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A brand new computer will not need a computer speed test because you are sure that it will run smoothly. As you use your computer you will come to notice that its performance gradually slows down. To make sure that your computer is performing as it was indicated in the package you need to perform a computer speed test.

There are different ways on how you can conduct computer speed test:

1. Look for a software that allows you to measure the speed of the computer’s CPU. This will give you an idea on how well your computer is doing. The CPU speed test application will let you compare your computer’s CPU score with other ratings internationally. If your computer’s measurement is in Mhz then you need to upgrade your system. Your CPU should be running not less than 1 Ghz especially when you are going to install large programs such as games or web development or programming tools.

There are also other computer speed test applications that will indicate if your computer is doing well by the color. Like for instance if the color is green the computer is functioning as stated by the manufacturer. If the color is red it means that the computer is running faster more than what was indicated in the package. For the color yellow, it means that the computer is running a bit faster.

There are also other computer speed tools that can indicate errors on the computer. Then it will provide solutions that will address the problem reported. And you have the option to push through with the repair or not.

These tools are for free so you can download several of these and compare the results you obtained from each of the application. Make sure that you uninstall the programs after use unless you decide to keep it.

2. The second method to perform computer speed test is very simple and you do not need any tool. First restart your computer and time its start up. Then take note of it. Browse through the programs that you have installed in the computer. If you have programs that you are not using then remove it.

Then remove temporary files, cookies, check the registry for corrupt or damaged files and clear the Internet cache. This can be done by using the cleanup utilities in the Microsoft Windows. This will free up space on the hard disk and memory of the computer. Then scan the computer for virus infections. Make sure that the virus/es found are deleted immediately by configuring the settings of the antivirus program,

After doing so, restart the computer and time it again. Compare the number to the first one that you took. You will notice that the computer starts faster and programs are loading smoothly.

But if the computer is still taking time to start up then your best bet will be to reformat the computer. It is safer to let a computer technician do this job. Just make sure that you have installers for the programs that you are going to need.

Computer speed tests will also evaluate the computer’s registry. Detecting registry errors will help the computer run faster because it will get rid of the complications occurring in the computer. The registry is where almost all important files are stored so it is important to maintain it in a good condition.

Computer Pen

Computer pen drives also known as USB flash drive are small and inexpensive data storage devices based on universal service bus technology. These small portable storage devices have successfully replaced floppy drives used earlier for storage of data present in computers. When it comes to data, people not always trust Yahoo, Gmail and Microsoft. Most of them prefer to carry it in a safe place in their laptop or PCs. However, PCs do not have enough memory to keep all your data. Your data is also under threat of being lost by computer viruses and system glitches. Computer pen drives provide portable and safe storage space for your vital data. Most of the new flash drives are having memory ranging from 4 GB to 32 GB. You can buy one as per your storage needs and budget. If you need to buy pen drives, the best way is to buy them from reputed online vendors. Many reputed online vendors offers pen drives from most reputed brands such as Sony, SanDisk, HP, Apacer, iBall, Imation, Kingston, Transcend and Samsung

Computer pen drives provide portable and safe storage space for your vital data. Their numerous uses and user friendliness makes them vital computer peripheral devices and fosters people to buy pen drives:

Computer pen drives provide you enough storage to store thousands of word documents, digital photos, media files, MBP files and music video clips. Most of the new flash drives are having memory ranging from 4 GB to 32 GB. You can buy one as per your storage needs and budget.

One of the most amazing characteristic of USB drive is their portability. These small handy devices can be easily fit into your pocket or small purse. They become better storage devices for students, businessmen, frequent travelers, photographers and other professionals.

These flash drives can be easily plugged into the USB port of a laptop or can be connected to desktop with USB extension cable. Users can easily transfer file from PCs to USB pen drives and vice-verse by using drag and drop feature of the flash drive.

These devices are easy means of backing up your important data. Thus, if you buy pen drive, you will not have to be worried about data loss. You can keep copy of your sensitive data in these computer pen drives.

