Cheapest Desktop Computer

It used to be that to get all the computing power you needed, you needed a desktop. But would you be surprised to know that today, a notebook computer is not only as powerful but is even more useful?

And with the many technology advances we’ve seen in recent months, notebooks are now very affordable.

So as you look at that big clunker taking up all the desk space, why not consider a notebook computer?

Most the big manufacturers make them: Dell, Gateway, Toshiba, HP, Sony, Lenovo, Compaq and, of course, Apple computer with its like of MacBook and MacBook pro computers.

First, though, just what is a notebook computer?

A lot of people – even come computer manufacturers – use the words laptop and notebook interchangably. If you do, that’s okay. But the terms are really different. When both are portable computers meant to be carried from place to place, a notebook is commonly smaller than a laptop. It gets the term from a sheet of note paper.

And that’s a simmering good rule of thumb to use in defining it. A notebook is about the size of a sheet of 9-by-11-inch note paper and commonly about an inch-and-a-half thick and less five pounds in weight. Anything bigger than that can reliably be named a laptop. Other than size, there are no other crucial differences between a laptop and notebook so if you need to use the same term for both, no one is going to quibble.

There are two classes of notebooks. Notebooks with 12 or 14 inch screens are standard-sized. Smaller notebooks – those with 9 and 10 inch screens and weighing around two pounds – are named ultraportables. Ultraportable notebooks usually have smaller keyboards, don’t have built-in CD or DVD drives and hard drives that generally have 20 to 40 MB capacities

Technology has made notebooks smaller, more powerful and much more affordable today than even a yr ago. You can expect to fiind a solid, reliable notebook for well under $1,000, with fully-featured powerhorse models listing out at a tad over $2,000.

Notebooks might be easily used as replacements for desktop computers. Several fit into docking stations that hook them up to larger screens, power supplies and bigger keyboards and mice. A docking station at home or in the office is a good convenience.

But so is a notebook. That’s why for many, it’s their main computer. Taken from home to office to school, on business trips and vacations and – with wi-fi Internet connectivity or PC card modems that patch into the cellular phone network – notebooks provide always-available computing and Internet access. Most your files, all your programs, are always with you.

As you can see, notebook computers make a lot of sense as replacements for desktop PCs. So start shopping. Once you have one, you’ll be happy you did and wonder how you got along with one for so long.

Computer Shopping

As the number of people connecting to the Internet continues to increase at a rapid pace, more and more of us are now creating our own home computer networks.

With these we can enjoy the benefits of having high bandwidth, instant access to the Internet and make this connection available to multiple computers in and around the home.

But for those unfamiliar with computer security, they are completely unaware of the risks they may be exposing their computer to.

Without implementing a proper computer security solution, your computer may become infected with viruses, spyware, and/or adware. These are all forms of malware than can play a part in rendering a computer unusable, destroy valuable info your storing, provide complete control of a computer to another person, allow someone to steal the info on your computer, record your keystrokes and give a 3rd party access to your online bank account, allow someone to use your computer to attack a computer belonging to somebody else, etc.

And if you opted for a wireless network, you could be sharing out your Internet connection to your neighbors or that person who has been sitting outside your house in the car for the last few hours. What is more, you are increasing the risk of exposing your own computer to hackers as a result.

So What Are The Basics of Computer Security?

1. Make sure that the link between you and the Internet is safe.
You need to have a hardware firewall installed between you and the Internet. Most recent devices that connect you to the Internet have one built in, but in any case you need to make sure that what you have is a stateful firewall.
It should give your computer full access to the Internet, but block all traffic trying to access your network when originated from the Internet side.

2. Secure your Internet router.
Change the administrator password and if possible the administrative account name as well. Everyone who has bought that device will know what the default account and password is, so you must change these and make them difficult to guess. This is especially important if you have a wireless network.

3. Install anti-virus software on your computer.
Make sure it scans the computer for viruses at least once a week. Keep the software up to date and make sure that the virus definitions are updated all day. Also make sure that this is monitoring the computer all the time to help prevent it being infected in the first place.

4. Install a personal firewall on your computer.
Not only should this help limit the damage malware can do to your computer, but it should also reduce the chances of this spreading to other computers. Get in the habit of checking the dialogues that you are prompted with and only allow Internet access to applications that really need it

5. Install anti-spyware software on your computer.
Make sure it fully scans your computer for spyware at least all week. Keep the software up to date and make sure that the definitions are updated all day. Also make sure that this monitors your computer all the time.

