Computer Accessories

A computer has become a necessity in everyday life. The popularity of the net and the ease of communicating through it have increased the use of computers for professional as well as personal needs. From filling online forms for a school/ college admission to applying for a job, a computer is must have for all. A branded desktop fitted with the latest and genuine software is the first choice of consumers. However, it is very important to know about the parts and configuration of the computer that distinguishes an average computer from a high performance device.

The brain of a computer is the CPU or central processing unit. It controls the processes and information stored in the computer. Each part of the computer is controlled by the CPU. Computer CPU parts consist of motherboards, processors, printed circuit boards (PCBs), hard disk and random access memory (RAM). Most these components have different functions that determine the speed, precision of operation, quality and reliability of a computer. There is a varied range of assembled computers available with Intel and AMD leading the market in processors. The price of CPU varies according to the specifications of the processor and the kind of computer hardware fitted in the cabinet.

Computer hardware accessories like sound cards or graphics card enhance the audio visual performance of the computer. One can even attach external speakers and web cameras in the computer and enjoy movies theatre style or chat endlessly with loved ones. TV Tuner / FM cards add to the pleasure of working on a computer. CD ROM/writers and DVD ROM /writers are generally in built in the desktop and wireless networking devices like Wi-Fi and bluetooth are standard with laptops. External drives can also be used to increase the storage capacity of the desktop or laptop PCs.

Computer accessories like keyboards, mouse and monitors are very essential without which a computer can not be operated. The variety and range of these products is immense and one can buy according to the need and budget. UPS is very helpful in case of an erratic power supply and is easily available. Memory cards, pen drives and all-in-one printer are the other accessories that may be fitted in a computer. Computer parts list is endless and one can go for the choicest brands and manufacturers.

The knowledge for computer parts is handy if one is getting the computer customised or while upgrading the old system. The demand for computer parts is so much that old parts may be sold or exchanged also. It is very easy to sell computer parts through the net while sitting at home. If one has to buy computer accessories, then also an net connection is helpful. Most the leading brands have online stores where one can buy the required accessories and get them delivered at the doorstep.

What Is The Best Computer To Buy

Have you ever wonder (I’m sure you have at least about other similar words) where a word like software comes from. I mean were floppy disks soft and malleable at one time. Or were the protective sleeves for the old hard diskettes made of some velvety material that made them soft”ware. Well I love this sort of thing and would like to explore with you in the following several paragraphs the origin of this word and why it is so commonplace in our computer software age.

In order to understand the derivation of the term software, as in computer software, you must first understand that there is hardware as well. The meaning of hardware probably has a lot of levels of meaning and most were probably serendipitous over a lunch or other social gathering.

Hardware refers to the guts of the computer machine, the actual physical reality of a disk drive and a hard disk and a monitor and the like. These are actual physical entities that make them hard.” You can hold them, carry them, etc. Software on the other hand is more theoretical than physical. Sure the code is hard” composed of 1’s and 0’s for bits and bytes but it is not hard in the sense that you can actually touch the ones and zeros with your hand, chew on them, and anything else that you might be able to do with hardware.

Software is the program that does things in more of a virtual or abstract level. It will save information as something that is unseen but totally retrievable and capable of with the help of hardware, produce an image that can be seen with the eyes.

There are two points to be made here. First the sensation of site does not make something hard or soft. Never has. It is touch that determines this description and this is a useful way to determine the hardness or softness of computer software and hardware.

A good example of this test is the phrase hard copy or soft copy of a document. The hard copy is on the document in actual paper page form and the softcopy is all of the ones and zeros that make up in a theoretical sense (more representative than actual) the writing on the page. Thinking about it this way may help you to sort out what is computer software and what is computer hardware.

How To Speed Up My Computer

So, are you irritated by the slow speed of your computer system? Does your computer freeze just when you typed a lot of information and forgot to save? Does it take a long time for your programs to run? There is one way that you can easily speed up your computer and that is to fix your windows registry.

