Slow Computer Fix

Computers run essentially over a series of commands. To be able to download and run certain applications, a user should have a process of these commands that would run smoothly. Your computer would take up memory whatever application you are running, and by doing so, certain commands support your application. Your computer has what we call ‘registry’ where the commands are located. The registry also has the information that is needed for your computer to do the task that you want. As instructions and information in your registry gets messed up over a period of time, it is inevitable that your computer would eventually experience any errors. Worst case would be that your computer would crash and your computer would also slow down as a result. Without any expensive professional help, easy tasks can be done by you at the comfort of your own home, in order for the errors in the computer to be fixed.

By cleaning your hard disk, the performance of your computer will be improved. Fragmentation is the result of your hard disk being filled up with unwanted files and junk data. It would take longer for your computer to find files in its own filing arrangement thus, taking time to operate or open files and programs you are trying to use if your hard drive will be filled with fragments. Windows will provide with two tools: Disk Clean Up tool and Disk Defragmenter. The disk clean up tool will help in cleaning up space in the hard disk, as the name suggests. This then would find the files that you can safely delete, and gives you the option to delete any or all of the files. Recycle bin, program set up files, temporary file folders, outdated system restore points, browser history and unwanted programs, are examples of unwarranted hard disk files. The disk defragmenter tool would merge all files stored on it and speed up your computer after you have cleaned your disk.

Another way in fixing and preventing errors from your computer is by performing a virus scan. A computer must have an updated virus scanner to prevent and ensure that your computer is free from malevolent information. A virus is a major cause in computers that have behaved erratically.

Fixing problems using Windows XP Boot CD is another way. A lot of times, a virus infection will damage the boot sector of your computer. So by using your Windows XP Boot CD, you can now repair the installation of your Windows XP from the damage that the virus has done. This CD would just require you to perform certain tasks to smoothly start up your computer.

Lastly, by performing a registry scan, we can also prevent future problems and also fix computer clutters and errors. Computer files such as DLL (dynamic link library), EXE (executable), and driver files will be free from errors and thus, they can properly operate entries in your computer. As a result of the damaged registry, the system in your computer would dramatically slow down and eventually would crash. Anybody can perform registry scans quite easily and economically with the help and guide from a reliable registry cleaner tool.

Thanks to advance technology, there are many free registry scans that you can get without the hassle of contacting an expensive professional to fix your computer. Registry scans will give you registry maintenance, removing malevolent virus and spyware, scan and repair any registry and computer errors, defragging the registry and also registry back up.

Computer Motherboard

A motherboard can be defined as a central circuit board creating a complex electronic system from in a computer for example.

A motherboard is vitally important as it provides the electrical links by which the other components of the system talk to each other and also contains the central processing unit, most commonly called CPU and other subsystems such as real time clock for example, and some other secondary interfaces.
They are produced in different sizes and shapes which can be specific to each computer maker. Actually, most computer motherboards are now using a standard form since 2007.

Motherboards are most of the time air cooled with heat sinks typically installed on larger chips. Most motherboards also have connectors for additional case fans as well just in case. More recent motherboards now have integrated temperature sensors to detect motherboard and CPU temperatures in order to regulate the fan speed and lower the temperature faster and better. This being mainly due to the appearance of thermal management systems that can now cool down the motherboard and reduce the noise more efficiently for better performances.
A recent study found that some computer crashes and other general issues like screen image distortions or other errors can actually be attributed not to software or peripheral hardware but to the motherboards. So a better performing motherboard is really essential if you need your computer to work properly and longer.

Laptops would usually use a much different kind of motherboard. They usually are miniaturized and highly integrated motherboards specifically designed for laptops. The fact that they are almost unique is actually one of the reasons why laptops are so difficult to upgrade and repair.

As a matter of fact, Industrial motherboards need to be tougher than normal motherboards found in personal computers or laptops. Being used in tougher conditions than standard computer motherboards, industrial motherboards, like industrial LCD displays or Industrial LCD touch screen need to be able to cope with higher temperatures, need to be tougher in case of a shock or a hit, and need to last much longer, simply because they are intended to provide stable motherboard platforms for industrial users who demand long production lifetimes in extreme conditions.
But obviously, a motherboard is not the only component of an industrial computer or other electronic equipment and if the case and the other components are not resistant enough or can not really cope with extreme conditions, everything will break down quickly.

