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When the computer game revolution began, users were enthralled with the amazing new technology, but not so much with the selection. The industry was young, and there were relatively few computer games to choose from. Then, as popularity grew and technology advanced, the number of available computer games began to increase.

And so today, entire teams of programmers, game designers, musicians and artists collaborate to make the industry fun, exciting and profitable. There are really thousands of themes and titles readily available for virtually every imaginable genre. Game prices average at $40 or more. Big marketers of computer games now offer “shareware”, or sample software that lets users try it before they buy it.

Another money-saving option for compute game fans is the option to play games online for free. There are so many free computer games available to play online, it’s guaranteed that you’ll find something you like. From basic to advanced, easy to skilled, classic titles to hot new releases, you’ll find what you need for some free fun online. There are so many titles available online, you have to wonder why they are there for free.

Hundreds of free computer games are online. Here is just a sample of what’s available to download or play:

• America’s Army: Your mission is to surpass the rainbow six series. The subject of this online computer game is about busting terrorists.

• Beneath a Steel Sky: An outstanding racing game with interesting details to keep the player occupied.

• Colossus: Powerful mythical creatures capture player’s hearts. Kids to college geeks.

• Falcon’s Eye: Great graphics. You don’t need to miss any of these details.

• Grand Theft Auto (and its sequels): This game conquered the world big time, and it’s available free online.

• Orbiter: A space shuttle fight simulator that can handle anything on earth, or in outer space. Interesting effects.

• Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Thirty-two players battle in a campaign pitting their skills against each other. Part of the game is the introduction of new characters that are vital to the teamwork that is a part of the game.

• Stair Dismount and Truck Dismount: This is an insane game that keeps players preoccupied. Do the most possible damage to a crash test dummy by placing it in front of a speeding truck or kicking it down a flight of stairs.

• Steel Panthers; World at War: This may be the best tactical game about WWII.

Here are some other free computer games that are worth looking into:

• Ancient Domains of Mystery Pekka Kana 2, and Abuse 2: Games for side scrolling action lovers.

• The Ardennes Offensive: Great interface, good strategy. Vantage Master Online–Free computer game on RPG.

• Little Fighter 2: A little fighter gets involved in big battles.

• Notrium: Solve puzzles to escape a hostile planet.

• Stick Soldiers 2: Not the most sophisticated graphics, but still a great play.

• Wazza: Perfect for anyone who wants to play like an outer space pirate.

Every computer game that becomes available has a market segment that it aims to capture. Depending on how they are perceived, every game offers good play. The best part is, now you don’t have to buy every game that interests you. Sooner or later, it can come out in the free computer games section.

Personal computers are constantly being upgraded to be faster, stronger and with better video and sound capabilities. These upgrades are not to help people in their occupations or daily tasks, but to be able to handle all of the new game software that’s constantly hitting the market.

When a new game becomes available that you just cannot wait to try, hold on for just a little while. It will soon be available to play free on your computer, and with today’s advanced technology, it will certainly be worth the wait.

What Is A Browser On A Computer

Even though the video game consoles of today have taken over all the old systems the PC games of today are still any of the number one rated games on any system. The way the computer works is different then what kind of graphics that you will have in your Xbox or Playstation. You will have a motherboard with either single or double graphics card ability. If you have an SLI ready motherboard then that means that you have the best motherboard that money can purchase and you also have the best graphics as well. You will be using two graphics cards over the power of one which will make your computer not only not lag but will make the image clearer then purified water.

The big thing about computers and playing video games on them is you can keep upgraded your computer without having to purchase a whole new system. You can however upgrade your other video game systems but then it becomes illegal to play your upgraded systems online like you often play. That is because they sell the systems how they need them to be played if they had wanted everyone to be aim botting then they would have given you that privilege but you cannot and therefore you just need to spend your upgrading money on your computer unless you’re “modding” out your Xbox and you plan on just playing on other servers and not the main Xbox live feed.

PC gamers are always looking for the next best piece of technology to help them get an edge in their online games. Heck, they’ll take a minor boost in a games frame rate if it means shoveling out a few hundred bucks for a new video card or processor; but, with so many hardware configurations and different applications, what exactly is a high performance gaming computer?

