Why Is My Computer So Slow

Checking your computer registry, cleaning and repairing it are one of the essential maintenance functions of a computer. It is necessary to ensure that your computer is working correctly, that programs, which are no longer in existence, do not take up memory and your computer is not filled with items that are not necessary. These files can also create errors for you if there are too many of them in addition to freezing, slow load times and hanging programs.nnThere are several different ways to ensure that you do the best registry repair that you can do on your system. The first thing is to get a good registry cleaner there are a number of windows XP registry repair applications available many of them free of charge or for a reduced rate. nnPreviously the assessment of a computer registry was a long and often tedious process. The registry would need to be reviewed for obsolete files and these would then be removed one by one, so as not to impact existing files which were required by the PC.nnThe modern PC is clever in the way that it attempts to maximise resources by sharing relevant files of programmes, thereby reducing the overall memory usage. The knock on effect of this, however, is that by deleting files without properly assessing them, it is possible that we could be removing those that a needed by another programme.nnFor any registry repair programme, it is important that we don’t just purchase the first one we come to. Does it work? Can we test it? What do other users think of it? These are all questions that we should be asking, because ultimately it is our money that we are spending, and our computer that we will be running the registry cleaner on.nnThe second thing is that you are going to want to look for in the best registry repair program is the back up. You are going to want to ensure that you can back up your registry in case of an accidental deletion. This helps you to restore the files you need to restore without causing a problem for your computer. This is an essential function of the best windows XP registry repair programs on the market.nnWhilst the assessment and cleaning of your computer registry are important, the balance between paying a large some of money to carry out the process and running a completely free version must be taken into consideration. Often the best approach can take using a free assessment of your computer registry combined with a paid cleaning programme.nnAs we have demonstrated, the impact of not having a clean computer registry can severly hinder the peformance of your computer. Some people even get to the stage of disposing of a PC and purchasing a new one because they assume that this is the only way to have one running at the speeds they need. This is generally not the case, which is why a registery cleaner is recommended.

Turn off visual effects HI why is windows so slow why is computer so slow Whatever the cause, there are lots of ways to help speed up Windows Please follow m. . .

Gaming Desktop

Cheap desktop computers are a hot commodity these days and something that everyone seems to be snatching up everyday. Gaming on the computer has steadily climbed up the charts in popularity in the video game world. There are so many different video game systems that come out all the time by Sony and Nintendo, but today, it seems that the PC is quite a stiff competition.

There has always been a popular belief that console games have continued to crush the PC platform, but more and more this is being disproved. It may be true that living room consoles like the Sony PlayStation 3, the Xbox 360 or the Nintendo Wii are extremely popular among families throughout the United States, but the PC is something that has been around for ages and continues to be modified and updated to keep pace. The Microsoft Windows operating system has been a catalyst for all types of PC gaming.

Most people associated with the gaming industries are sure that PC gaming is not only not in decline, but it is alive and well and growing steadily. However, this confidence seems puzzling considering the fact that almost all of the high profile video games are made for consoles only. Right now, Grand Theft Auto IV is one of the highest grossing games, selling over eight million copies in its very first month. This is one of the games that can only be operated on an Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 system. This does not worry the PC gaming industry at all because they also consider the huge rise in PC gaming as well as those who have been purchasing cheap desktop computers for these purposes.

A defining feature that makes PC games so unique is that unlike major console games, which one must buy a disk for, many of them are downloaded directly onto the gamers hard drive. This concept was first pioneered in 2004 by the creator of the popular Half Life games and has become a very popular option for any PC gamer. PC game companies are also banking huge profits off of MMOs, which stands for massively multiplayer online games. This involves hundreds of thousands gamers taking part in various ongoing adventures over the internet everyday. The great part about these is that they are not available for consoles, so it allows the PC gaming industry to covet a huge part of this market. So, check out the cheap desktop computers at your local store and start PC gaming today.

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Pc Towers

Discreet Hydroponic Growing Systems

Several people like to have there Hydroponic growing systems blend in to there homes environment.Sometimes they live in an apartment or there’s just no good place for keeping the Hydroponic system out of site.

