Computer Cleaning

Having been downloaded over 13 million times, Award Winning Registry Cleaner & Registry Optimizer is a big hit on the Internet and among its users. From what I can read on their homepage any of the people that have been using their software have noticed a tenfold performance increase after using it on their computers. Pretty impressive! So what’s the fuzz about and is it true? Let’s find out in my second registry cleaner review.

Let’s start with a short explanation of the main features of the software.

  • Missing file associations – Files not properly associated with their parent application will cause your personal to open these files slower.
  • Missing startup programs – Missing important software will hamper the startup of your personal causing it to run slow.
  • Invalid application paths – Some application might be wrongly configured in your personal causing it to run slow.
  • Missing DLL files – ADLL, or dynamic library – file is a small collection of small programs that support all the applications in your systems. These files tend to get corrupt and/or disappear, causing software and hardware to fail and in the end making your personal run slow.

Add to that a host of other features and Registry Easy seem to be able locate, identify and fix a large amount of problems in your computer.So why are all these people downloading this software then? As we all know, quantity is not always synonym with quality.

From what I can find, the keyword here is, ease of use. Most you have to do really is to download the software on your computer, install it, start it, choose the appropriate options and finally run it. I managed to do all that and fix 78 issues with my personal in under 5 minutes.

Add to that a bunch of bonus features that’ll help you keep your personal neat, tidy and above all smoking fast. As I mentioned in the beginning any people experienced that their computers sometimes performed over 10 superior after using the product. After using it myself I really do believe that it might be true. I might not have experienced that off an influx in performance, but I sure did recognize a remarkable increase in speed.

Verdict: I can understand why this registry cleaner has racked up this amount of downloads. It is so simple to use that an infant can use and benefit from it. For everyone that feel that their personal is not that fast as it used to be, this is the program of choice. You can visit and view the product HERE