Computer Cable

The computer cables are the data cables that are used to transfer data between various components such as CPU, monitor, keyboard, scanner, printer and many other multimedia systems. These cables have the capability to transfer data at high speed within the input and output components of the computer.

There are different types of cables used by the computer to operate. The required cables includes an AC power cable, digital video cable, a high speed serial bus connector, an USB cable and a modem connector cable. All these cables are present along with the computer while buying a new computer system. These computer cables are also sold as a single cable and easily available in the market.

Different computer cables have different purposes. The ac power cable is an insulated conductor which is used to provide power supply to the computer. The high speed serial bus connector is a data cable which is used to transfer bits and bytes fro the input devices to the output devices. The USB cables are required for transferring data from other sources such as digital cameras, video recorders, mobile phones, mp3 devices and many such devices. For transferring high resolution video contents from the computer to a TV, a digital video cable can be used. The modem connector cables link the computer with the Internet service provider for accessing the Internet.

Thus, the computer cables are very important components for any desktop computer. With the increasing development of Internet technology, the demand for these cables has also increased in the market.