As these pen drives are small in size, businesses are extensively utilizing them for branding and promotional purposes. Most of the people prefer to keep record of their presentations stored in these devices to show them to their clients. Their amazing features like robust design, durability and pass word encryption make them perfect long term storage devices.

If you need to buy pen drives, the best way is to surf the net. Many reputed online vendors offers pen drives from most reputed brands such as Sony, SanDisk, HP, Apacer, iBall, Imation, Kingston, Transcend and Samsung. These online stores deliver your chosen products at your door step at very reasonable prices.

Discount Computers

Rochester, March 6th 2009

The new Mac mini is out, the waiting for the new computers are over. Says Andre Leite Alves owner of Aware Bear Computers in Rochester NY. The last Mac Mini series was released 17 months ago, no major changes were done to the case however the major advantage over the previous version is a faster processor and more memory. According to tests conducted by AwareBear the overall performance increased 20 to 25 % when compared to the older model.
The two current Mac mini configurations come outfitted with 2GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processors and either 1GB of RAM and a 120GB hard drive for $599, or 2GB of RAM and a 320GB hard drive for $799. The new Mac mini now has a 1,066MHz system bus, as well as 1,066MHz DDR3 memory, up from the 667MHz bus and DDR2 RAM in the previous Mac mini. The new systems support up to 4GB of RAM; the previous Mac mini only officially supported 2GB, though any folks reported getting the older Mac mini to recognize up to 3GB. The new Mac mini has 3MB of shared L2 cache. According to Vinny P from the Aware Bear Greece NY location.
Mac is no longer using the Intel GMA 950 chip set with integrated graphics, the new chipset adopted by Mac is the Nvidia Ge Force 9400M integrated chipset. Depending on the RAM installed the video memory is 128MB when using 1GB or RAM and 256MB when 2GB of RAM is installed. The previous model only supported 64MB of shared video memory. Added Mike Allen from Aware Bear.
Several of the newer software require a minimum of 2GB of RAM making a good idea to upgrade the entry level MAC Mini to 2GB of RAM. Programs such as Adobe Suite CS4 run a lot better with the extra RAM and also the extra 256MB of video memory. The extra 128MB of video memory makes the program run about 15% faster.
The Nvidia graphics has better reviews than the previous Intel. The older Mac mini couldn’t even run our Call of Duty test, and struggled to get just 5 frames per second in our Quake 4 test. The new Mac minis, with 2GB of RAM installed, were able to push through almost 7 times as many frames per second in that test.
When upgraded to 2GB of RAM both Macs have similar specs when it comes down to processor, memory and video memory. The only difference is the bigger hard drive on the more costly machine.
The break down of our review:
The new Mac mini was 21 percent faster overall than the previous model. The 3D performance is a lot higher since Mac upgraded to the Nvidia chip.
A gain of 23% was possible by upgrading the processor to a 2.0Ghz.
The new Macs are still being tested by our staff, so far we gave them 5 out 5 stars. Says Arthur Leite from Aware Bear Computers in Rochester NY.

Laptop Computer

With the proliferation of laptop computers, choosing to upgrade or implement notebook computer memory is not as straight forward as it may seem at first.

There is a variety of different types of memory, and it is important that you choose memory that is compatible with your notebook computer. Memory is also a little delicate, so you need to be very careful when handling it.

Adding Computer Memory – Some Tips

You should ensure that the Notebook is turned of and disconnected from any exterior power supply. No lights should be visible, and if they are, stop and double check for any live power sources.

Notebook computers are a little different to desktop PC’s in that there’s no need to take them apart in order to add memory. Access to the memory slots is via a panel located (usually) in the bottom of the laptop. Once you have found this panel, it should be a small matter of using a screwdriver to open up the panel and view the existing memory. In fact, you can do this to check the exact type of memory that your Notebook currently uses, because it is usually shown on the front of the memory strips and should be visible when you open up the memory panel.

The memory strips are usually locked in with small clips on the ends of the strips. To remove existing memory, simply flip the clips and then pull the memory strips gently from their holding place. If you are simply adding memory of course, and there’s space available, just add the new memory, gently pushing it in to ensure it is fully seated in the slots, and then close the clips to hold the new memory in place.

