Computer Performance

You don’t have to be a computer expert to realize that your computer is not working as well as it once was. Over time, that brand new computer – laptop or desktop – begins to have troubles. It runs slowly or it freezes up for no apparent reason, ruining your computer experience. But before you run out to the store for a new model, you need to try these five steps. All of them are easy enough for anyone to do – and you will see a vast improvement in just a few minutes.

Get Rid of Extra Files

If you’ve ever tried to find something in a room that’s cluttered, you already know how difficult that can be. The same can be said of your computer. When you have too many files and too many programs, it can lead to troubles with the performance. What you need to do is get rid of the excess bloat that’s on your computer. But while this is easy, you do need to be careful along the way. There are some programs on your computer that you do not recognize by name that are vital to your computer’s performance – and these should not be deleted.

The good news is that most PCs are careful about letting a user delete something that might be important, so you will be warned if you are heading into dangerous territory.

Right now, you might need to go into your Documents menu to remove any excess files that don’t need to be there. If you do need these files, think about storing them on a flash drive instead of on your hard drive. In the documents folder, you will also see that you have pictures and other files that you are storing. If you don’t need them or they can be taken off the hard drive – take them off.

Get Rid of Extra Programs

When you get a new computer, not only does it have the latest specifications, but it also tends to have extra programs on it – programs that you may never use. To help your computer’s performance, you will need to remove as many of these as possible.

In a PC, go into your control panel folder to ‘Add/Remove Programs.’ You will find a list of all the games and other programs on your hard drive. Each of these programs is not only taking up space on your drive, but they can also be potentially slowing down the performance. Take some time to look through these files to see what you use and what you can remove. Games tend to be a big filler on a computer’s hard drive, so unless you play these regularly, they can be removed. Just follow the prompts on your computer screen in this folder.

Free Up Space on your Hard Disk

To further help your computer’s performance, you will need to head back into your control panel to the option to free up space on your hard disk. This is helpful especially to a computer user that doesn’t know a lot about what is okay to delete and what isn’t. This program gathers the information on the computer (temporary net files, things in the recycling bin, etc.) that can be easily deleted without any troubles. All you need to do is click on this option, allow the computer to gather the files, and then tell the computer to remove them.

Defragment Your Computer Regularly

Another option in your Control Panel is to defragment your hard drives. This option allows your computer to rearrange the remaining files on your computer so that they run more quickly and efficiently. This process basically assesses your current hard drive and then sees how it can rearrange everything. The process should be done on a regular basis, even weekly if you can. It’s best to do this after you have deleted the excess files because you can then just rearrange all of the remaining programs and files in the process.

There may be some files that can not be moved during the defragmentation process, but this does not cause any major problems for most people.

Add More Memory

If all of these steps simply do not help your computer, your best bet is to add more memory to your hard drive. This will help your computer to run better and more efficiently. When all the programs have enough room to run, this will enhance the speed of your programs as well as your ability to run multiple programs at the same time.

These simple steps will help you improve the performance of your computer without necessitating any additional costs, unless you need more memory. And this adds up to savings for you and for your computer. When you can maintain the performance, you will be able to keep your computer for a longer period of time without having to replace it.

My Computer Is Running Slow

There are various ways to streamline computer performance and functionality. I will show you five very helpful methods that I have learned in the field to help keep your computer running great. Some are free but there are some which will require a small investment which is well worth the cost. This article is for Windows 2000/XP users only.

1. Cleanup your startup menu- This is perhaps the fastest way to improve overall performance and startup speed. To do this, go to the run command line in the start menu and type in msconfig. Please ONLY use the startup tab at the top!! Go through the list of startup programs and disable messengers, updaters, and applications that are not used at all times ie. (quick time task, winzip, Ituneshelper). The rule of thumb here is disable what you know you don’t need and don’t touch anything you do not understand or recognize, they are most likely drivers and system files.

