How To Connect Computer To Tv

How do you connect PC to TV? What are the tools that you need or is there any software necessary to accomplish this?

To have a connection between your pc and TV you would need a PC to TV cable which would serve as a converter. The TV cable is a cord which connects to the pc and outputs the image coming from the monitor to the television which the other cable end is connected. This would allow you to watch world wide web TV or DVD in your PC DVD drive but the viewing would be seen on the TV. It’s like making your TV a huge monitor for your PC where you can actually surf the Net, view pictures and many more. If you enjoy home entertainment, or love to watch movies at home, this is the initial move to making a Home Theatre PC.

There are various kinds of PC to TV cables, each function in somewhat dissimilar ways. One of the known differences between cables is the way it is connected to the PC. This can be done on the outputs of the computers video card wherein the monitor is connected. Another cause of differences between cables is the way it is connected to the television; they have types of TV input connections. The third reason is because some cables serves as converters. A regular PC/TV cable simply directs what’s on the PC to the television. But if you have a modernized TV with several enhancement options and your PC is well upgraded, then you might be able to manipulate on how to make the images appear better on the TV screen. If the cable is a converter then the images will automatically be adjusted, meaning you don’t need to change any settings on your PC or TV. You simply need to plug the cable and watch the videos on your TV. These types of cables usually necessitate a power source like USB port from your pc.

What must you do to connect PC to TV? What you need to do is connect the USB cord of the PC to TV cable into its matching port on your computer. Next is to link the VGA Y-cord’s blue connector marked as “PC” to the monitor or VGA port that can be found at the back of your computer. You could either link the composite video which is indicated through a yellow RCA jack or an S-Video which is a pure black 4-pin connection output to an S-Video cable or composite video cable. Not to worry if you lack a video cable as this is easily available at any hardware or electronics store. You must link the VGA monitor cord with the VGA Y-cord’s blue connector marked as “monitor”. If you are using a laptop then the end connector which is marked as “monitor” cannot be used. You must connect the video cable end with the video input of the TV or projector or any other equipment that you will utilize. You can toggle the input display to match with the input video that you’re going to use. With the toggle option you can control the input to display whatever you prefer the TV to display. Each TV differs from the other so you could refer the TV user guide for further instructions. Finally you could turn on the PC and let it boot up for you to see the result.

Building A Computer

Gone are the days when one used to find it very easy to get jobs without even having of any computer skills. But over prevalent of competition in the market has made it tougher for people to land at their dream job. It is the reason many people used to attain computer courses in an attempt to add more skills thus, making them more employable than earlier. Talking about the role of computer today one must admit honestly that its significance is very huge and people wanting to have skills are just stepping towards right direction. Every work is mostly performed through computer and role of this device has tremendously increased. This is the reason there are widespread emergence of computer training institutions scattered in all over the world.

These days one can also willingly do course of basic level certification offered by Cisco affiliated institutions. Cisco has shot to huge fame and popularity owing to its quality technical education imparted to hundreds of people from around the world. There are many specialized courses offered by Cisco which include CCNA, CCNP and CCIE that are highly sought by people whoever have immense interest to become networking experts and professionals. CCNA basically stands for Cisco certified network associate which is a basic networking certification that has to be compulsorily passed in order to become eligible for sitting at the exam of advanced certifications such as CCIE and CCNP. These mostly stand for Cisco certified internet expert and Cisco certified network professional as well. Cisco training is very popular among people whoever know the values and importance followed by attached prestige.

And so today one can find people rushing towards the course of ethical hacking. There is a huge demand of such certified ethical hacker in the market. There is a possible reason about such sudden emergence of demand. And it is owing to over increase of hacking practices that are carried out unethically. Hacking is all about breaking into secrets of companies and individual online. There are certain important things that are kept safely. But those hackers try to make entry illegally and take out vital information from those companies. In order to prevent such things the companies make sure everything of their computer systems is alright by checking each detail through ethical hacking.

They have full understanding about the required skills to attack the system and how to prevent from such possible attacks as well. It is the reason people or owners of companies have to be very careful of such sudden unethical external attack. If anyone is simply taking up graduation with some of the widely seen subjects but does not take up any additional technical course of computer, it would be a little injustice to one’s chance of landing at right job and selection in this competitive market. Looking increasing necessity of such IT skills there has been an emergence of numerous technical institutions aided by Government in order to enhance employability in people. Besides, there are also many opportunities coming on with different IT firms and organizations stepping into the market.

Best Desktop Computer

The internet has ushered in a new way for companies and customers to do business. Where it once was considered rare to order a product online, it has now become the norm. The computer industry is made up of many quality companies that all offer their products online. But if you’re in the market for a desktop computer, how can you be sure that you’re making the right decision? In this article, we’ll simplify the process so that you know how to purchase a desktop computer online.