Once you have replaced or added your Notebook computer memory, it is simply a case of replacing the access panel, and then screwing the panel back in place.

Therefore, power up the Notebook, and ensure that the memory has been read by the Notebook. When the PC starts up, it should count the memory and tell you how much it thinks it has access to.

If any problems occur, repeat the whole procedure, checking very carefully that the memory is properly seated in the notebook.

Computer Games Free

Computer games though very interesting and enjoying are gradually proving to be a threat to the children who are growing addicted to it. Using the most sophisticated technology, it has been found that the violence or the tendency to lose control of one is not due to children absorbing the aggression involved in the computer game itself as it was earlier said but rather to the damage done by checking the growth and development of the mind as computer game only stimulate the activity in the parts of the brain associated with vision and movement.

Hi-tech maps of the mind of the teenagers playing computer games and those who keep themselves engage in simple, repetitive arithmetical exercise shows and prove that the computer game only stimulated activity in the parts of the brain associated with vision and movement whereas arithmetic stimulated brain activity in both the left and right hemispheres of the frontal lobe – the area of the brain most associated with learning, memory and emotion. Frontal lobe is very important part of our brain which continues to develop till we attain the age of 20. Its main function is to check an individual’s behavior. The more work done to thicken the fibers connecting the neurons in this part of the brain, the better the child’s ability will be to control their behavior and which is unfortunately underdeveloped in the children playing computer games.

Therefore it very significant for all students or children to follow activities like reading aloud or learning arithmetic or exercising crossword puzzle that will help them to develop their frontal lobe and develop in them the power of self control. This article is not recommending to completely stop plying computer games but to remind people that too much of anything is bad and injurious to health. Hats off to brain-mapping expert Professor Ryuta Kawashima and his team at Tohoku University in Japan for their wonderful research of measuring the level of brain activity that will help both the students and the manufacturers to think on this matter that was alarmingly halting the process of brain development and affecting their ability to control potentially anti-social elements of their behavior.

Therefore it is clear that to develop, retain the creativity and helping your child/children to become good people then remember not to pressurize your child for anything to worsen the case instead with your love and soft words try to change the schedule and indulge him in other interesting works. Encouraging him to read aloud, practice arithmetic, play outside with other children and interact and to communicate with others as much as possible.

Laptop Computer Reviews

With technology advancing more mostly all day, electronics have become smaller and more mobile. This includes computers. The laptop, or notebook computer is extremely popular these days and many people have them as backup or secondary computers or even as their main computers. The great thing about a laptop is that it uses a battery to power the unti when you’re away from a power source so you can literally take your computer anywhere. But in addition to the batteries, there are other parts of the laptop computer that make it work.

Laptops are famous for their phenomenal power consuming capacity. This happens because these batteries must be small and lightweight so that they may be easily fitted in the laptop. A typical laptop battery lasts for about ninety minutes. This is a major problem because laptops are supposed to provide service even on the road or when moving. Using heavier and larger sized batteries can solve this problem.

Laptops mostly run on batteries when a power source is not available nearby. Adapters can also help as the charge laptop batteries. With the improvement and advancement of technology, laptops are becoming very popular. Batteries have undergone several modifications that are intended to improve upon the performance and standby hours of the laptop. This feature is a competing factor in today’s laptop world. More and more laptop manufacturers are using it as their main weapon against competition.

There are many great features to the laptop computer. Most of them come with modular (or swappable) drive bays which allow you to remove the floppy drive, the DVD drive and the hard drive. If you need to use different media for storing and saving your data, it is easier than ever to do this while you continue working. You don’t even have to shut your computer down.

The most recent laptops use lithium ion batteries. Generally the life of a laptop battery is two to five hours, but if the laptop is being used very extensively, the life may get reduced to as little as one hour. The chemicals that are used inside the battery are mostly degenerated when the life of the battery drops. It then needs to be replaced. Lithium ion laptop batteries can live long for one to five years. It depends greatly on the extent to which it is used.

Laptop manufacturers may still insist in their manuals that you buy only the same brand of batteries for your unit. But you may need to try any of the universal laptop batteries around that are compatible with most units. These lightweight batteries may even be cheaper compared to the established brands in the laptop business.