There is no single computer that’s going to outperform mostly all other computer on the market. Sure, one computer might be optimized for high a high frame rate, but that might come at the cost of being ale to multi task, while another computer may place emphasis on multitasking and being able to play a game at a lower frame rate while still being able to use a web browser.

A truly high performance gaming computer is one that has been optimized to perform as specific task, whether it’s playing one game (like Counterstrike), or playing a game and using several applications (like World of Warcraft and a browser). These machines have been optimized to the point that doing something else – such as multitasking – is discouraged.

If you need to really play games on your computer flawlessly then you’re going to have to spend any money to make the computer that you want. You are going to need at least 2 gigs of RAM. A good graphics card as well. You just need to go to online and you will be able to get a good gaming computer for under $1200. I mean everything that you need and top of the line for that price.

Computer Comparison

Online courses can now be obtained free of charge. These providers of free online computer courses offer free course materials that can be freely downloaded from their respective websites. But the main thing here is to assure the credibility of the sources and accuracy of the detailed info on a specific course. If such a provider has enough experience in the IT industry to back their claims, chances are, you’re getting the best free online computer course deal in the country.

Now always remember that free online computer courses can be obtained by just acquiring a free set of educational materials on a specific field of interest. If free educational materials on computer courses are what you want, then you should consider getting these from IBM and the Computer Science Teachers Association. Through accredited schools in the country, that is.

Now these two top American IT specialist groups have actually teamed up with each other so as to provide free online computer course materials on various tech areas. The tech areas cover a varied range of specific skill-development training materials, such as free online computer course materials on advanced handheld equipment usability, JAVA-based programming, web design and development, Flash, and SQL programming. These free computer course materials have integrated a system to match each individual’s skill level in a certain area of computer technology. The online system provides the distance learners the option of dictating their own pace when it comes to the learning process. Plus, since it’s an online computer course they are availing, they could easily take on fun travel holidays even while continuing with the course.

There are free materials for beginner, intermediate, and expert learners, respectively. IBM and the Computer Science Teachers Association have created these materials so as to be integrated on the educational system of the country. With this, these free online computer course materials would be handled by each accredited educational institution.

For a beginner, these electronic computer-related training materials would be very useful. Compared to other online computer training courses, such digital materials do not need intermediary skills in computer navigation and basic computer software operation. In addition, these free digital materials do not require a learner to have the skills in navigating through the internet. Of course, the reason for this is quite obvious. If it’s an online computer-related course a learner is intent on studying, this person must possess net browsing and computer navigation skills that range from beginner levels to near-expert skills. But what IBM and the Computer Science Teachers Association have made accessible even to beginners are the materials themselves. Aside from the fact that these learners are given free online computer-related course materials based on their choice and skills, they can just download these free course materials and view them offline. This makes such materials accessible even to those without net browsing knowledge. Some materials or documents are even available in non-electronic or hard copies, which make learning even more accessible to those without proper computer navigation and software operation skills.

On the other hand, intermediate to near-expert computer and IT specialists can also benefit from these free online computer course materials. The main reason for this is that these free online materials from IBM and the Computer Science Teachers Association have passed the strictest standards when it comes to quality and accuracy. Through the documents made available by the team-up, students with enough background on IT-related topics and subjects could already gain substantial knowledge in his or her chosen field. Thus, these free online computer course materials can greatly help in making the data from free online computer courses, or even the paid ones, virtually usable and easy to understand. In this sense, the free electronic course materials by IBM and the association can even be used as a stand-alone method of learning each field of IT; this could be very much advantageous to those whoever possess average to above average computer skills. Another additional bonus of these materials is that students could easily set their own pace of learning, without any pressure whatsoever from online course administrators whoever give out tight deadlines for projects and modular activities.

About Computer

If you’re buying a computer desk for yourself, it can be difficult to know what to get, especially if you have never bought one before and have no idea about ergonomics. Remember that ergonomics is not just about stopping injuries when it comes to computer desks – it is also like a kind of feng shui, making your work space the best possible one for you to be in.

You don’t need to go all-out on spending lots of money on some great kind of wood for your desk – something cheap from a DIY shop or Ikea should be fine. The important things are how big it is, where you put it, and its shape.

You should measure the space the desk is going in beforehand and make sure that any desk you buy will fit comfortably – there are few things worse than a crowded work room. If the room is too small to fit a desk comfortably, you might need to reconsider using it.