What is Windows Registry? The windows registry is the database of your computer’s settings. All information that makes your computer work is stored in the registry. As an example you install a new program, all the data of that program is stored in the registry. If you uninstall a program, some files are not completely deleted therefore causing clutter in the registry files. When there is a lot of clutter like unused or corrupted files, it slows down the system and may cause errors.

How to Speed up Your Computer: One way to speed up your computer is to clean the Windows registry of unwanted files. It is like de-cluttering your closet. The sound of cleaning up files in the computer that you may not understand is a pretty difficult task to do. Unless you are a computer professional, you might cause more harm than good to your system if you try to manually do it yourself.

Good thing that there is an easier way to de-clutter your system. All you have to do is choose a good registry cleaner software for your computer to run smoothly again.

What is a Good Registry Cleaner? In a nutshell, a good registry cleaner should be able to fix your Windows Registry in no time.

1. Effective – Some registry cleaners can’t identify most of the errors in the system. Some badly programmed ones could not properly identify a corrupted file from a valid one. Make sure that you choose one that is effective. Search for reviews and communicate with users through forums before buying any software.

2. Easy to Use – Choose a registry cleaner software that has a simple layout. One reason why you might want to get an automatic cleaner is because you are not a computer expert. Choose a software that can fix Windows Registry with only a few clicks.

3. Legitimate – You might have qualms about downloading software in your computer. Look for a legitimate software provider that can provide you of both effective and easy to use cleaner.
Is fixing Windows Registry the only solution to speed up my computer?

It is not the only solution but it is one of the best solutions that you have. Take note that the registry stores almost absolutely everything that makes your computer run. It stores your installed programs so it has something to do with the speed of loading your programs. When your computer boots up, it prepares all the necessary information needed to run your system and those information are in the registry.

Viruses, malware, scareware and spyware are also possible reasons why your computer system is slow. A registry cleaner is not an expert to remove these unwanted files so it is also safe to run an anti-virus to give your system a total clean-up.

Mobile Computer

For a busy home office, finding adequate space for your computer sometimes presents a problem, particularly if you have a growing family.

However, you’re mostly able to overcome this problem with a mobile computer cart as they are compact, small and will fit into almost any room. Mobile computer carts provide a way to move and relocate your computer when needed. If you need to work in a certain area, you can move the computer cart easily on its wheels for optimal space.

In addition, being mobile, your computer equipment and its wires out of the way when not in use.

The fact that a mobile computer cart can easily be pushed around means you’re able to easily change the position of your computer cart thereby rearranging the layout of your home office. For example, you may need to move it closer to a window for more light or nearer to a heater when it’s cold, etc.

There’s plenty of room for your monitor, CPU, keyboard and printer and in any cases they have hutches for extra storage with adjustable shelves.

A height adjustable work surface, pullout mouse and keyboard trays are sometimes available as well as integrated cord management bins and in any instances surge protection.

Some mobile computer carts let you work from your favorite chair or even from bed and you can work without neck pain, backaches and eye strain associated with trying to prop your laptop for instance and your papers.

These days there’s a wide range of mobile computer carts available in many different materials and styles that will bring space efficiency and contemporary design to your home office.

Shopping online allows you to quickly and simply compare different kinds of mobile computer carts in various price ranges, which will enable you to find one that fits in with your dcor.

Home office furniture should be chosen carefully as it involves balancing the aesthetic value and optimum utilization of space. In no way should the furniture appear cramped up or forcibly accommodated. Also one should keep in mind that placement should facilitate easy cleaning of the both the furniture and the surrounding area. That’s why a mobile computer cart should be considered if space is a problem for you.

When choosing a mobile cart you must ensure a comfortable working posture for the users so that they are able to use the computer with ease and with less of stress to: eyes, hands, legs, back etc. A well-designed computer cart improves the productivity of the user and reduces chances of injuries.

