Computer Accessories

A computer has become a necessity in everyday life. The popularity of the net and the ease of communicating through it have increased the use of computers for professional as well as personal needs. From filling online forms for a school/ college admission to applying for a job, a computer is must have for all. A branded desktop fitted with the latest and genuine software is the first choice of consumers. However, it is very important to know about the parts and configuration of the computer that distinguishes an average computer from a high performance device.

The brain of a computer is the CPU or central processing unit. It controls the processes and information stored in the computer. Each part of the computer is controlled by the CPU. Computer CPU parts consist of motherboards, processors, printed circuit boards (PCBs), hard disk and random access memory (RAM). Most these components have different functions that determine the speed, precision of operation, quality and reliability of a computer. There is a varied range of assembled computers available with Intel and AMD leading the market in processors. The price of CPU varies according to the specifications of the processor and the kind of computer hardware fitted in the cabinet.

Computer hardware accessories like sound cards or graphics card enhance the audio visual performance of the computer. One can even attach external speakers and web cameras in the computer and enjoy movies theatre style or chat endlessly with loved ones. TV Tuner / FM cards add to the pleasure of working on a computer. CD ROM/writers and DVD ROM /writers are generally in built in the desktop and wireless networking devices like Wi-Fi and bluetooth are standard with laptops. External drives can also be used to increase the storage capacity of the desktop or laptop PCs.

Computer accessories like keyboards, mouse and monitors are very essential without which a computer can not be operated. The variety and range of these products is immense and one can buy according to the need and budget. UPS is very helpful in case of an erratic power supply and is easily available. Memory cards, pen drives and all-in-one printer are the other accessories that may be fitted in a computer. Computer parts list is endless and one can go for the choicest brands and manufacturers.

The knowledge for computer parts is handy if one is getting the computer customised or while upgrading the old system. The demand for computer parts is so much that old parts may be sold or exchanged also. It is very easy to sell computer parts through the net while sitting at home. If one has to buy computer accessories, then also an net connection is helpful. Most the leading brands have online stores where one can buy the required accessories and get them delivered at the doorstep.