If you need to get in on the portable revolution, then one of the best options available is to look around on the web for used laptops. Do you think of laptops in the same way many of us do: a fairly small portable computer that can open and close like a suitcase, with all of the capabilities of a desktop. Acer laptops have a well-deserved reputation for being any of the best laptops in the world.

Refurbished laptops have been around for a long time and will remain so because people everywhere are catching on to the incredible savings. And, refurbished laptops are most definitely worth the value and savings. Refurbished laptops are a good value as the customer gets upgraded models with faster speeds, more memory, and more features at a discounted price.
Refurbished laptops are computers that have been bought new by a consumer and has been used between 1 day and 3 months.

Do not sacrifice quality for a special price, first priority is to make sure you’re buying laptops that can get the job done. And don’t let the small size fool you, laptops are very powerful.

Full laptops are the style notebook you’re used to, they range in size and weight, but are generally much heavier and bulkier than the other options. Refurbished laptops are considerably less than a new notebook computer and the best part is that it is easier than ever to hook up a home network.

Many new laptops can cost thousands of dollars while most refurbished laptop computers usually cost less than a couple of grand, and commonly less than $500. The major reason for the trend with laptop computers, is that they have simply become more of a tool and less of a novelty. Also, the evolution of dual core processors is massive news in the laptop world and as they become more common in the marketplace it will be interesting to see how they cope with the multitude of applications that will be thrown at them.

No matter what awards for best rated laptops or what percentages of the world market that Acer acquires over the next few years, you may be sure that Acer will continue to put out the innovative products that they are known for. Personally, I think of used Toshiba laptops as retaining the same quality as the day they were bought, with solid keyboards, which made them expensive to buy, but also means that on the second hand market they hold their value.

Used laptops are those that have been used by a consumer for any length of time and then resold. No matter how you feel about laptops, they – and their successors – will be around for a long time. Of course, no matter how fascinating it is to think about the portability of laptops, there should be any concern about making work so portable. You should take a look at the software that is featured on Apples laptops and desktop computers.

The advances in computer electronics have brought us to the point where we can take these mobile and portable notebook computers all over the world. We can conduct business from home with our notebooks, and even connect our laptops to a computer network in San Fransisco from a coffee shop in Texas.

Computer Battery

Even so, just like any batteries, the one put in on laptops will slowly lower its power length to possibly fifty percent than what it utilized to have, and overtime, could even lower even more to a quarter of its marketed electricity period. Absolutely everyone should know that the batteries on laptop computer computer systems are not what you may possibly understand as a perpetual power station. Synthetic power resources are bound to drop its likely and ability to retain the electrical power that is getting poured into it by the charger.

For starters, most laptops have lithium or nickel sort batteries which are able of retaining the billed electrical power for an approximate quantity of time. When laptop computer systems are taken off the external alternating existing, that is, unplugged from your normal wall socket, or activities an electrical outage, it right away switches to these batteries for electrical power without having having to go by means of a downtime period. Considering that the batteries ended up created to quickly give electrical power when the need to have arises, it is prone to gradual electrical power discharge which happens even if the laptop is turned off.

This is the commencing of the process exactly where your notebook pc battery commences to put on down. As it carries on to use down, you will commence to recognize that it will maintain the electrical electricity that was poured into it a whole lot much less and significantly less longer following each cost. You could even start off to notice that the laptop battery was operating fantastic a single day and then loses its capability to get power that was becoming poured into it by the charger. Really, this is a normal approach that mostly all single battery goes by way of.

You have to understand that your notebook personal computer batteries, no matter whether they are lithium or nickel kinds, are certain to drop their electrical demand keeping capacity soon after any time. What you can do, nevertheless, is to try out to lengthen that approximated life they are predicted to have when it will come down to demand holding likely by employing it properly. Bear in thoughts that if you consistently overcharge the batteries on your laptop laptop, you are in truth speeding up the procedure of their demise.

It is consequently critical to notice that the batteries on your notebook personal computer would be ready to offer you more time demand keeping capacity if proper treatment and use is accorded to it.