Make Computer Run Faster

It’s kind of a law of nature: your computer slows down over several years even though nothing seems to have changed. This has been happening to computers over the years and early on, it was probably kind of true. But in reality nowadays it’s not your computer getting slower, it’s all the stuff that gets added to it when you install software or even just save or delete a file.

After all, you current computer is probably not that old. It’s likely running XP or Vista. Why should you spend hundreds of dollars replacing it, especially when you know deep down that it will only start slowing down again as soon as you’ve bought a new PC.

So how to make your computer faster again without buying a new machine? What can you do to breathe any life into your computer and make it a joy to use again?

Firstly, check how much memory your machine has. Windows always has liked to use lots of memory and modern operating systems like XP and Vista are especially greedy. If your machine has less than 2Gb of RAM memory, it’s time to treat it and you to more. No matter what the “in your dreams” minimum requirements there were on the box of the operating system.

Upgrading your memory to this level will make near enough everything on your computer run faster. If Windows doesn’t have enough memory to work with, it will use space on your hard disk as an alternative. But hard disks are lots, lots slower than regular memory. Swapping information to your hard drive takes a lot longer than switching it around in memory.

A memory upgrade is simple enough to do yourself – there are plenty of tutorials online to show you how – or your local computer store will be happy to help you for a small fee. The whole operation should be over quickly – it will probably take you longer to unscrew the screws on the case than it will to upgrade the RAM. It’s then a matter of earthing yourself (touch a water pipe, for instance) so you don’t suddenly jab your machine with static electricity. Then just add the extra RAM in the slots that are almost certainly sitting vacant.

If it’s only print jobs that are running slow, do the same treatment for your printer if it’s possible. Color lasers especially will appreciate any extra memory you give them and will allow Windows to pass them across more of the printing job, freeing up your machine for other tasks. Putting extra memory in your printer works much the same way as adding it to your main computer. I’ve done this to printers in the past and they’ve really appreciated it their print performance came right up to the advertised pages per minute speed rather than the speed you’d expect from an ancient dot matrix.

If that still doesn’t do enough to make your computer faster, there are other things you can try as well.

Computer Is Running Slow

It takes place slowly over time–just like growing old. Your computer runs much slower and tends to freeze occasionally. Now and then it even crashes and it seems to happen more often.

It takes place gradually over a period of time and you don’t really notice it till one day it dawns on you that your computer is not the speedy workhorse it once was. You think you would like to correct the problem but you don’t know what is causing it. What should you do about this?

In the great majority of cases the problem originates with your computer’s registry. Since the introduction of Windows 95 all windows operated computers have had a registry. It is simply a database of information which your Windows operating system uses to run the computer and it’s programs.

The longer the computer is in use the more data accumulates in the registry. Hence as the machine gets older it’s registry can become very big and choked with an excess of entries.

A lot of this material is old and no longer of use to you. Much of it is is fragments of programs which were incompletely uninstalled and parts of programs which you tried to install unsuccessfully. Spyware installed in your computer by persons unknown,a miscellany of data scraps from many different sources are all choking your registry.

What we have to present you with is an easy method of getting rid of all this orphaned data in your computer’s registry. An online application known as a registry cleaner will scan your computer free of charge and find out what problems you have. It will present you with a list of all these problems at no charge.

You can then make up your mind about what course of action you will take. You can manually remove the unwanted material from the registry yourself. Windows computers have a function called Regedit installed. With this you can edit the Windows registry yourself. It is quite simple to do. Just view the list of registry data and delete what you want to. It is just that easy.

If do not have the required skills to perform this,the registry cleaner application can be used to do it,for a quite reasonable price. If you do want do it yourself be most careful.

The registry is the brain of your machine and holds a lot of important data which you must not remove. If you remove some of these important entries you could disable your machine or stop some programs from working.

Unless you know enough about your computer’s registry including what data is necessary and what is not,you should not make any attempt to remove data from your computer’s registry. The registry cleaner application should be used to do the job easily and safely.

The registry cleaner application will start by backing up your registry so that,if it should be necessary,it can be restored. It will then go entry by entry through the computer’s registry and edit out all uneeded files,unused shortcuts,orphaned drivers, and many more entries including even spyware.

