would like to take a look back at few advantages and who should use dual screen computer monitors.

1.You generally pop up lots of windows – your browser, outlook, documents, spreadsheets, twitter, blog, Skype, pictures, instant messengers and more. They take up lot of screen space and before you know, you have all the windows piled up on one another. Getting back to the one window you need at a particular moment is a nightmare again. Here is where the dual computer monitors come into scene. With dual screens, you can open as many windows you like, with no or less cluttering on a single screen.

2.Dual screen computer monitors are a boon for graphic designers, programmers, photographers, writers and other professionals. Design, edit or create a new program/photo/article on one screen, and keep the other screen for all your world wide web searching, tools, forums and other resources. Saves time…huh?

3.Working on two things simultaneously? Reduce the hassle of switching from screen to screen and also increase your productivity by working simultaneously on both screens. Less alt-tab and minimize-maximize.

4.Gamers: Continue playing games on one screen and chat, email, look up cracks online on other screen.

5.Employers: Studies have proved that employees working on dual screen monitors are more productive than the employees working on a single screen. Maybe its time now to replace those dual screen computer monitors with the new dual screen laptop, so they can carry it home and work more.

6.Students: Research for your projects on one screen and write on the other screen. No more reading, forgetting, looking back and then rewriting.

In summary, take the advantage of dual screens now, if you have not already. For those who have multiple screens, I would love to hear your experiences. For single screen users, would you like to have multiple screens – why and why not? Also, share your thoughts about the new dual screen laptop.