2. Run a disk defragment- If you notice that your applications are taking a long time to load or are not running as smooth as your used to run a disk defragment. This will basically organize your hard drive to run more efficiently. To run, go to your start menu, program files, accessories, system tools, Disk Defragmenter. Click the analyze button to see if you need to defragment and if you do, click the defragment button. Please note, although running this utility you should not make any system changes including saving and deleting files, installing and/or uninstalling programs or moving files on your hard drive. It is best to just start it and let it run. It can take up to 5 hours depending on the size of the drive and the amount of fragmentation in the volume. This is easiest to start before you go to bed.

3. Use anti-virus- I cannot stress this enough, if you are on the internet you need anti-virus. Not only will it protect you from attacks but it will actively scan any files you open and will stop most viruses BEFORE they infect you computer. You will have to purchase this for your computer and I have provided some helpful links to good anti-virus programs. These should be set to be running at all times through the settings of the anti-virus program and updated weekly if not daily.

4. Run spy-bot scans regularly- Spy bots are not the same as viruses. A virus is aimed to infect and deter your computer from running correctly. Spy bots can steal your information, passwords, logins, and are typically malicious in intent. I consider these more dangerous than viruses because they can literally steal your identity without you knowing it and open the door to automatically download viruses to your computer. I have also provided links for effective spy bot removal tools. These should be run twice a month.

5. Registry Cleaners- A little known tool for making a huge performance increase to your computer is running a registry cleaner regularly. Basically what these do is remove any unnecessary piece of your registry left behind from either updating your software, removing a program or deleting program directories. By doing this it will help your computer find the correct paths it needs to run the commands given to it and help avoid “confusion” by removing “broken pieces” in the registry.

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From the many QubeGB reviews online as well as their Facebook page , you can see many past customers are satisfied with the quality of service they got. They happily refer new clients, making the company grow at an astonishing rate. With hundreds of thousands of installation every year, it is one of the best companies around.

Computer Virus Removal

Did you know that when it comes to an issue such as a “computer virus removal” there are several different stuff that you need to know? Before you can effectively go through with any computer virus disposal, you are going to have to fully comprehend what a computer virus is and what the different types of computer viruses there are and how they actually function. It is possible to learn how to properly remove these viruses from your computer and protect your system from them in the future.

What is a Computer Virus?

A computer virus are types of computer programs that are able to copy each other. Much of the time, without permission of the computer user. Viruses are similar to worms and trojans because they are always different at the same time. Some computer viruses are programmed to damage the computer by doing damage to the actual programs themselves on the computer others are not designed to do any damage but rather work by replicating themselves and infecting others through email or instant messaging, which is the way in which the computer user mostly finds out about them.

Several Types of Computer Viruses

There are several different types of computer viruses that are known. A few of the most major types being resident viruses, direct action viruses, boot viruses and macro viruses. Resident viruses are those viruses that dwell in the RAM memory and which work by overcoming and interrupting all of the operations executed by the system including corrupting files and programs that are opened and closed.

A perfect action virus is one that has a main purpose of replicating and taking action when it is executed. The batch file of this viruses are always located in the root directory of the hard disk. Overwrite viruses are those that are characterized by the fact that they delete the information that is contained in the files that they infect, and this renders them as being partially or even totally useless once they have been infected.

There are boot viruses that affect the boot sector of a floppy or hard disk, and macro viruses that infect files that are created using certain applications or certain programs that contain macros.

Computer Virus Eradication

When it comes to computer virus disposal the eradication method that you are going to have to use will depend on the particular type of virus that your computer is infected with, so this is what you will have to determine first. Also make sure that you go with a name that you trust for your computer virus removal needs, such as McAfee, Norton, or Avast.

Computer Screens

It may be amazing to current computer users who are used to small compact LCD monitors. Not only were initial computer monitors large and cumbersome but that the early monitors used by computer enthusiasts were Cathode Ray Monitors that were not color,

Initial vintage monitors were monochrome – one color only not the brilliant color displays that we take for granted today.

Some of these monochrome monitors were green or orange iridescent. Others were similar to a black and white television that is grey scale.

It is taken for granted now by young computer surfers and gamers that television was always “color”, not so.

Initially TV broadcasts were in “black and white “.