The application will completely clean up your registry making it lean and efficient as it was before. Your computer wiil be back to running at full speed and will operate just like new.

The first thing you should do is to get a free scan to find out if indeed you do have a registry problem. There are several registry cleaner applications available online which will do this for you.

We have tried and tested all of the popular ones. They all will clean your registry but as with many things some are better than others. We found one application that was better than all the others in safety,results and ease of use.

Old Computers

In past articles we have talked about what asset labels or asset tags are and who should be using them. This article is designed to show people the best method of applying asset labels or asset tags.

Failure to follow these instructions could mean that the labels will not work as expected.

The most important element of applying any kind of security adhesive based identification device is the cleanliness of the surface. The surface needs to be free of dirt and especially any oils or grease as this will prevent a good bond ever being achieved.

I have found that the best method of doing this is simply to clean the surface with an alcohol wipe. You can buy sachets quite cheaply. You simply open the sachet by tearing the top open and take the alcohol cloth out. Then, gently rub the area of the equipment where you intend to apply the label.

You will find that the alcohol may take 30 seconds to evaporate, however when this has completed the surface should be free of any contaminants.

Now, as these labels are highly tacky you need to make sure you get the label on straight because, in some grades of materials – especially the void material and the destructible, it is impossible to reposition them without damaging them.

Sometimes I recommend you mark out the corners with a little marker pen so you have a rough idea of it being on “square” – note, only do this before you wipe with alcohol as the ink in the pen itself may prevent the adhesive from grabbing.

The next stage is to wait. With vinyl destructible I’d recommend 2 hours for 40% strength, 1 day for 60% strength and 3 days for 100% strength. It really does take that long for the adhesive to cure.

I hope this has helped.

Computer Troubleshooting

Perhaps you’ve already heard all about how businesses can benefit from computer rentals. What you may not know is that you, as a home user, can reap the same or similar benefits from at-home computer rentals.

Firstly, we all know that computers are forever changing. If you were to spend thousands of dollars on buying a brand-new, state-of-the-art computer, it’d be out-of-date in months. Then you’d be the not-so-proud owner of a “dinosaur” computer. But if you were to go with a computer rental, you would not be in that dilemma.

Computer rentals often include upgrades at no extra cost to you. Or if the computer rental you’ve selected becomes obsolete, most computer rental companies will replace the rental with a new computer rental. And you’ll only pay a nominal fee, or none at all for this service.

Plus if you decide to go the computer rental route for your personal use, you’ll have the same flexible payment options that a business computer rental user gets. A lot of computer rental companies will let you take your computer rental home after only one month deposit! Of course, you’ve to sign an agreement promising to pay the remainder of the costs over a period of time.

Computer rental payments are commonly interest-free. You sign your computer rental agreement for a specified time and simply pay one, never-changing monthly payment for the time of the agreement.

Payments on a computer rental are immediately tax-deductible, even if you use your computer rental at home. If you were to buy your computer brand-new, you’d only be able to claim a portion of the cost on your tax return.

Choosing to go the computer rental route can save you money in other ways. So, as an example, if you need other computer accessories (like scanners or digital cameras), you can also get those from the computer rental company. Often if you already have a computer rental, you can rent these accessories for a discount, or perhaps for a short-term contract.

When you get a computer rental, in most cases you’ll also get professional installation and training from a computer rental representative who knows what they are doing. If you were to buy a computer, you’d need to pay extra to have someone install it. You’d have to hire a separate technician to help you learn the ins and outs. Or you’d need to muddle through figuring it out all on your own.

If you’ve your heart set on owning your own computer, computer rental can help you with that too! Computer rental allows you to try out a computer for a contracted time. If you find out you really like that type of computer, most computer rental companies will give you the option to buy the equipment at fair market value.

Computer rental for home-users, like business-users, may be a fantastic money- and time-saving experience. Those considering computer rental for their homes should one should do background research on all computer rental companies before selecting one to work with.

Buy Computer Online

Making the decision to attend a computer tech school can be one of the best decisions of your life. Another great decision is to tap a hidden wealth of knowledge that is right before every student at schools such as ECPI and ITT, but very few students take advantage of it.

When you’re attending a computer training school, you must avoid the mentality that some other students will have – “I gotta go to school, I gotta be here, I cannot wait to leave and go home”. When you’re preparing for a career working with computers, you’ve got to take advantage of every learning experience you can get, and that includes getting to know the most valuable resource at your school – your teachers!

