How Can I Speed Up My Computer

This helps boost speed of your computer – so even your Internet Explorer or web browser you use will works faster.
This will work for Windows XP users mainly.
Step One
First of all I remove all icons from my desktops, including shortcuts, my computer, recycle bin and all icons. They might be removed safely, you are not deleting them. Shortcuts are waste of space. I can still easily access everything. I show you how in a second.
To remove all items from desktop:
You can easy click on the icon one time, then click delete on your keyboard. I deleted my computer and recycle bin that way. They are easy removed from the desktop.
To easily access them if you need:
Click Start, then Click Run.
Type in: C:/
Hit OK. A window opens. Click the icon (there is a folder and an arrow pointing up) Click that another time and you will view My Computer, Recycle bin etc.
Once you get used to it, you find it easy. Memorize a bit the steps, that is all it takes.
Step Two
Now change your XP settings to classic. (this will also remove desktop wallpaper and change colors of your computer to default, which is blue, but it will boost your speed)
Right click on desktop (where there was my computer icon) choose properties. You have a drop down menu. Select Classic Theme then click ok.
Step Three
Now, right click on your start button. Select properties. Then choose Classic Start Menu. Then click Customize.
At the bottom, place a tick mark next to:
Display Run
Enable Dragging And Dropping
Remove the tick mark of all the rest.
Hit OK.
Now click on Taskbar at the top.
Place a tick mark next to:
Keep the taskbar on top of other windows.
Group similar task buttons together.
Untick the rest.
At the bottom place a tick next to:
Hide inactive icons.
Finally hit OK.
Step four
Now click on Start, then Programs. What you don’t need, therefore you don’t use regularly right click on it and choose delete.
I have removed everything apart ones that I couldn’t – the Startup Folder. You can still access those things by going to:
Click Start, then Run
Type in c:/program files
There you can view the programs of your computer. Again you just get used to using the run command and everything is easy. By now you should have seen a tiny improvement.

Computer Alarm Clock

With the innovation of the world wide web buying a desktop alarm clock has never been easier. Until recently there was only one way to get a desktop alarm clock you had to go to a store and buy one. Not only you would have to select from a very limited number of desktop alarm clocks, but hopefully you will find one that would suit your tastes.

Well, the problem with this approach to buying yourself an alarm clock for you desktop is that you are not likely to find sufficient styles of timepieces at any one store except if you go in knowing exactly what it is that you want. For instance, you may have no problem to find a digital desktop alarm clock at one store, but there might be no good looking analog kind with the classical look that any people may prefer. Or, just maybe you might find yourself in the position of shopping at a more expensive boutique and only discover flashy desktop alarm clocks with silly fake pillars at the sides of them, whilst all you need is something to display the time and maybe wake you up in the morning with a horribly annoying ring that is impossible to ignore.

No matter what you need in a desktop alarm clock, it should be pretty easy to find one at the supermarket or even your local drug store. As a matter a fact, desktop alarm clocks are undoubtedly the easiest piece of electric gear, one can find anywhere so you should not have a problem.

For those who are looking for a desktop alarm clock, I recommend getting one with a clock radio, as the sounds coming out from the other one are really annoying, and for sure you can start off in a bad mood! Of course, you should also think about what you need the desktop alarm clock for. Well if you would like one to travel, perhaps you will find one for lesser than 15 dollars, wherein these small desktop alarm clocks can be powered for quite any time on nothing more than a battery. On the other hand if you need something that will look nice in your room, however, the considerations are more comfortable.

Frankly speaking, I hardly ever use my desktop alarm clock now that I have an alarm clock on my computer desktop. To wake me up in the morning, it can play any of my mp3s in stead of having to put up with whatever is on the radio, or even worse that awful beeping that most desktop alarm clocks have. In my opinion I believe it will soon leave the traditional desktop alarm clock obsolete.

Top Computer Games

If you are a parent, no doubt you have realized that your kids enjoy being on the computer, and some may spend more time on it than you like. What kid would not love playing on the computer? There are games that are full of great graphics and they keep the attention of the kids as well.

Believe it or not, computer games can be used for good; in fact, you can actually take the positive aspects of computer games and use them to help your kids learn things like music, science, and math. There are many great educational computer games available now, and you can explore these games to find your kids some games that will keep them entertained and teach them educational things as well.

In the past few years, education computer games for children have become more and more popular. This market has grown by leaps and bounds, and there are some amazing games available.

There are games out there that can help your kids learn math and even some games to help your kids learn how to play the piano too. Since these games have great animations and are interactive as well, they have the ability to keep the attention of your kids. Some games teach things like economics and there are others that teach your kids to solve puzzles using logic skills.

When you are selecting games for your kids, be sure to think about what areas you would like your child improve in, such as their verbal or math skills. Also be sure to remember is that you should get games that you can play with your child. You want to have an active part in their learning, and these educational computer games can actually be fun for everyone in the family.

Not only will you find games that teach kids about math and money, but there are other fun, entertaining computer games out there too. One great game is the Flight Simulator X. This game allows kids to be an aviator and they can either fly by themselves or in a squadron as well. The graphics are great, the excitement is high, and you can even play with your child too. This is a great way to enjoy each others company and to strengthen the bond between you.

If you do decide to purchase some educational computer games, you will have to remember that you may need some additional hardware or accessories that are not attached to your computer. These accessories, such as the Spell Corrector and the Children’s Talking Dictionary, are great for keeping your children occupied and teaching them important things as well. These tools can help your children speak and write better as well.

As long as you are an active parent, computer games can actually be great for your children. There are many computer games that are very educational, so why not seize the moment and get some great games that the whole family can play on the computer.