The ideal desk will have a slide-out tray of a size that can easily fit a keyboard, as well as a shelf underneath for a printer or scanner. Nothing should be too near the floor, as it is not good to be bending down all the time – ideally the computer’s system box should fit on top of the desk, to allow you to turn the computer on, put in discs and so on without bending down.

If you can, make room for a piece of paper and a pen on your desk too – it is good to be able to jot things down easily and have somewhere to put any pieces of paper you need to make use of, instead of having to perch paper on the side of your keyboard. The time and effort you save this way is well worth the tiny amount of extra space it requires.

Computer Builder

The chess computer is a tool, a skill builder if you will. For those that truly enjoy the game of chess, there’s no better partner to play with. While many that enjoy playing chess would like to own one of these computers, it should be said that they’re generally costly and generally are complicated to use to a beginner computer user. But, for others, these are the most excellent of tools for your chess career. The Good There are a number of benefits to owning your own chess computer. So, as an example, you can play whenever the mood strikes you from early morning to the middle of the night. You don’t have to wait around for your friend to be in the mood. You also have the ability to use tutorials that can help you to learn to play or to increase your own playing capabilities with these computers. They are designed to allow for all sorts of play, so you get to do what you feel is necessary. You can also restart a game that has gone bad 😉 The Bad There are any disadvantages of owning these computers as well. A chess player that is not human can not make the mistakes that a human can make. Therefore, the computer is a much more difficult competitor. Not only that, but they also don’t prepare you for the reactions of human play. And, of course, they may be quite an investment as well. You can find various options to choose from, though, from software programs to complete programs. The Verdict It is important to weigh the advantages and the disadvantages when it comes to computers like these chess computers. For many, the goal of owning a chess computer is only a dream. You should realize that they’re mainly for those whoever are advanced players whoever are playing chess at the club level. Then again, to get to this point, many will need a chess coach. The chess computer may be the chess coach that you need to take your game to the highest level it may be at. If you have the funds for a chess computer and a true love of the game, making that purchase can put you one step ahead of the rest.

Download Computer Games

Computer games are the most interesting source of entertainment and excitement for any youngster. Even grown ups get hooked on to the series of adventurous games involving stealth, espionage and intelligence. They are your license to kill. The virtual world that lures us through them is made to be nearly as real as the real world itself, with mind boggling graphics, picture resolution to match the very best of high definition types and booming sounds.

These games are therefore understandably highly priced. If you need to buy all your most adored ones at one go, then it may cost you a fortune. Instead you can depend on the used ones available to satisfy your needs.

By this I mean that there are used computer games which are sold at a much cheaper rate than their original market value. These are typically available in the online stores on the Internet. The availability of these games is quite apparent, since many games are sold as newer and improved versions of the same game keep flowing into the market,

This means that you may not get the most updated and the latest ones all time you buy, but you will still get the best possible price. Besides, these stores take care to sell games which are in proper working order. There are money back guarantee offers in case the game package turns out to be in bad shape when you run it on your personal computer.

There are many games which you will need at the same time. A good thing about the used computer games on the Internet stores is that they are sold legally. They ensure that there’s a better course to take than piracy and yet remain reasonably cheap in the pricing. The entire process is smoothly conducted as the Internet stores feature things in a detailed and a clear cut manner. Besides their availability there are also a lot of free downloads which these online stores offer to you.

These games may be more elementary in nature and might be available in flash modes or email formats. They too are very enjoyable. Especially any of them may have teasers, puzzles, etc. which might be enjoyable as well as test your mind. Do get them for your young child. The online stores also have a number of game related stuff, such as the computer game guide, programming manual for those whoever need to learn about programming, software, etc.

These are also available in second hand form, and as a result cost you much less. Their availability is one aspect of the online stores. They are surely the way to go for all computer game lover, as it makes them much more affordable. Buying them will not keep you too behind either, as the newest games might be purchased very soon after their initial launch.

Power Supply Computer

The power supply to a computer is often the most underappreciated component of a computer and can well be a key to better, faster and smoother computer speeds of your computer.

But who ever thinks of that silver box tucked away in the back of your computer?