6. Keep up to date with the security patches for your Operating System.
Microsoft release security updates for Windows all month. However, make sure your computer is configured to automatically check for downloads all day and at a time when your computer is most likely to be turned on.

7. Secure your wireless network.
Do not broadcast your SSID (Service Set IDentifier). Although it can be learned by someone who is determined, there is no point making things easy. So make sure this is disabled.
Restrict access to your wireless network based on the MAC (Media Access Control) address of your computer. Yes, these can be faked, once known, but why make things simple?
Implement WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access) or WPA2, if you can, to further secure your wireless network. And use a pre-shared key which is not easy to guess.

Although, you can never make a computer 100% secure, the objective is to put as many obstacles in the way and put off the casual hacker.

So by following these 7 basic steps you will have a more secure computing environment.

And remember, by implementing proper computer security on our own computer, we are making the Internet a safer place to surf for everyone.

Computer Accessories Online

A stitch in time saves nine. This age old cliche holds its relevance when you are on the voyage of discovering the endless infotainment world with the help of the wonder gadget called computer. The whole fast changing world has now a perfect ambiance with the speed of your thought. The cyber world is prone to such a scenario where change is the only constant. So the purchase of a computer can not meet the purpose solely. You have to modify your computer with the accessories that increase its efficiency.

Used computer accessories help you to have the necessary modifications to get the desired result at a lesser price. You can modify the efficiency of your computer by replacing the existing parts with the high performance oriented Hard disk, mother board, computer RAM, DVD ROMs and DVD writers, processor, monitor, mouse and key board. The installation of used ones satisfies the dual purpose. It costs less and leaves a room for further modification at comparatively less loss. You should be cautious and vigilant when you are replacing the existing specification of your computer with a used one.

When you are replacing your hard disk with a used hard disk, check the memory capacity of that hard disk. If the memory capacity of your hard disc is 20 GB, replacement should be done to avail more memory space. So the replacement should have a more memory space than twenty GB. Similar is the case when you are replacing the mother board. If your motherboard is of P3 version, go for a replacement if there is availability of a motherboard of P4 version. Processors are available both in P3 and P4 versions. Buy that processor which has the advanced version than the processor available in your computer.

If you need to change the mouse of your computer, first check the status of the existing one. If the existing one is the normal one, the advisable replacement is the optical or the scroll mouse. Apart from the normal key boards, optical keyboards are also available. You can change your normal keyboard with an optical one to experience an increase in performance level. Similarly you can replace your small screen sized monitor for a large screen size.

When you are purchasing any one of the used accessories, the purchase should be done for a good brand. Branded accessories provide you durability and high performance level. You can get the latest info about the availability of these used accessories from internet. Visit the websites dealing with the sale of used accessories. Analyze the features of these accessories and price. When the replacement cost is significantly lower than opting for a new, the purchase is advisable. Before purchasing any of the accessories, first access the capacity of your computer and its adaptability to the change. Most these info are helpful when you are opting for a change.

Computer Build

Offer a unique chance to the wizard in you to prove its best by building a computer at home at the affordable price. Building a computer at home has many advantages. First of all you will get a cheap computer which keeps its options open for further modification. Secondly, you enjoy a familiarity with different aspects related to the computer. As you know them minutely, there is no need of going to the mechanic or service centre frequently at the occurrence of small faults. Third advantage is related to the up-gradation of your innovative skill. Building a computer at home provides a good cerebral exercise for you, leading to the amplification of your thought process and skill.

So now you are prepared to build a computer at home. Before building you should read carefully the instructions available on internet regarding the making of a computer. This information is easy to understand and very much helpful when you are giving a chance to the inner wizard within you. After reading the information perform the underlying tasks carefully to build a cheap computer at home.

Purchase the computer equipment

First purchase the computer equipment required for the assemblage from the market. You can search for the availability of the used computer equipments too. When used equipments are used, the whole process costs little. When you are purchasing used computer equipments, try to opt for the branded ones. It will deliver you more value for your investment and increases the life span of your computer.

Choose a clean work area

Choose a clean work area before you start assembling the computer equipments. The place should be spacious as you have to put all the equipments there.