The main benefit of the computer cart is you do not have to interfere with your actual computer while relocating the cart. There’s a wide variety and styles of carts and computer desks. Glass computer carts have a great clean modern look, while still very practical. Consider a mobile computer cart for the space conscience worker in your home office.

Plus there’s a broad selection of affordable mobile computer carts available online that are both ergonomic and stylish.

Laptops For Sale

Laptops have fast become the computer of choice for people all over the world, not only are laptops more compact when compared to a desktop computer, they also have the added advantage of mobility that a regular desktop computer does not offer. Laptops have been around for quite any time now, and the refurbished laptops market is flourishing as people don’t mind buying a refurbished laptop rather than buy a new computer. If you are also looking to be the proud owner of a laptop by buying a refurbished laptop then here are few tips that should help you make a more informed choice:

1)Always check to see the date of purchase of the laptop, it is important to know how long ago the laptop was purchased. Usually as rule of thumb hardware becomes obsolete every 5 years, so if you are looking for a laptop make sure it is not older than 5 years. A laptop more than 5 years old will probably have obsolete hardware, and will be prone to more problems. Not to mention it might not even support newer software. Ideally a refurbished laptop should be no older than a few years.

2)Make sure that you know exactly how many owners a laptop has had, similar to used cars, a refurbished laptop which is more than 2 owners old is not going to do you any good. Just like all other computing equipment, laptops are also prone to hardware failure. In fact similar to used cars several people actually prefer buying refurbished laptops that have been owned by women; however not every one is as lucky, as mostly there is not way to know who the previous owner of the laptop was, but you can find out how many owners the laptop has had.

3)Like all things in life, it is important to shop around and look for the right deal. And so today there are specialized websites on the world-wide-web that allow you to buy refurbished laptops, always look for a laptop vendor that is located in the same country as you are. For example if you are located in the UK then websites like are a good place to start looking for refurbished laptops.

4)Another thing to remember is to try and buy refurbished laptops that come with any kind of warranty; if the manufacturer warranty has expired you should consider a vendor that is offering warranty on the laptop from his side. So even if you don’t have warranty from the manufacturer you have any kind of warranty, and you can always approach the vendor who sold you the laptop for any problems that you face.

Refurbished laptops are a good way to start using laptops if you are on a tight budget, not only do refurbished laptops allow you the added advantage of mobility, but they are also much easier to transport from one place to another. If you are considering buying a refurbished laptop then make sure you keep the above mentioned points in mind. Also make sure you are dealing with a reputable seller.

Desktop Computer

On TV and in the movies, we see a lot of portable computers being used in homes and offices. Does that mean that’s the trend? Is that what you should get?

Portable computers cost more, so unless you really have the need for one, you get a lot more computer for your money with a regular desktop PC. The main thing is portability. If you need a portable computer, get a laptop. (“Laptop,” “portable,” and “notebook” all refer to the same thing, by the way). Otherwise, a desktop computer is a better buy, and better ergonomically.

The Price Difference

You might wonder why laptops cost more than desktop computers with comparable features and power. That is largely because it is more expensive to manufacture laptops and their parts. For portable computer components, factors such as compactness, the amount of heat they generate, their weight, and power consumption are more important than they are for desktops. Those factors add to their manufacturing costs.

Space Requirements

While laptops are certainly compact, a desktop computer with a flat panel monitor can take up almost as little space. While named a “desktop” computer, the computer itself is most generally kept on the floor. That leaves just the monitor, keyboard and mouse on the desk, which is really very similar in footprint to a notebook computer.

A great way to further reduce the space taken up on the desktop computer is get a keyboard drawer to hold the keyboard and mouse. That way, they slide out of the way under the top of the desk when they aren’t needed.