Most people simply have the power supply that came installed in their computer. If it ever overheats and breaks down, stopping their computer from starting dead cold, that is the only time most computer users ever think of, replace or upgrade their computer.

Imagine if you had an erratic source of electricity to your home that was sparkly, erratic or underpowered. In the same way if the power supply is an inexpensive one it may be erratic in its power output. You may well have upgraded your computer – added drives , added a second cd/dvd reader or burner, a new powerful video card , or a number of external USB devices – whether they be mice, keyboards , external drives powered by the USB port alone , and never thought that you were taxing your limited amperage power supply. All of this extra power usage by these new components that you have added to your computer without thinking of the consequences on your already stretched power supply can both dampen your computer performance and shorten the life of your power supply.

How is computer power supplies rated? Computer power supplies are mostly rated by amperage. However this is a peak amperage measurement. This can be of a most optimistic rating. Late in the day – a couple of technicians overseas snap one or two of the better examples of their factories workmanship onto a load meter. They snap on the power briefly and note – did you see that – 500 watts. I’m sure I saw 500 watts says technician number 2 and even 3 and they mark the test results down. And if the numbers do not jive absolutely it can always be blamed on batch consistency or even a different group of products. For after all is not it a test of average load of a number of transformers.

Everything in life as they say comes down to practical logistics.

Most of the mass market computer that you will find in big box stores etc is mass produced. This has advantages of low cost and easy repair at the factory. The product has been set up and tested. If there is a problem with the computer it can be easily fixed, in, most cases with a simple swap of components at the factory. The computer model and its common problems and fixes are well known. The flip side is that the components have been carefully sought out, extensively tested and component quality shaved down to the bone.

As a result you do not have a lot of leeway with power supply to any upgrades or simple USB hardware additions to your computer system. Thus it is a wise idea to replace your power supply.

How can you judge which power supplies are better than others. First of all you can do a rough judgment by weight. The better power supplies will have a lot more copper metal in their transformer and will be much heavier. Inexpensive power supplies are very lightweight. You will notice the heavier weight of better power supplies immediately.

Next the better power supplies will have higher wattage. 200 – 300 watts may be fine for older Pentium 2s and 3s; newer computers may well need a minimum of 350 – 400 watts or more. It is not only power in watts but the consistency that matters. The better power supplies will be marked with consistent power output levels on their markings. As well they may be marked as having dual or more channels, What this means is that there are two or more entirely separate power supply channels, Thus there will be one distinct channel of power for the motherboard and another for the peripherals. When a DVD drive comes on it the power supply to the motherboard will not diminish even for a second.

Your computer speed will be smooooooooth.

The last thing to note is either the amount of plug outputs and the amount fans built into the power supply. The better power supplies will have the luxury of providing lots of extra plugs – both for convenience, and the expandability their power supply offers.

As well there may be extra fans to properly cool the better, more powerful power supplies. Even though there may be extra fans, the power supply over may be incredibly quiet due to the higher quality ball bearing based gearings and advanced sophisticated heat sensing power switching controls.

The ac power supply of your computer may well be the most unappreciated taken for granted component of your computer. A better power supply can be one of the keys to increasing the speed and consistent performance of your computer especially as you upgrade your computer adds new components. Might be a good idea to invest in a new. High quality computer power supply.

Laptop Computers For Sale

It happens at least once in the life of every notebook computer-it slows down in performance, and just doesn’t have the get up and go that it used to. Like most people, you run your most treasured antivirus program(s) to make sure that “bugs” have not infected your system, and you even run spyware programs to make sure that spyware is not overloading your system resources. To take things a step further you clear out unnecessary items from your start menu, make bios adjustments and get rid of old programs you have not used in a while.

After all that, your laptop computer still runs slow and you realize – it’s time for an upgrade.

Once upon a time, laptop and notebook upgrades were considered “technician only” activities because of the fact most notebook manufacturers have proprietary technologies in their systems. That is still true to any extent, but the main hardware components affecting system performance in most laptops are those that have become pretty much industry standard. These are:

1. ) Hard Drive

2. ) Memory

3. )Processor

These components can be easily replaced in most notebooks. The first thing to do however is to determine if the upgrade is worth the cost. Check prices online to see how much it will cost. If I pay $120 for a hard drive, $50 for memory and $150 for a new processor, it may not make sense to do all three upgrades, I may only want to choose 1 at first and then check system performance.