Keep all the necessary tools near the space where you are performing the procedure. They should be placed closed to hands and easily visible.


Then keep your purchased cheap computer equipments near the space. The equipments must be packaged. You have to unwrap the packing properly and carefully. Handle the monitor with care as it may be heavy to carry. You can take help of somebody in the lifting process for assured level of safety. Place the monitor on the work surface in such a way that you can view the screen clearly. It makes your assembling process easier.

Read the manual for assembling carefully. As per the instructions, install one equipment after another. Make sure that the power supply is disconnected. Fit all the equipments with monitor carefully as per the instruction given in the manual. After installing all equipments, restore the power connection. Now you will be able to access the world of information at your doorstep.

So buy equipments required for building a cheap computer today and make the flow of information and entertainment to make you neck dip at the most affordable price.

Desk Top Computer

Most people that work in an office mostly do most of their work on a computer of some type. Whether you are an accountant, a manager, a programmer, or even the president of the company, you are going to do most of your work on your computer, because computers are very good at increasing productivity and accuracy. If you are going to be working on a computer for eight hours a day, then you will need to make sure and choose a computer desk that will make your work easier and more comfortable for you to complete. A great computer desk can incorporate all of your office needs in one piece of furniture. Here are some of the options that are available in different types of computer desks:

Monitor Stand – A monitor stand can be built into the computer desk which will allow you to position your monitor at eye level. Monitors need to be at eye level so you do not put any undo strain on your neck or back.

Computer and Printer Shelf – Many new computer desks have a hidden shelf to store your computer, and some have a shelf for your printer. These are great options, because it will allow the surface of your desk to be clear so you have plenty of space to do your work.

Keyboard Drawer – A keyboard drawer built into your computer desk is very helpful, because it will allow you to pull the keyboard towards your body which is more ergonomically correct.

Hutch or Bookshelf- Either one of these options will allow your computer desk to keep all of your important books and other materials close to you so that you do not have to leave your work area to get what you need.

Filing Cabinet – I believe that this option is a most have for any computer desk, because a filing cabinet built into one of the drawers can be a huge time saver. This will also help you stay organized because you do not have to remember to file paperwork since your filing cabinet will always be at your fingertips.

Computer Screen

Touch screen computer monitors have become the single most applicable solution in environments where a computer user needs a hands-free interaction with a PC unit. Given the inexpensive touch screen monitor price, most individuals and corporates have turned to touch screen technology for their needs in the work place. The touch screen computer monitors provide an innovative intuitive control of a PC’s applications in some environments where the use of a keyboard and mouse would be overly inconvenient. The same is applicable even by individuals in their homes or offices. A touch screen monitor makes computer use enjoyable, easy and very convenient since you can interact with the interface directly as with other normal real world objects.
Both in the corporate and personal usage, touch screen computer monitors avail the computer user a host of advantages. The five most prominent of these advantages include:
a)Real Time Access
With a touch screen monitor a computer user gains swift real time access to all applications facilitated by the User interface. Retrieving info becomes precise, speedy and accurate. That speed and efficiency of giving instructions to the computer and retrieving any kind of info is particularly important in the services provision sector where one needs to remain mobile and hands-free while serving clients. The real time access coupled by the fact that the touch screen monitor price ranges are very friendly is what has seen the touch screen computer monitors installed in numerous movie theaters, hotels, restaurants, airports etc.
b)Easy Usage
Even a young child can utilize a computer with a touch screen due to its ease of use. A touch monitor will easily turn a computer novice into a mini-wizard since all one has to do is to poke in the instructions with a finger. The biggest challenge in using computers has been the keyboard and the mouse and these devices have been eliminated by touch screen computer monitors.
c)A Cost Saving Measure
To start with, the touch-screen monitor price is very affordable. Additionally, the touch screens installed into computers usually increase operation speeds since their use-ease and accuracy make employees equally efficient and speedy. That means a firm can save on man hours very easily, not only during use but also in training the employees to use other conventional input methods.
Other Advantages
d)Touch screen computer monitors reduce the working space required by a computer user since you don’t need space to place keyboards and mouse pads.
e)Touch screen displays expand the applications of a computer such that it might be used in hotel and restaurant self-service systems, in medical equipment controls, in retail outlets, in gaming equipments etc. The touch-screen monitor price is within the reach of most establishments these days. These computer monitors are commonly used for business-setting project displays like briefings and presentations.