Your teachers have busy schedules, but it was my experience that every single time I asked for help or had questions outside of class, my teachers went the extra mile to help me. I’m sure yours will do the same for you, but you have to let them know you need that help!

At your tech school, you must develop the skills and work ethic that you will use to succeed in the IT field. By staying after class, working overtime in the computer labs, and getting to know your instructors, you’ll be astonished at the additional knowledge you can pick up. Almost any good teacher is going to have real-world experience, and you need to draw on that knowledge. Having lunch with an instructor is another great idea, as it allows you to get to know them away from the classroom.

Part of success in any field is making contacts for the future. You may not be in the IT field yet, but you should already be getting to know people with IT experience – and who better than your teachers? Besides, they hear about job openings all the time from friends, and the more you stand out from the crowd, the more likely you are to be remembered for such opportunities!

Computer Help

When providing B2B service, computer consulting businesses’ ideal clients, or “sweet spot,” are companies with 10-50 PCs and 1-10 million in revenue. These “sweet spot” small businesses typically look for four things in their computer consulting businesses.
1. Response Time
2. Knowledge (Business and Technical)
3. Customer Service
4. Price/Value
In this article we’ll focus on the top two items, response time and business and technical knowledge.

Speed is Paramount in Computer Consulting Businesses
The more that a small business needs IT, the more likely that response time will be the leading factor. Why? Downtime is money lost. How quickly computer consulting businesses can address their clients’ urgent or emergency IT needs becomes very important.

Computer Consulting Businesses are more Than Just a Bunch of Technicians
Your technicians’ quick response to IT needs is of prhyme importance to most sweet location small businesses. Second in importance would generally be your business or industry knowledge. For example, how well do your employees understand the client’s particular industry and niche? Sweet location clients surely want technology providers that can really solve business problems, as opposed to just running around doing “screwdriver” kind of work, such as upgrading RAM or loading software.

Computer consulting businesses basically becomes the outsourced IT department for your sweet location clients. Your company will end up working on hardware support, software support, LAN and WAN support… so you deliver soup-to-nuts, end-to-end solutions.

The Bottom Line on Computer Consulting Businesses
In this article you’ve been introduced to your sweet location clients’ first two requirements in computer consulting businesses.

Latest Computer

A deadly new virus under the name of W32/Nyxem-D which spreads via email attached file is set to strike on the 3rd day of all month half an hour after the infected computer boots up. The damage caused by this virus could be extensive. If unsuspecting user opens the infected attached file it gets into the system and start delivering itself to all the available email addresses residing in the infected computer.

Once activated it overwrites all DOC, XLS, MDB, MDE, PPT, PPS, ZIP, RAR, PDF, PSD and DMP files by replacing their contents with the data string: DATA Error [47 0F 94 93 F4 K5]. This can create a huge mess, as all integrated to the computer drives will suffer. This means your flash cards, network drives, external drives or any drive which gets identified by an alphabet.

This virus is also known as “CME-24”, “BlackWorm”, “Mywife. E,” and “Kama Sutra” and seems even capable of disabling out-of-date antivirus software.
Over 300 thousand computers are believed to be infected by this worm mainly in India, Peru, Turkey and Italy, where people are less prone to safeguard their computers with up-to-date antivirus programs.

What should you do to protect your computer from this and other malware?

1. Upgrade your antivirus software. If you don’t have an antivirus software installed and you don’t feel like buying them. These two are excellent antivirus programs you can get for free.

AntiVir Personal Edition Classic 6. 32
Alwil Software Avast Home Edition 4. 6

2. Scan your computer for possible malware regularly. A good free tool that scans your computer remotely for viruses and eliminates them you can find at
housecall. trendmicro. com/housecall/start_corp. asp

3. Get a firewall and install it. A good free firewall that you can download and install is Zonealarm. You can download it from www. zonelabs. com/store/content/home. jsp

4. Regularly get patches for your version of Windows and update.

5. Use email filters similar to Eprompter. It gives you the capability to delete unwanted spam or suspicious looking mail, which might contain viruses. Get it free from www. eprompter. com.

If you take these precautions, your chances of getting infected will be reduced drastically.