Color TV had been developed but the technology but the widespread use did not arise till the early 1970’s and even later in some areas.

The broadcasts were seen as black and white on those sets and color on color sets.

Color TVs could receive programs that were in the black and white mode as well. Sort of the backwards compatibility of the day.

What then would be the difference between the picture qualities of a television set a monitor has vastly greater resolution than standard TV sets.

The TV sets of that time (as opposed to current high end LCD and plasma high definition TVs) were basically 1950’s technology – even the newer color TV sets. .

A monitor’s screen display should be stable and of good quality, since the computer user may sit very close to the monitor and spend many hours reading the display.

If the images are fuzzy (low resolution) or waver constantly, you would have a throbbing headache and wavering eyes in no time.

Monitors have knobs to adjust for clarity. On vintage monochrome monitors these usually include a brightness knob which adjusts the illumination of the entire screen, and a contrast knob which makes the letters lighter or darker in relation to the background screen newer color monitors will have additional adjustments for color.

The question will arise – how did the vintage CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) monitors initially handle the color technology which came later and became the accepted standard.

A typical color monitor screen worked in much the same way as a standard CRT television.

The inside of the picture tube is coated with three different phosphors: red, green and blue.

Phosphors are special chemical compounds that glow with characteristic colors when bombarded a stream of electrons.

The phosphor gets “excited” and thanks to the additive properties of the color wheel the different colored lights resulting get mixed and that all types of combinations of the three primary colors result.

The end result is that virtually any color of the rainbow can be produced.

And as for the color white the eyes play a useful trick. When all three colors are mixed together in equal quantities, the eye sees this as “white light”.

Finally the sharpness of the CRT color monitor or a TV set’s image is determined by three factors: the monitor’s bandwidth, its dot pitch, and the accuracy of its convergence.

Although the bandwidth and dot pitch are important to determine a good monitor, convergence is the real measurement.

Indeed we have come a long way from the initial simple vintage monochrome monitors. What we now take for granted with LCD monitors and indeed our high definition TV sets all originated with simple CRT monochrome monitor technology which was merged with the technology and tricks gleaned from the color TV industry.

We should all be grateful. We owe much to “Uncle Miltie”.

Cheap Laptop Computers

Some of the features found while laptop computer shopping focus on size and portability. Other features that people consider beneficial is whether the laptop computer is thin enough to carry with them when they are traveling through airports. The lightweight features found in laptop computers are what made laptop computers popular to begin with, and business travelers really need this feature when they work away from the office.

Other features found while laptop computer shopping are pretty basic and to be expected, but people consider them anyway when buying a laptop computer. The number of cells in a battery will determine how long it will provide power to their laptop computer system, and they want the longest time they can get.

The most beneficial features found while laptop computer shopping are the extended warranties that are offered on laptop computers. These are insurances that will protect their investment, and people prefer this warranty feature to have a few years offered in the deal. Most laptop computers start out with a 90 day warranty but any feature offers of as much as 3 years.

Some of the fun features found while laptop computers shopping are high-end graphics and touch screens. These are luxurious features that many people feel are not necessary, but high-tech computer users love them. For a person that does video editing for a living, they pay particular attention to the video editing features that are built-in to any computer systems.

There are people that look at features found while laptop computer shopping, and think about all of the musical CDs they can copy, and how they can download music from the Internet, and transfer it to their cell phone. They look at the built-in compact disk burners and think of all the money they will save when they make copies of their own style of music that they can play in their car.

One of the most important features found while laptop computers shopping is the speed of the computer processing unit. Since this is the one piece of equipment that is not upgradeable on a laptop computer, the one that is purchased with the laptop computer model will have to suffice for the life of the product. This feature will also reduce the wear and tear on the core of the system and may extend the life cycle of the laptop computer, and affect the speed in which images appear on your laptop computer screen.

One of the features found while laptop computer shopping will determine how much memory you can upgrade any time down the road. People routinely ask what the upgrade capabilities are on a laptop computer before they ask what the operation system is that is installed on the computer system. When they ask about upgrade capabilities they are actually asking about a feature called the memory slots.