Computer Calculator

Introduction for computer algebra calculator:

Algebra is a incorporated from mathematics. Algebra plays vital role in our regular life. Computer algebra calculator will perform the arithmetic operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Computer algebra calculator will handle following terms such as variables, constant, coefficients, exponents, terms and expressions. Computer algebra will use the symbols and alphabets in the place of unknown values. Computer algebra calculator is used for cross checking by the students. Therefore, students are using computer algebra calculator for their studies.
Example Problems for Computer Algebra Calculator:

Computer algebra calculator

Example 1:

Solve the equation for x, x + 120 = 116.


x + 120 = 116 (add -120 on both sides)

x + 120 120 = 116 120

x = -4

Example 2:

Solve the equation for x, 107 +2x = 117.


107 + 2x = 117 (add -107 on both sides)

107 – 107 + 2x = 117 107

2x = 10 (divide both sides by 2)

‘(2x)/2′ = ’10/2’

x = 5

Example 3:

Solve the equation for x, 15x = 155.


15x = 155 (divide both sides by 15)

‘(15x) /15’ = ‘155/15’

x = 10.33

Example 4:

Solve the equation for x, 4x + 11 = 119 + 2x.


4x + 11 = 119 + 2x (add -11 on both sides. So we get,)

4x + 11 11 = 119 – 11 + 2x

4x = 108 + 2x (add -2x on both sides. So we get,)

4x 2x = 108 + 2x 2x

2x = 108

‘(2x)/2’ = ‘108/2’

x = 54.

Example 5:

Multiply the following terms (5x) ( 118x + 119).


(5x) (118x + 119)Now we have to multiply 5x with 118x + 119 like below.

= (5x ‘xx’ 118x) + (5x ‘xx’ 119) Note: (‘a^m’ ) (‘a^ n’ ) = ‘a^(m + n)’

= 590’x^2′ + 595x

Example 6:

Multiply the following terms (’15x^4′ ) (’16x^5y^6′ ).


(’15x^4′ ) (’16x^5y^6′ ). we have to multiply ’15x^4′ with ’16x^5y^6′ like below.

= ’15x^4 xx 16x^5y^6′

= ‘(15 xx 16) (x^4 xx x^5) (y^6)’ Note: ‘(a^m) (a^ n) = a^(m + n)’

= 240 ‘(x^(4 + 5)) (y^6)’

= 240’x^9 y^6′
Practice Problems for Computer Algebra Calculator:

Problem 1:

Solve the equation for x, 2x 119 = 112.

The answer is x = 115.5

Problem 2:

Solve the equation for x, 112+ x = 115.

The answer is x = 3

Problem 3:

Solve the equation for x, 11x = 11.

The answer is x =1

Problem 4:

Multiply the following terms (11’x^3′ ) ( ’12x^2 ‘ + 3).

Solution is 132’x^5′ + 33’x^3′

Cheap Computers For Sale

The ’70s and the ’80s could be easily described as the ‘computer war’. Every company had a new kind of computer, superior than the last that they wanted to change the world. Everyone knew it was only a matter of time before one was adopted as the standard, with all the advantages for software compatibility this would bring – and they were desperate for it to be their model that made the big time.

In the ’70s, two personal nearly became dominant: the Apple II and the Commodore

64. Both of these personal sold in the millions, inspiring a whole generation – they were used for many things from office tasks to games.

It was in 1980, however, that IBM launched its IBM personal computer, and things really went crazy. IBM’s personal computer was not patented. IBM went to a small company named Microsoft to get an operating system for this computer, and ended up with DOS, but Microsoft was willing to license DOS to anyone else who paid their fee. By 1984, ‘IBM personal computer compatible’ personal were available, and a de facto standard was born. Software makers could finally write their programs for one operating system and one hardware configuration – and anyone personal that didn’t follow the specification to the letter was quickly left with no programs to run.

In 1990, Microsoft released Windows 3. 0 (the first version of Windows to be really successful), and the PC’s lock on the marketplace was set in stone. The release of the Pentium and Windows 95 made it finally the fastest, cheapest and easiest system around, and it quickly stopped making sense to develop software for anything else.

From then on, the personal computer was the dominant personal – today, it is estimated to have between 95% and 98% of the market, with nearly all the rest being held by Apple Macintosh computers.