When you need to prolong the working time of your laptop personal computer, an exterior laptop battery could be your very best answer. These batteries are attaining acceptance in each the customer and commercial marketplace segments since they enable customers to power their computer systems for lengthier periods of time than conventional notebook batteries.

Exterior laptop batteries commonly use possibly the lithium-ion (Li-ion) or lithium-polymer (LiPo) battery chemistry. Equally of these battery types offer higher energy to bodyweight ratios, are established rechargeable battery systems and are economically feasible. They are also more environmentally friendly that the more mature battery chemistries.

External laptop batteries are frequently also known as universal laptop computer batteries due to the fact they are inherently geared up with a number of functions to work a broad assortment of laptop personal computers.


Laptops and desktops have been used in different fields in different ways. It is impossible to conclude strictly that which is the best one. The need and the method of use may differ from person to person. Some may feel laptop is best conversely the other may feel that desktops are best. Before go for one, it is better to compare the features, mode of use and functions. Then select one which suits you cent percent and buy it in a reputed shop by paying the right price.

Comparisons of features

1. Portability

If you need this portable feature in your system, better to go with laptops. You can carry them wherever you need to go. Desktops do not suit for this need of portability.

2. Space

When you need to keep more space for having a system, you can go with desktops. If not so, you can you can buy laptops which needs very little space to keep on the table.

3. Power

If you need to save more power, it is apt to go with desktops. They do not require as much power like the laptops.

4. Maintainability

Laptops are very portable, light weight and easy to handle. But if any repair occurs it is not easy to replace like desktops. You can get a technical expert near your office for repairing the desktops. But in case of laptops you have to take any pain to get repaired.

5. Cost

As you all know well, the costs of the laptops are higher than the desktops. If you do not have any financial constraint you can buy high end laptops even though they are expensive.

When these are the key factors to consider in buying either a Laptop or Desktop, your choice for one depends on your intention of usage. If you are a frequent business traveller, the portable convenience offered by Laptop cannot be replaced by a desktop, while if you are shopping it just for surfing the net and maintaining house accounts, Desk top is the perfect option. Whatever you choose, it goes with the old saying, you get what you pay for, so analyse your needs and budget before making your decision.

Wireless Computer

The cycle computer used to be something confined to fitness clubs and health spas. If you wanted to know your true results, such as how many calories were burned or what your heart rate was during a particular interval, it had to be from the back of a stationary bike. The idea of getting out into Mother Nature and enjoying the scenery while you exercise was something that would have to wait, at least if you wanted to keep an eye on your vitals. Well, with the advent of the wireless cycle computer, that wait is over.

Many health enthusiasts are moving to the wireless cycle computer because they don’t like the mental roadblocks that go along with exerting so much effort but remaining in one place. It can be frustrating when the calories pile up and the heart rate escalates to know that with all that movement you have not gone anywhere. Something happens, however, when you venture out to the open road.

With the wind in your hair, it is easy to forget about the stagnant smell that surrounds you, threatening to choke out your desire to exercise. Without anything to hold you in place, the possibilities are limitless. You don’t have to be confined to a preset training interval, nor must you worry about how you stack up to other people. When it’s just you and the road, there is nothing to discourage you from going the extra mile.

Wireless technology has evolved to the point that you can get the benefits of monitored training without the limitations of a plug and a socket. The lightweight nature and compact size presents no further obstacles beyond what the surrounding landscape has to offer. Many come equipped with backlights, so you don’t have to plan your training around the turn of the sun.

Finding the right choice encompasses locating all of the previously mentioned features and making sure that the product will fit the size of your bike. Higher quality wireless cycle computers take the guess work out of it for you by covering a wide range of tire sizes, anywhere from 12 inches to just over 2 feet. Easy mounting technology is also an attractive addition that will allow you to install and hit the trail within minutes of tearing yours out of the package.

A cycle computer is only as good as the person using it, so keep in mind that whether or not you get your money’s worth ultimately depends on your dedication to the trails in the first place. But when you are committed to working out and staying in shape, these products give you the tools to have confidence in your development, which leads to proven results.