The connectivity features found while laptop computer shopping is very important for people that like to browse the Internet occasionally, and very important to those that telecommute for a living. A broadband world wide web connection plug-in is one way people to choose to connect to the Internet. A dial-up connection can be used, but another feature will be needed to do that, and that feature is the dial-up phone plug-in device.

Computer Drivers

Did you buy a webcam to keep in touch with out of town family, but now it’s not working? Don’t take it back to the store just yet–it may just be that you need to update webcam drivers on your computer. Here is a guide to fixing your issues that uses the Logitech C200 as an example (the same basic steps should work on other brands, though).

It Could be a Loose USB Webcam Connection

The first step to take is checking your cables. Make sure that your webcam is indeed plugged in to your computer; mostly this is via a USB cord.

Follow the cable to where it plugs into the computer. Unplug the webcam and plug it back in. This process is called re-seating the cable.

If you’re using a USB hub for your webcam connection to the computer, unplug it and find a USB port on the computer itself. USB hubs can distort the signal significantly at times.

Does Windows Recognize Your Webcam?

If your webcam was recognized in Vista it is most likely it is still recognized in Windows 7, but it never hurts to check. We’ll go into Device Manager and look for your webcam under “Other Devices”. Here’s how:

1. Go to your Start Menu
2. Go to your Search Bar
3. Type in Device Manager
4. Press Enter
5. Click Continue in the window that pops up
6. Look for a category called “Other Devices.” There will be an icon that looks like a thought bubble with a? in it if it is there. Under the? Will be camera w/ a yellow triangle with a! point in it. This means we need to put drivers in.

To manually update webcam drivers, you’ll need to visit the webcam manufacturer’s website. During times when the example below uses the Logitech C200 webcam, the process should be similar for other brands.

Update Your Webcam Drivers

2. Click Support and go down to Product Support
3. Select Detect Devices. You may have to install detection software, but this is worth it. The site will scan your computer. Then you’ll see pictures of all the Logitech devices that are attached to your computer!
4. Choose the C200 webcam from the list.
5. Click on Software Downloads on the right
6. Choose Windows 7 from the list
7. Download Software, make a note of where you save the file.
8. Go to the saved file and double click on it. Follow any prompts you may get while the file installs itself. Congratulations you now have updated webcam drivers!

An Easier Way

Today we’ve software that will scan your computer for out of date drivers, download the latest drivers, and install the latest drivers. The first time takes of a couple minutes and a few clicks of the mouse. After that, you can set the software to auto-pilot!


You will find while searching for computer sales, that there is no shortage of choices. The computer industry of today provides consumers with many different ways to obtain the personal computer you need. One perfect example is the cost effective method of recycling older computers. The best thing for you to do is do your homework, learn what option is best suited for your needs, and budget.

What is good about these recycled computers is that you can often times get the same good advantages of newer computers, at a much lower price. The key to getting the most from a computer sale is knowing the key features in the different types of computers. Computer sales often provide you with previous demonstration, refurbished, outdate, and over stocked models.

Over Stock

At a computer store, when new models arrive, the company must make room, thereby selling the older models. When we say older models, it could very well be that it was a model from the previous year, but in any cases even older. Buying an older computer does not mean you are missing out. Many of the “older” models contain many of the new abilities that people want and desire in their computer. Generally, the holiday season is the best time to find these types of deals.


Computers that are outdated are generally sold for a much cheaper price. Outdate computers are those that simply cannot compete with the technology of today. While any are sold at a steep discount, perfect for first time computer buyers, many are donated to schools or not for profit groups. Many parents, will purchase outdated computers for younger children that are learning and do not need the major abilities of new models today.

A Refurbish and Renewed Computer Sale

While many refurbished computers are used or older models that have been made just as or close to their factory condition. In most cases, they have been refurbished by the manufacturer or have had any parts replaced to correct problems. You should be wary when buying these types of computers, although they are typically much cheaper, you may have to worry about a break down.

