500$ Gaming Pc

It got me wondering. I mean, I’m not spending as much time with my PC as I used to. I admit that I find myself buying more games for my console than for PC. If a game releases on multiple platforms, I will most likely get the console version, preferable for Xbox 360. To put it in short, I mostly prefer consoles to PCs. But it got me thinking – what does the future hold for computers as a gaming platform? Are we going to accustom computers with offices and consoles with homes?

I don’t blam you if you are thinking the same. I mean, the PC graphics are oh-so last-generation, even if you do own a decent gaming rig. For the half that you spend on your PC, you will most likely find a top-of-the-line next generation console. And should I start about the next-gen graphics in consoles and HDTVs? Sure, that’ll soon change when Direct X 10 graphics cards hits Bangladesh, but come on, are you kidding me? Is anyone willing to cough up $500 just for a graphics card when you can get the wlite Xbox 360 just for $480?

Then there’s not the hassle of ensuring that your system meets the requirements to play the game, just pop the disk inside your console and start playing – even no installation required! Unlike PCs, you don’t have to constantly upgrade your consoles meaning that your “investment” will not get obsolete by the next year or just six months from now.

Besides, the analog controller in consoles is more fun to play with than a standard “keyboard and mouse” setup. Couple that with rumble and motion sensing support and you know what I mean.

Then there’s the achievements in X360 and PS3 – the main reason why I bother to stick with single player games on consoles – bragging to your friends of your gamerscore is a truly satisfying experience. Now why don’t we see that on PCs?

Xbox Live for 360 is, I believe, one of the greatest online multiplayer experiences avaialable at the moment. I know there’s multiplayer support in Pcs, but it has to be more streamline. Games for Windows Live is nothing but a flop. Look at consoles, ther are no viruses, spywares, adwares or crashes to deal with. And now you can browse the world-wide-web with consoles!

Heck, you even get to watch DVDs/HD-DVDs/Blu-Ray discs on consoles any experience “next-generation entertainment”, which is expensive to do so on computers. And then you have to make certain that all your hardware is HDCP compliant or its standard definition or even no movies at all for you!

Now don’t get me wrong. I’ve been using PCs since way-back 1995. But something needs to be done to help promote PCs as a gaming platform. The “Games for Windows Live” and “one-click game installation” in Vista is one step forward in the right direction by Microsoft. Sure, the PC is not entirely doomed and excels in certain areas. You cannot get the fast and twitchy gunplay in consoles as in PCs. And a true RTS experience is only possible on computers. But the point is that something needs to be done for this waning platform – and SOON – because consoles are quickly catching up.

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