Computer Memory

In this article, you will get an insight about computer memory and its types. In this electronic era, you never see any home, companies and offices without electronic items and personal computers.

As the computer memory is one of the necessary parts of the computer it certainly enhances the performance of the computer. Here are any details about the memory of computer so that if you make purchase of it, you should ensure sure that you are getting a right thing for yourself. If you purchased inadequate memory for your computer then your computer might work very slowly. Therefore, if you are in need of upgrading the memory of your computer, you need to know what computer memory is and what its types are.

By the name, anyone can judge that computer memory is the place where computer stores the data permanently or temporarily. The memory comes in different types as well. The types are Cache, virtual, hard drive and RAM (random access memory). RAM is the one which is most commonly used. It is needed by mostly all file and application of the computer. In the case of technology advancement, it is only RAM (Random access memory) which needs the upgrading as it is the one which affects the processing speed of your computer. Since the processes running on the computer are stored in RAM, therefore this is also called the primary memory.

Hard drives are type of permanent computer memory that store the data on permanent memory and thus also called non-volatile memory. On the other hand, the contents of Ram are lost when the computer is turned off and that’s why RAM is known as volatile memory.

RAM is important for any computer as your computer may not even run without the presence of RAM. It has many other types as well such as SDRAM, DDR, SIMM, DIMM, and DRAM. Let me give a brief view about the memory types SDRAM and DDR. DDR and SDRAM rams are basically memory technologies in themselves. They are different in respect of their ages, speed and voltage. DDR ram which is known as Double-Data rate ram basically doubles the rate of the transaction. In rough standards, it can be said that DDR ram can work twice as fast as the ordinary computer memory can perform. DDR is also preferred from another aspect that it is energy efficient. It consumes only 2.5 Volts which is lower that the energy used by other types of RAM. DDR ram has been designed to work at higher frequency.

There is a consistent increase in the computing power of processors which cannot perform well without an efficient RAM. DDR provides data to the processor at double or even quadruple rate and thus helps processing larger volumes of data. DDR is available with different capacities ranging from 256MB to 4GB. Most of the new computer generations are now equipped with DDR ram. Due to its high performance DDR, is commonly expensive as compared to other types of RAM’s of similar capacity.

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