Cheap Gaming Computer

Multiplayer games and tournaments are now offering cash prizes, adding to the thrill of competing. To participate, a valid credit card or paypal account is required. And, a player must live in a state or country that has no laws against with their web browser gaming for money. Sites which promote such activities are: www. worldwinner. com and www. arkadium. com

Gaming leagues are becoming professional and organize competitions where cash prizes are worth over US$ 100,000 in cash. These events are seen as business and marketing development opportunities. Hardware manufacturing giants like Intel sponsor gaming clans and see gaming world-wide as a profitable avenue for promoting their products. High-stake gaming competitions are popular, but the real fights occur behind the scenes, where companies spend millions trying to get their technology directly into the hands of gamers

Professional gaming has taken the world by storm and, LAN competitions are high-stake tournaments with a few gamers earning a living just competing. A professional gamer with a sponsorship plan in place can earn up to US$ 500,000 per year. Cyberathlete, Professional League, Gamecaster, Global gaming League, are some of the organizations that host competitions. The first professional gaming league was set up in 1997 and today the competitions are not just televised but covered by major publications and newspapers. Mtelevision, CNN,ESPN, USA Network, ABC World News Today, FOX, WB and others telecast the events live.

Gamers from all walks of life train intensely to become virtual world champions, winning brings fame, money, as well as recognition. And, since 2001 The World Cyber Games are held in a different country each year. The prize in 2004 was worth US$ 400, 000 and competitors played: FIFA Soccer 2004, Need for Speed, Underground, Star-Craft, Brood War, Unreal Tournament 2004, Dawn of war, Dead or Alive Ultimate, and Halo


Gaming is serious; it is about quick thinking, intense practice, team work, interaction with other players, and understanding technology at its best. Gamers have to be on their toes, keep abreast with new launches, changes, patches, cheats, and more.

According to with their web browser gaming expert Psychologist Professor Mark Griffiths, “online gaming addiction for a small minority is a real phenomenon and people suffer the same symptoms as traditional addictions. They are the types of games that completely engross the player. They are not games that you can play for 20 minutes and stop. If you’re going to take it seriously, you have to spend time doing it”

That gaming is taken seriously is confirmed, many major colleges are offering minor as well as major courses in game design, animation, cognition and gaming, personal music, psychology of play and more. RPI, the Pratt Institute, University of Colorado, the Art Institute of Phoenix, the University of Washington, and the University of Pennsylvania are among those that have programs in personal graphics and game technology. They are set to become a feeder system for the US$ 10 billion a year game industry.

Desktop Computers On Sale

Because of the tremendous trimness and complicated design, with many convenience and mobility, the compactness of affordable desktop computers notebooks refurbished laptops are in more demand. The matter of fact is that they get stimulated as a great deal.
Cheap desktop computers notebooks refurbished laptops have far more expansion options than other computing machines. A desktop PC has extension niches that let you put in variety of several hardware cards. You can find hundreds of affordable desktop computers notebooks refurbished laptops models made by numerous companies, but the thing is that how much you saving your precious income in a deal. This is also fact that, several years ago, but still, you don’t have as various choices for affordable desktop computers notebooks refurbished laptops as you do now.
Exclusive selection, ideal choice and reliability are the main feature when you deal with Electro computer warehouse ( This is the part of our mission to not to sell ideal and affordable computing machines but also give guidance to each and all customer. Also with the help of these articles you can get help any time you want.
Choice of Youth:
Cheap desktop computers notebooks refurbished laptops are choice of youth because of high quality laptops, notebooks and desktop computers can now be purchased at a much lower rates. There’s no real secrecy to this price fall. The mostly electronic products are reducing their prices as fast as they can; costs are lesser as the competition heats up. In addition, new technology comes on rivulet very rapidly; this reduction of prices helps students to NOW afford good computing machines which are completely suitable for them.

Why Laptops are famous in Students?
Cheap desktop computers notebooks refurbished laptops are becoming very vigorous products; there are really no major differences between a desktop computer, a notebook and a laptop. Need of a good student should be portable and have note-taking ability with more data capacity. Long battery life should also matters. Internet is now an essential part of all student’s life, connectivity is another a major feature while using laptops and notebooks.
Refurbished laptops are perfectly suitable if your resources are limited. Go for special deals, a number of the dealers like Electro computer warehouse ( offering refurbished laptops
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