If my laptop was not very expensive to begin with, I may want to consider just purchasing another one. If I can get a Refurbished Windows Vista HP laptop for $499. 00, that may make more sense than upgrading components on an older system.

CNET. com offers an online course on how to upgrade a used notebook computer step by step. Check it out and determine which option is right for you.

Music Computer

If you are a fan of Ethiopian music, then you will enjoy seeing an Ethiopian music video. This is a great way to explore the culture of Ethiopia in the comfort of your own home and whenever it is convenient for you. And if this African country has often piqued your curiosity, or if you have always been curious about different places and cultures in the world, the culture of Ethiopia can be experienced firsthand through its music. And with today’s modern technology, an Ethiopian music video gives you the sights and sounds of a large part of this vibrant culture.

Finding a good website that will give you different kinds of Ethiopian music videos is no longer difficult or technically challenging. If you have a flash player downloaded on your computer, you will have little, if any, problem watching a Ethiopian music video. In addition, you can just listen to Ethiopian music any time during the workday. This very special kind of music appeals to a great many people, both westerners as well as people who are descendants from Ethiopian. This broad appeal is a thing that people have discovered as they listened to more and more of Ethiopian music across the web. It is a great thing to open the world to more and more people.

There are so many ways to look into people’s culture like that of Ethiopia. The populous notion behind the Internet allows anyone, whether they are from Ethiopia or not, to explore this culture, and allows you to learn so much about the people and the culture of this country. And, as in the case for many cultures, one of the best ways, if not the best way, to learn about people is through music. It is so much fun to see how people sing and dance when they hear music that is close to their heart. You do not need to understand the language to get the idea of Ethiopian music. When you watch an Ethiopian music video, you will see how Ethiopian people express their thoughts and ideas with dance and vocals.

You are no longer dependent on travelling to Africa or anywhere else to learn about Ethiopia. Your home computer is the gateway to this vibrant and fascinating country. An Ethiopian music video ties this ancient culture to the most modern expressions of media. And if you are looking to expand your educational horizons, or a developing a new hobby is centered around Ethiopia, there are web sites that offer you a new Ethiopian music video each and every day.

Ethiopian music is a reflection of the culture of this African country more than anything else. When you really want to get a good idea about this country, you will find it through the music. By listening to Ethiopian music in its traditional forms and watching an Ethiopian music video, you will learn about what is going on in the country culturally and, in most cases, you will find news and trends about the current events in Ethiopia.

Computer Software Programs

If multiple individuals use your computer, such as your family members or business employees, you may want to monitor the usage. Or, if you have staff members with their own laptops or desktops, knowing what’s on that computer and what it’s being used for can help protect your information or that of your company and your privacy. It can also help you to ascertain what family members and employees are really doing when spending time offline or online.

Perhaps you are concerned about the surfing habits of your teenager with respect to profanity, pornography or illegal behavior. Maybe you want to protect your children from doing things they shouldn’t be doing online such as chatting with strangers or downloading potentially harmful files.
Or, it could be that you are concerned about what your spouse might be doing online and feel you need to know exactly what’s happening to rule out an affair or immoral habits.

There are programs that run discreetly in the background that will help you by reporting to you exactly what is going on with your computer. If you want exact keystrokes, copies of e-mails or other files sent, instant messaging transcripts or a log of how much time is spent, you can obtain all of this information.

If you need passwords retrieved, e-mail addresses captured or any other information from your computer regardless of log in credentials used to access the program, you can obtain this information from a number of programs. If you use this program and your computer crashes or becomes corrupt, this could save you countless hours rewriting documents or other information that was not saved.

There are basic features that anyone can use to pull this information from their computer as well as advanced reports for more detailed information.
If you would like random snapshots of the screen to see what’s going on, this is completely possible to do with your own computer or any computer you install it on. You can obtain the report from that computer or remotely via e-mail.

If you need to monitor your employees, to determine who’s working and who is simply spending company time to play games, check their emails or chat, you can find this out.

Monitoring the use of your computer can bring peace of mind if you suspect that anyone is using the computer for things that they shouldn’t be doing. It can also save you productivity and profit if used in business.