The good news in buying desktop personal today is that you’re able to get a lot of abilities at a very inexpensive price. It was not too long ago that desktop personal would cost thousands of dollars, but that’s no longer the case. Now, you’re able to receive a high quality desktop computer for as low as $500, sometimes even lower. Now that you know price will not play too much of a factor, the first determination you’ve to make when buying a desktop computer online is what you intend to use the system for.

If you’re planning on buying a computer for basic tasks such as word processing and surfing the internet, there’s really no need to purchase an expensive model. Most basic desktop personal offer 512MB RAM (memory), and this should be more than enough to serve your needs. With that being said, it is ideal to purchase a desktop computer with atleast 1GB of RAM, because you may need it later on down the road. During times when you might pay a few extra dollars for the memory, it is well worth it.

However, if you plan on using the computer for optimized gaming and video, you’ll definitely need to boost the quality of your system. Most of these higher-end desktop personal still cost less than $1000, and these babies can fly. If you’re the type of person who doesn’t like to wait, then it is all about the processor. If you’re ultra-serious about your gaming and video, you would be ideal served to purchase a computer with a dual –core processor. Dual core processors allow for insanely fast multi-tasking, and are perfect for those people who have the need for speed. Intel makes several of these processors (4, D, and Extreme Edition being a few) as does Athlon (64 X2).

Frankly, the rest of the details regarding the desktop computer are of lesser importance, and they should be more than adequate depending upon your individual needs. One final note regarding your computer choice – it is recommended you purchase an extra warranty. This could save you large money if something should go wrong with the computer down the line.

Now, let’s turn our attention towards the actual purchasing of the computer. It is vital that you choose the company wisely, and the ideal way is by doing an adequate amount of research. Most high-end companies (Dell, Gateway, HP) have products that can be trusted, but that’s not to say you should limit your thinking to only the major players. There are many quality computer companies out there that may be flying under the radar.

When placing an order online, it is important to protect your personal information at all times. It is ideal to only do business with companies that offer a secure server at the online checkout. There are several encryption services (VeriSign being one) that’ll make sure your personal information stays safe. Make sure the web site you order from has such a measure in place.

Hopefully, these tips on how to purchase a desktop computer online will help you make the right choice based on your individual needs. Remember to get a desktop computer that has all the features you need, and do your homework before actually turning over your payment information. Good luck!

Remove Virus From Computer

Win32/Zafi.B worm is one of the latest detected viruses. It gradually spread itself over the internet. Win32/Zafi.B worm certainly has compromise a little part of computers and continues to gain access to more PCs. No matter whether your system is infected by the virus or not, you learn something about this issue in order to effective remove or prevent Win32/Zafi.B worm.

How does Win32/Zafi.B worm invade your computer?
If you have a long time not to repair system vulnerabilities and not to clean temporary files, Win32/Zafi.B worm can easily infect your system before your firewall gives you an alert. If your system is not free of PV threats especially backdoor virus, Win32/Zafi.B worm can get access to your system via system backdoor.

What damages does Win32/Zafi.B worm bring to your system?
* Like many other viruses, Win32/Zafi.B worm will firstly occupy some system resource when it is activated and thus your computer runs very slow and is easy to freeze up.
* Win32/Zafi.B worm is likely to be used by some rogue programs, which will generate lots of fake security alerts, advertisement or other annoying pop-up windows.
* Once Win32/Zafi.B worm sneaks into windows, it will modify “hosts” file by adding malicious codes to it, which will cause dll or exe errors, runtime error and other system errors.

How to remove Win32/Zafi.B worm completely in minutes
Have you been looking for ways to get rid of the tough virus? Have you been trying lot of Win32/Zafi.B worm removal methods but all turned out to be invalid?

Tips on removing Win32/Zafi.B worm with your own antivirus (it is not a guaranteed solution, but you can have a try.)
1. Enter Safe Mode with Networking by pressing F8 during windows startup
2. Launch your antivirus program to scan your computer with updated antivirus database.

Recommended Win32/Zafi.B worm removal tool
To safely and completely get rid of the virus, you should scan your computer thoroughly with a Win32/Zafi.B worm removal tool which is specially able to clean latest viruses.

To manually remove Win32/Zafi.B worm (for your reference)
1. Delete the original infected file the virus attaches to
2. Replace the hosts file with a normal one

How to prevent Win32/Zafi.B worm from your computer effectively
If you have removed Win32/Zafi.B worm successfully or the virus has not infected your computer, it is necessary to know to protect those latest viruses.
1. Build good Protection consciousness when PC is connected to the net
2. Equip computer and an Win32/Zafi.B worm removal tool that can provide effective real-time guard.
3. Turn on Firewall all the time.

