Build Your Own Computer

Did you know you can build a better computer than the ones for sale at the electronics store? Computers are expensive, but you can save a couple hundred dollars by building one yourself. Not only will you save money – you will also end up with a better computer!

If people knew how simple it is to build a great computer then many more people would do it.

There are several reasons for building your own computer.

1. Quality of the Components. Computers from the store contain cheap, generic components that will break down and are difficult to repair or upgrade later. This is even true for the famous brands. When you build your own computer you will use high-quality name brand parts to ensure your new computer is reliable and fast.

2. No Junk Software. Store-bought computers come pre-installed with lots of junk software and advertising that interferes with the smooth operation of the computer. Remember when you bought your last computer from the store? You fired it up only to be hit by a dozen pop-up advertisements trying to get you to pay out extra money for software you did not want? You will not have this problem when you build the computer yourself. You will install only the programs you really need – no junk software slowing things down.

3. A Useful New Skill. You will obtain the knowledge you need to upgrade and repair computers. Next time one of your family’s computers stops working you will know how to fix it. You will not have to spend money hiring someone to fix it for you.

4. Make Your Mother Proud. You will be proud that you built your own cutting-edge, high-tech, top-quality PC. Your friends will be impressed that you built a computer that is faster and more powerful than the famous-brand computers they paid big bucks for.

5. Customization. Your self-made computer will have precisely the components you want. You can customize your computer to excel at the specific tasks you perform all day.

6. Play Games Better. Want to play the latest high-tech action games? Just put in a cutting-edge video card. The computers you buy at the store are not very good for playing games. Those computers are intended for casual computer users performing generic home office and homework tasks. Compared to your home-built machine, store-bought computers have very poor graphics performance .

There are only three simple steps required to build a computer.

1. Order the parts. There are only about a dozen components required. You will need a case, power supply unit, disk drives, memory, video card, monitor, keyboard and mouse. The parts you buy will vary based on your budget. If you are replacing your old computer you might be able to reuse some of its parts in your new computer to save cash.

2. Assemble the parts. This is the easy part. If you have ever assembled a piece of furniture you can assemble a computer. Most the pieces fit neatly into the case. It only takes an hour or so.

3. Install the software. You will need to install an operating system and transfer your favorite programs onto your new hard drive. This step will be a familiar experience because we have all installed many programs on our computers over the years.

After you get everything installed and working properly you will be ready to play games, surf the Internet, track your finances, organize your digital photos or do your homework. But now you will do it faster plus have some extra cash in your pocket compared to buying an over-priced computer at the store.