There are many different forms of Hydroponic systems that can be concealed inside a house or an apartment. The best ones are built using the “Turn Key” system. Its the system that can create a perfect growing environment for the plants. You dont have to water the plants on an everyday basis, or keep up with maintenance like most grow systems. They come comlete with a infra red proof exterior. This is how these systems can preseve the perfect hydroponic growing environment.

Want To Go Straight To The Discreet Hydroponic Grow System Website

One of the most discreet hydroponic growing systems is the PC Tower growing box. Its no bigger than an average PC tower and it can grow 2 plants at a time.And these plants , grown in the perfect turn key system, will flourish and produce nice yields mostly all single time.The yields make buying these turn key systems worth in no time at all.

Product Description From The Manufacturer:

It is incredibly discrete, light-proof, and very simple to operate! Using the SOG (sea of green method) you can grow TWO plants start to finish! You’ll have spectacular results and its so simple even a small child could master it! This unit comes with a HUGE list of accessories. We are the ORIGINAL designer of a PC grow box, and have a patent pending. Don’t settle for junk systems made in someone’s basement. Order the original, the well tested PC Planter.

You can check out the full description by clicking the link below.

Another great Hydroponic grow system for those that need something a little more discreet, is the Speaker Box Grow system. It looks similar to a 4 foot high speaker box, and comes fully equipped like all the other Discreet and turn key Hydroponic grow systems.

The outside (Exterior) is also infra red proof, making this the perfect growing system for serious Hydroponic growers. You can set this discreet grow system anywhere in your house or apartment. It could even be placed outside on the porch or in the garage. Its up to you to decide. These systems are made from high quality materials, and they’re made to provide the best growing conditions possible.

Here is the Manufacturers description:

Our customers have asked, and we have finally delivery. After over a yr of waiting and a great deal of research and development this all new 6 plant “Sun Speaker” has just been added to our Plug-N-Play product line. Exclusively from Sunlight Sheds, this new product is a welcome addition to any living room with its sleek and discrete design. On the outside this unit looks exactly like a full size 4 1/2 foot tall household speaker. However, inside it holds 6 full size plants that can be grown from start to finish with very little maintenance. This product features a 150watt air cooled lighting system, 6 plant hydro watering system, nutrients, odor control device, digital meters, and everything else you could ever want. In addition there’s actual working sound, with independent am/fm radio for a completely discrete system that works and sounds like the real thing!

O.K, if you think that these sound like something you might like , you can check out the site by following the link below.

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Laptop Computers Ratings

My first personal computer was a Compaq desktop with a huge monitor. Though it performed whatever task I wanted done, gave me my first exposure to the Internet, and I used it to perfect my typing skills by writing a few papers, I am very relieved that I was rid of it.

Nowadays, people prefer smaller systems, which are less than an half inch thick, like those we see on commercials. In our very modern and space conscious world, small size means ultra convenience, so these days, majority go for laptop notebook computers, whose major advantage is its portability. This ensures that the laptop notebook computers might be carried along to wherever we need to take them.

The first laptop notebook computer advertisement was simply awesome, and on the spur of the moment, I decided I must have one. The problem however was the price; I did not know if I can afford it or not. Things have since changed, now you can find a wide range of options and sort through the deals to get the one that suits your needs.

My brother who is a genius with computers, almost threw me off balance when he asked me what I need to use a laptop notebook computer for, and he went on to inform me that this is the major question anyone in my shoes should be able to address. Though everyone need a quality laptop notebook computer that comes at a moderate price, but the issue of why you need it must be satisfied. Mac laptop notebook computers are very good platforms for digital editing works, although Pc with its wonderful game options is the king of video game sector.

My opinion however is that both types of laptop notebook computers can perform basic functions like web browsing, typing, so absolutely everything all boils down to individual choice. My wife is a Pc freak, although I am for the simplicity of the Mac.

Newbie’s to the world of laptop notebook computers should hop into cyberspace to access the huge information about the various brands, costs, ratings and options on laptop notebook computers. Because this purchase isn’t something you will do frequently you must take your time to choose the correct laptop that will meet your requirements, and will be durable for an appreciable period of time. Log on to the web and discover the huge freedom and convenience the laptop notebook computers can offer you. Believe me, it’s an exciting experience using those cute machines.