Computer Keyboards For Sale

Unicomp is a manufacturer of computer keyboards and keyboard accessories based in Lexington, Kentucky. The company was founded in April, 1996 when they purchased the license to the buckling-spring keyboard technology (the technology behind the famous IBM Model M and many other keyboards) from Lexmark International, Inc.

Unicomp’s product line consists mostly of IBM-/Lexmark-originated designs, or slight modifications of those designs. For example, Unicomp’s Customizer 101 is essentially a renaming of IBM’s 42H1292 (a later variant of Model M, with the same non-detachable cable, with the same drain holes in case of beverage spillage, and built on the same machines as the original). Other than the manufacturer’s logo, the only changes of the Customizer 101 from IBM’s 42H1292 are the additional option of a black-colored case with lighter-gray keys (in addition to the option of the original cream-colored case) and availability in USB. They do, however, have many other products, such as a 104-key variant with Windows keys, custom keyboards, and keyboards that have a built-in trackball or TrackPoint (like those found on IBM ThinkPad notebooks).

In addition, Unicomp sells replacement parts for older IBM/Lexmark keyboards, and will repair just about any keyboard manufactured by themselves, IBM, or Lexmark. Their entire product line is manufactured in the United States at their Lexington factory, and feature an 18-month warranty, except for the Value Plus/SK-720C, and SK-7500 wireless, which are manufactured by contract manufacturer SiliTek, a division of the Taiwanese peripheral manufacturer LiteON, most likely in China or Malaysia.

Unicomp products can be purchased at the company’s Yahoo! store, or by telephone. In addition, Unicomp offers custom design services.

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New Computer Technology

With technology progressing as fast as it is at the present, it is a wonder we do not have a new mass-marketed gadget appearing all few minutes. Personal computers, once predicted to be owned by a mere handful of individuals, are everywhere nowadays. If you are a student a personal computer is virtually a necessity. Accompanying the ever-increasing popularity of the personal computer is a plethora of gadgets and technological advancements. Though it may not be all few minutes, it seems as though all couple of months we hear about a computer with more storage space or a new device that one can connect to their computer.

Some devices that appear on the market are either completely superfluous or not so accessible to the entirety of the population, whether it is because of their cost or their limited supply. The costly devices are reserved to those who can afford them, until some new gadget replaces them and the price of these machines decreases, much like any new technology that appears on the market. Those gadgets, which are unnecessary, are not overly practical and the market for these creations is comprised mainly of those with an affinity for such devices. Inventions like webcams, while they are certainly fun to play with, are essentially unnecessary as they have no bearing on the actual operation of the computer and are used largely for leisure computer activities.

The more purposeful advancements in computer technology revolve around those, which increase the computers ability to manage certain tasks and those, which increase the storage space of the computer. Many personal computer owners find themselves craving more space to store songs or various other files and often wishing that their computer were faster. Though many computers produced today have a excessive storage space, that is, it is nearly impossible to fill a personal computer to capacity, these types of advancements permit a much speedier and more efficient functioning computer.

Cheap Computer Cases

Choosing a right computer case for yourself is not very easy, and there are many factors that you will have to take into account like will my computer case still fit the latest parts in several years, is there enough space for my CPU cooler, fan slots, HDD slots and so on!

Appeal to your personal taste, you must begin to choose a computer case, you do not want it unsightly things you regret. Once you find one that looks good to you, then there are some other attributes of the computer case, you should be aware of.

The former USB/3.5mm jack

Front USB and 3.5mm jack? It almost does not make any sense to have a computer case while there is no front USB and 3.5mm jacks. They are both handy for connecting digital cameras, Bluetooth / wireless adapter, plug in your headphones and download images. This allows you to avoid pulling the computer searches in the port on the back, especially if you only have a small space in a blue. Almost all motherboards have ports for the front and the rear.


How can the motherboard be installed? If possible, try to find a case with a removable backplane installed, and you will find that in most cases, these days the function. The backplane the case might be removed to install the motherboard, remove the motherboard to provide you with more work space smaller percentage of error, have the capability to, and you only need to remember that you must backplane. Interactive installation in a computer case, a removable motherboard backplane cramped, it is difficult to notice what you’re doing with you head to block the light, found her torch in your mouth. Of course, if the computer case is a complete column, then it may not be necessary that it has a removable backplane. Removable backplane feature becomes more important, if the computer case is a mini-ATX or just really old.