Be Mindful of Ergonomics

Ergonomics is the science of designing and arranging things so that people can interact with them more comfortably and safely. The basic ergonomic principals for computer use tell us that, 1) the keyboard should be as close to your lap level as possible (assuming you touch-type), 2) the monitor should be about arm’s length in front of you, and 3) the top of the monitor should be at about your eye level. Try achieving that with a laptop computer! Two words: im-possible.

It is obvious then, that a desktop computer is much better ergonomically than a laptop is. For prolonged use, especially, you’re much better off with a desktop computer.

And Don’t Forget Usability

Another aspect of ergonomics is usability. Because of size constraints, laptops also are lower on the usability scale than desktop PCs are. For one thing, laptop keyboards lack the separate groupings of the different sets of keys with space between them. For another, there are fewer keys on a laptop’s keyboard, so some of them have to perform double duty. On a standard keyboard, you don’t have to deal with that.

Screen Resolution

Computer monitors — the bulky ones, anyway — can be set at different resolutions. In other words, you can change the fineness of the image on the screen. The range is generally 640×480 — that is 640 pixel across and 480 pixels up and down — to 800×600, 1024×768, or even higher. At 640×480, the icons and such appear quite large; at 1024×768, they are substantially smaller. The most common resolutions today for desktop computers are 800×600 and 1024×768.

Something They Don’t Tell You

Laptop displays, on the other hand, have a fixed, or native, resolution. You can change the setting, but then the images and text don’t look good. While people tend to think that bigger numbers are better, a higher screen resolution may not work as well for you. It may make everything too small to see comfortably.

Remember, the laptop’s screen is smaller that a desktop’s. While a typical desktop computer screen is 17″ or so a laptop’s is mostly in the range of 12″ to 15. ” That is a big difference. Make sure you can see everything clearly before choosing a high-resolution laptop.

# # #

Best Computer To Buy

Anyone can follow online computer repair instructions to fix a problem. Most you need is a computer screwdriver set, soldering iron, and lead. Surprisingly, you may not need to open up the computer with a screwdriver to fix certain problems. For example, you don’t need to turn a screw to remove spyware or resolve software/operating system related issues. To put short, you don’t have to be an advanced computer user to do online computer repair yourself.

Free Vs. Paid Online Computer Repair

Most the information you need to carry out an online computer repair are free on the Internet. The problem is, any people just don’t have the time to go through the instructions. Therefore, if you are one of those that don’t have the time to spare, a paid online computer repair services is what you need. On the other department of things, it is easy and exciting to fix a computer problem yourself.

Online Computer Repair Vs. Computer Repair Workshop

Online computer repair services whether free or paid provide instant solutions to problems. Computer repair workshops, on the other hand, are more expensive than paid online computer repair services. Stopping by at a computer repair workshop to get your computer fix requires time and would cost you any money. Online computer repair services provide free instantaneous solution.

Most the information you need to carry out an online computer repair are free on the Internet. The problem is, any people just don’t have the time to go through the instructions. Therefore, if you are one of those that don’t have the time to spare, a paid online computer repair services is what you need. On the other department of things, it is easy and exciting to fix a computer problem yourself.

Online Computer Repair Vs. Computer Repair Workshop

Online computer repair services whether free or paid provide instant solutions to problems. Computer repair workshops, on the other hand, are more expensive than paid online computer repair services. Stopping by at a computer repair workshop to get your computer fix requires time and would cost you any money. Online computer repair services provide free instantaneous solution.

In summary, paid online computer repair services cannot help you upgrade things like RAM or graphic card. This is one of the limitations of a virtual service. Free online computer repair sites like provide the steps and precautions needed to effectively and securely do and undo just about anything on your computer.
Most the information you need to carry out an online computer repair are free on the Internet. The problem is, any people just don’t have the time to go through the instructions. Therefore, if you are one of those that don’t have the time to spare, a paid online computer repair services is what you need. On the other department of things, it is easy and exciting to fix a computer problem yourself.