Previous Demonstrations Computer Sales

Many companies make use of computer only for demonstrative purposes for example as a store display or a convention. They are lightly used for the most part, simply showing the abilities and features of the computer, but they sell at a discount. The computer may only be about three months old, but you still have the opportunity to grab a good discount. The best part about demo computer sales is that you benefit from what is left of the original warranty.

While a computer sale may seem good or the features of a computer may make you want to grab the item right off the shelf, you do not want to take the first deal you are offered. It is likely you can find it cheaper elsewhere. Additionally, in as little as six months or less, you might find that the price of the computer has dropped dramatically, sometimes by a thousand or more dollars.


The key to getting the most from a computer sale knows the key features in the different types of computers. Computer sales often provide you with previous demonstration, refurbished, outdate, and over stocked models.

Computers Sale

Just a decade ago, the only people who put computers together were those individuals who possessed an extensive technical background. Advancements in technology have eliminated any of the complexities in how computers work. This change has resulted in average people who have a basic understanding of computers being able to build a system themselves. Whether you are interested in building computers to establish a new hobby or to start a business, you can so in only a few easy steps and on a shoestring budget.

The first step in building cheap computers is to determine the route you need to use to build systems. You basically have three choices when considering building cheap computers: build a system from scratch, expand on a bare bones computer, or upgrade an existing system. Building a system from scratch can be a rewarding experience. However, it is not for everyone. If you are impatient or are intimidated by mechanical tools, you are better to choose one of the other two options.

Regardless of the method you choose, you will follow three basic steps:


The planning phase of your project involves determining the specifications for the computer you need to build. Once you know this information you can start shopping for parts that meet those specifications. Your main considerations should be
hard-disk, memory, and CPU (central processing unit). The harddrive is important because it determines how much information you are able to store on the computer. While you could build a computer with a harddrive smaller than 2 GB (gigabytes), it is not recommended.

The harddrive and memory work together. The amount of memory you place in your computer will directly affect how the system is able to complete the different processes that you request when using the system. If you have no idea what size hard-drive and the amount of memory you need, you should consider the type of operating system you intend to load on the system. You can consult the manufacturer of your hard-drive or review the information on, which features a list of minimum harddrive and memory requirements for various operating systems, and use this information as a guide.

The equipment presented in this article includes the basics of a computer system. Of course, nowadays people need far more than the basics and you undoubtedly feel the same way. There are optional components available that you may need to add to your systems, which include CD or DVD drives, a modem or other communication component for Internet connectivity, or a video graphics card.

Once you have decided on the specifications of the computer you need to build, you are ready to assemble the system. In addition to detailed information about the parts you will need to build your computer, includes step-by-step instructions for assembling a cheap do-it-yourself computer.

When you have finished assembling the computer, you will then need to test to make sure that the system boots and that all components are functioning properly. Once you have completed all these tests you will have built your own cheap computer.

Computer Part

1. Really provides better cooling for your computer hardware

We all know that heat can really kill the motherboard, processor and other chips that are found in a computer case. If the temperature is too much it can fry the chips and leave your computer worthless. The more work you do, the longer you do it, the higher the workload on the pc. This causes heat to build up inside your computer. The traditional cooling fan that you can find on the back of the power supply of your computer is normally not enough to get it all the cooling it needs. Even with the other fan attached to the processor chip, your computer will most of the time not get all the cooling it needs.

If you were to use a rack, this would help to give your computer the cooling it needs, since it gives you a lot more space, unlike computers that don’t have racks.

2. You’ll have better air circulation

Without adequate space for your computer, there will not be good air circulation and this can damage many things in your computer. A rack mount computer therefore gets better air circulation than one without it. And this goes a long way in protecting your computer.

3. Prevents vibration when playing load music

Good computer racks out there have vibration-dampening tendencies to prevent the vibration of your computer- especially when listening to load music from your speakers. Without these vibration-dampening tendencies, your speakers and even compute can slowly slip off your desktop, thereby causing damage.

4. Give more space for your computer

Your rack mount computer has more space than others without one. You are able to do more work than if you did not have a rack for your computer.

If you take all the above advantages into consideration you will come to find that using a rack mount computer instead of one without a rack is the way to go.