Clean My Computer

On installing the operating system, you’ll be presented with a pack of service applications most of which are set to make your computing easier but not all. Some of the Windows applications in XP are just useless for any users and can cause the system run slower. Even worst, any of the services can expose your computer system to utter vulnerability and malicious attacks allowing unauthorized users to access your system.

Now being a non technical user you might think how to identify the unnecessary stacks and how to get rid of them to keep your system safe. Don’t worry; you really don’t have to hire a pricy technician for such a simple issue. So where to get the list of services you are provided with! As online tech support or computer help service providers suggest you need to go to the Control Panel where you’ll find Administrative Tools. Clicking on that you’ll get the Services and under that option you’ll find the list of all services with detailed description and status of each.

To get clear idea and build an insight you can go through each description. You don’t need a sound technical knowledge to understand the service descriptions for they all are self explanatory. However you still can get expert assistance from tech support or computer help desk to detect and disable the unwanted programs without a hassle. In fact, according to technicians, it is wise to take expert suggestion before removing certain programs or services as you can never afford a mistake which can cause serious consequences.

The first thing you’ll notice is Application Layer Gateway Service which has been made to support third celebration protocol plug-ins for Internet Connection Sharing and Firewall. Now in typical cases, majority of users don’t need to share their internet connection with others and the companies or business houses use router to share internet connection which is more systematic way to build a network system. Therefore, you can remove the option from the list.

Alert is an option that notifies users for administrative alerts. If you think the option just of no use for you but annoying your access, you can remove the program. However keep the fact in mind that on disabling the service programs explicitly depending on it will fail to start. Automatic Updates is similar option that enables the upgrade and installation of critical Windows programs. However you can manually perform the task by disabling this program.

Some other added options are Background Intelligent Transfer Service, Help and Support, ClipBook, Computer Browser, Remote Desktop Help Session Manager, Wireless Zero Configuration, Cryptographic Services, Error Reporting Service etc. without which you can perform your regular task seamlessly. So, with computer support expert or computer help vendors you can get rid of such programs to free up considerable space in your system memory.

You can either ask a PC expert or search over net. Online computer help tutorials provide comprehensive idea on Windows programs with which you can make your decision more efficiently.