What kind of motherboard do you have? There’s serveral sorts of motherboards that are made to fit certain cases and do certian jobs. The major form factors: Micro ATX specifications ATX (usually referred to as ATX) and Extended ATX. Every computer case, motherboard form factor should be accepted. If the situation does not Help which motherboard appearance, it is accepted that it’s the best mobile, you buy a computer case does not fit your motherboard to run the risk. Most of the physical measurements motherboard is unimportant. As long as the factors in the case and motherboard match the form, then you should install without problems, because let’s face it, no one will do a full ATX system, not suitable motherboard!

Power Supply

And power supply situation, size, what is it? You need to ask yourself this important question, because most of the supply time will be too small, your application unless you’re running a mini-ATX system, then it is always ideal to find a power has been inside. A good power supply is necessary such as 450w atx power supply. Have an undersized power may result in unstable computer operation, most frequently expressed, frequent restart.

CPU Cooler

Will your CPU cooler fit in that case? These days most CPU Cooler 150mm high, most mid-tower ATX chassis is only 140 mm wide, if you also add additional chassis fans, it can prove to cause a problem. Simply measure the width does not work, you will also be installed in the top CPU on the motherboard, so it’s best to be safe and measure it and take at least 3cm off.


Will the physical dimensions of the computer case fit into your location? Be sure to choose any space inside your computer that you specify as a computer case. As a computer case supplier says, pay close attention to the overall height, width, and depth. You need to take your case, in one place, it will not overheat and your all your parts clogging internal dust does not build a new city. has been dedicated to developing and producing computer peripherals – PC Case, Switching Power Supply, Multimedia Speakers, Mouse and Keyboard, etc.

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Computer Cable

The computer cables are the data cables that are used to transfer data between various components such as CPU, monitor, keyboard, scanner, printer and many other multimedia systems. These cables have the capability to transfer data at high speed within the input and output components of the computer.

There are different types of cables used by the computer to operate. The required cables includes an AC power cable, digital video cable, a high speed serial bus connector, an USB cable and a modem connector cable. All these cables are present along with the computer while buying a new computer system. These computer cables are also sold as a single cable and easily available in the market.

Different computer cables have different purposes. The ac power cable is an insulated conductor which is used to provide power supply to the computer. The high speed serial bus connector is a data cable which is used to transfer bits and bytes fro the input devices to the output devices. The USB cables are required for transferring data from other sources such as digital cameras, video recorders, mobile phones, mp3 devices and many such devices. For transferring high resolution video contents from the computer to a TV, a digital video cable can be used. The modem connector cables link the computer with the Internet service provider for accessing the Internet.

Thus, the computer cables are very important components for any desktop computer. With the increasing development of Internet technology, the demand for these cables has also increased in the market.

Discount Desktop Computers

Anyone who was interested in a cheap desktop computer in the mid 1980s would have noticed an array of options. The Apple Lisa, courtesy of Apple Computer Inc, was designed to be a personal computer with a powerful GUI, or graphic user interface, geared towards the business community. The Lisa was a more advanced system then the Macintosh operating system, due to its protected memory, cooperative multitasking abilities, a built in screen saver, and more, but the complexity of these programs taxed the 5 MHz Motorola 68000 microprocessor that the system was designed to run on, particularly during document scrolling. This, and possibly the price of the system, led to the discontinuation of the Lisa system three years after its launch.

Another early desktop computer was the Commodore, which used Commodore DOS. The Commodore VIC 2o was popular in the early and mid nineteen eighties, and as time went on, classes, repair centers, and educational enterprises focusing on this desktop computer were developed. In terms of a cheap desktop computer alternative, the VIC-20, at $299.95, fit the bill for many consumers who were interested in owning the latest technology, without the hefty triple digit price tag often associated with it.

Of course the grandfather, so to speak, of most personal desktop computers was the Osborne I, introduced in nineteen eighty one. Weighing 25 pounds, the Osborne, though not exactly portable, nevertheless paved the way for many of the computers on the market today. In 1983, with the announcement of Microsoft Windows, the concept of an operating system moved beyond DOS to the mainstream computing culture, and in nineteen eighty four, Bill Gates, the founder and CEO of Microsoft , was featured on the cover of Time Magazine. Microsoft and Apple Computer would go on to become major competitors in the area of technical innovation. The following year, Paul Brainard of the Aldus Corporation introduced Pagemaker for the Macintosh, which allowed users to mix type and graphics on the same page. This, along with the new Apple LaserWriter printer helped to create the field of desktop publishing.

The desktop computer market, now a flourishing and rapidly expanding demographic of business professionals, programmers, and home users, welcomed the introduction of the PS/2 personal computer by International Business Machines Corporation in 1987. This computer featured improved graphics, a 3.5 inch diskette drive, and proprietary bus to help prevent competition by clone makers, an ongoing problem for the software company.