Online Computer Repair Vs. Computer Repair Workshop

Online computer repair services whether free or paid provide instant solutions to problems. Computer repair workshops, on the other hand, are more expensive than paid online computer repair services. Stopping by at a computer repair workshop to get your computer fix requires time and would cost you any money. Online computer repair services provide free instantaneous solution.

How To Make My Computer Run Faster

Do you often use Yahoo Answer to search for the key to the question” How to speed up Windows Vista operating system”? Do you need to speed up Windows Vista operating system in seconds? If you need to speed up Windows Vista operating system easily, I highly recommend you to use the three tips below to make your computer faster.

*Tweak the power settings

With Windows Vista Power Management, you can encourage the use of power-saving modes, restrict the ability of applications to interrupt sleep transitions, manage applications that are blocking shutdown, present the power management settings simply.

If you set the power options to “Balanced” mode, this will limit the CPU usage to 50%. “Balanced” mode can automatically offer equal weight to the energy savings and performance. “Energy” mode controls the energy consumption to the minimum level on purpose to save energy. “High performance” mode sets the productivity to maximum level in order to sacrifice energy conservation for better performance.

You can follow the steps to adjust power settings:

1. Open Control Panel, and then click Power Options

2. Find “Change Plan Settings”, select it under desired plan to make changes

3. You can select “Change advanced power settings” to adjust power settings.

*Disable the Sidebar

Sidebar in Windows Vista operating system is also called Windows Desktop Gadgets. It serves as a widget engine for Microsoft Gadgets. Introduced with Windows Vista, it serves as a sidebar that is bulit to be anchored to the side of the desktop. Gadgets in it can perform various tasks, such as displaying the time and date and showing the CPU usage.

Maybe you find out that the Sidebar is a useful tool due to it requires you to use its applets. In any cases, any users find out that it needs to require too much extra resources from the operating system, so they need to disable this utility to speed up Windows Vista operating system.

How to disable the sidebar to speed up Windows Vista operating system?

1. Right click on the Windows Sidebar icon in the system tray to run it.

2. Go to Properties

3. Uncheck the Start Sidebar in the box.

4. Click OK.

*Optimize the Windows Registry

Registry errors, such as empty registry keys, invalid entries, obsolete files and embedded registry keys, can dramatically slow down your computer like a crawl and lead to frequently system freezes, application removal failure, spyware attacks and Blue Screen of Death Errors. These errors usually appear when you are doing a transaction online, playing games with your friends through the network or installing an important application for your work. They may have made you feel frustrated for millions times.

How to speed up Windows Vista operating system in few seconds?

I sincerely suggest you choose an excellent registry cleaner for your slow PC. How to choose out the Best Registry Cleaner from a large number of registry maintenance tools that are available and can help you in regular maintenance of the registry?

With an excellent registry cleaner, you can easily and quickly remove out the entire amount of registry errors on purpose to help you out of the sluggish system performance, the constantly pop-up Blue Screen Errors, application removal failure and system freezes.

If you need to speed up Windows Vista operating system here is the best solution to how do I Speed Up My Computer this will make your computer run faster, just click here.

What Computer Should I Buy

The first question we need to ask is, “How old is my current computer ?” The second question is, “What is the primary function of my computer ?”, whether it be for personal use, games, school, or work ? The answer to both of these questions will play in important role in deciding whether to purchase a new computer or upgrade an older one. It has been my experience that if your computer is more than 5 years old, most likely the time has come to go with a brand new machine. The function of the computer is also a factor in deciding to upgrade. For example, if you use the computer solely as a word processor and e-mail for school, then you might be able to get 6 or 7 years out of a computer. On the contrary, if you primarily use your computer to play the latest games, use it for high-end graphics, and complex calculations, then you might want to upgrade every 1-1/2 years.

So you’ve decided to upgrade your computer instead of buying a new one, since your computer is only 3 years old and do a little word processing, web design, accounting for your business, and play a few games. The next question is, “Where do I go from here ?”. Ask yourself what your budget is to spend on upgrading the computer hardware inside of the computer. Computer hardware comes in a wide range of brands, quality, and pricing. For the sake of this upgrade, we are going with a moderate budget of about $300 to spend to get our computer’s hardware up to speed. Here is a listing of what we currently have and a brief explanation of each computer hardware component.

Pentium 4 – 2.2Ghz Processor
– Main brain of the computer it does all of the computer’s “thinking”.
Maxtor 40GB Hard Drive
– Computer’s main permanent storage facility, much like a large electronic file cabinet
Full Tower Case
– Housing that house’s all of the computer’s internal components
1GB Memory
– Computer’s temporary storage, much like a desk with documents on it waiting to be stored.

Custom Built Computers

Avoid Notebook Computer Repair with New System

While today’s economy doesn’t necessarily support running out to buy a new computer on a whim, it is important to take note of the way your computer is behaving. If you are calling your PC or notebook computer repair guy too often, you may ultimately end up spending more on repairs than you would have spent on a new PC. Here are any signs it may be time to start saving your spare cash for a new computer.

Error Messages Appear More Often than Not

Do you seem to have an error message on your screen mostly all few minutes? Are you frequently surprised with the famed “blue screen of death?” These are signs that your computer may have any serious issues. You may be able to have PC computer repair service take a look at the computer, but if you have viruses or a corrupt operating system it may simply be too late for your hard drive. Back up your personal information, run a virus scan, and start looking for sales.

You Can’t Make Realistic Upgrades

The fact that you cannot upgrade your operating system or software program is a sure sign you’re ready to enter the modern digital age. Older computers have smaller hard drives, less RAM (memory), and out-of-date graphic cards and these older features make it difficult to use newer operating systems and software programs. They’ll work inadequately or they will not work at all. Save yourself the hassle and cost associated with upgrading mostly all single aspect of your current computer and simply move on.

You’ve Already Made Upgrades

Unrealistic upgrades are one thing. Frequent upgrades are another. Unless you’re absolutely strapped for cash, there is really no reason to make a dozen upgrades to the same computer. At any point you’re going to have to consider the cost of upgrades versus the cost of a new computer. Are you wasting money on new parts for something that will never function at the capacity you really want? If so, it’s time to consider looking for a new PC.

The Computer is Making Odd Noises

A sure sign your computer is about to bite the dust is when it starts making odd sounds. The swooshing sound of the fan moving is normal. Grinding noises are not. Terrible noises combined with blue screens, error messages, or graphic issues are a dead giveaway. Save your files to an external disk right away so that you don’t lose all of your work if (when) your computer finally crashes for good.

Your Computer is Old

Don’t get us wrong. Older computers have plenty of value, especially if you’re only looking to read any email, browse the web, or use a word processing program from time to time. While a PC computer repair service may be able to keep it running, no one will be able to bring it into the modern age without considerable time and effort. You’ll need a newer computer if you want to run a home business, play games, or dabble in work that will require high-tech software.

Your Computer is Slow

Do you have time to grab a cup of coffee or make a sandwich while waiting for your computer to start each morning? While many many PC and notebook computer repair services can make upgrades to enhance the speed of your operating system, you may not get the results you really want or need. Check your PC or notebook for viruses and other speed-decreasing issues. Consider purchasing a new PC if there is no real, identifiable cause for your problem.

Your Computer is Your Life

Is your computer a home accessory or does it play a major role in your day-to-day life? Do you work from home, either full-time or as part of your corporate routine? Take a look at the way you use your computer and determine how important it is to your daily routine. Upgrading to a new PC may mean increased productivity and less downtime in terms of your school work or business.

Not sure what type of computer to look for? Don’t hesitate to ask your favorite PC computer repair tech for advice. He or she can not only help you make repairs, but can tell you a lot about the current computer market, ensuring you make a choice that is right for you.