Computer Repair Service

Any businessman who is under the impression that he can manage a business without taking the help of a computer is in thorough need of a reality check. Every single business enterprise out there can consider itself to be as powerful as the computer services it commands, during the data filing and storing, business communication, and other business-related procedures and processes. And that is why it is extremely necessary for one to know a place where he can get good computer repair services, so that he can rest assured that his computers are not going to let him down during a necessary business meeting. If you stay in Raleigh, you should have number of few good Raleigh computer repair service providers.
Raleigh computer repair services are surely not restricted to the business field. It might be that you need your personal computer repaired, at your house. You might be a student, a professional, a businessman, a homemaker or somebody who is working from home. Getting the services of a Raleigh computer repair professional engineer who can repair the computer whenever necessary is thus the top priority of anybody who has a computer or access to a computer for business, academic or professional purposes.
The demand for good computer repairs in the place where you are staying can be done extremely easily. Just imagine you have just bought a computer, from a computer dealer in Raleigh. If he’s a good computer dealer he’s going to have a backup for customer services taking care of Raleigh computer repair. If he does not have a customer service department he’s going to give you plenty of information about where you can get an efficient and cost-effective computer repair service in Raleigh.
Many computer professionals are trained through either computer institutes or by computer manufacturing technical training workshops, so that they can get adequate exposure to the different models as well as brands manufactured by the different computer companies. These professionals are then going to join Raleigh computer repair so that they can help clients, with their technical expertise and services whenever necessary.
You have a number of options for taking full advantage of the services of good Raleigh computer repair. You might have to pick up your CPU and take it to the repair shop, to get it checked or rectified. You can also take the help of online technical service support, who are going to give you plenty of information about how you can manage to repair the computer yourself. This is surely a good and completely cost-effective way, in which you can get good Raleigh computer repair services, whenever necessary. This saves you from the hassle of picking up your machine and taking it to the repair shop!

We are the Greater New Orleans areas computer repair, tech support service and web development concierges.

Slow Computer

Your have a personal repair that needs to get done right away. You are ready to take it anywhere. Question is, where should you take it? Does it really matter where you take it? I would suggest that it does. Here are any things you may have not considered before.

What kind of turn around time do they have? Some personal repair shops will take two to three weeks to return your personal to you. Are you ready to be without your personal for that long? If not, shop around. There are personal repair shops that can get your personal back to you in as tiny as a few hours. Some of these faster companies can charge more but the speed is worth it if you are working on a huge project that has to get done right away.

What do they charge for their hourly fee? Some companies charge really high fees and take a really long time to get the personal back to you. You want to take your repair to a personal repair shop that’ll be swift and will do the repair right the first time. Look for a personal repair shop that posts their prices. Most shops have a set price list for specific tasks. Look for a company that can give you a solid quote before they start their work. You should also make sure they’ll contact you for approval if there is any reason to increase their repair bill before they start the repair.

Is their staff A+ certified? The A+ certification doesn’t guarantee that the personal technician knows what he is doing but it is generally a good indicator that they’ve invested the time into their craft to do it well. You should also find out if everyone on staff is A+ certified or only certain staff. Ask to have the certified staff do the work.

Trust your gut. If after talking with someone at the shop in person you do not get a good feeling about them, walk away. In any given town there are several who do personal repairs. Don’t be afraid of shopping around.

This is first lecture from the series of course “Introduction to Computer Science I”, Harvard OpenCourseWare with Instructor David J. Malan. The Instructor i. . .

Computer Tv

With your home computer and the Internet, you can get any form of entertainment. The entertainment I am writing about is satellite TV for your computer. What you actually need is the right software.

With the right software you can have access to watch thousands of international satellite TV channels on your PC. The good part about it you do not require additional hardware or a PC TV card all you need is an Internet connection.

The entertainment you get with satellite TV for your computer is movies from all over the world. Into sports and want to watch Live Game broadcasts, you do not need costly satellite or pay-per-view service anymore you can watch your most treasured team live on your PC for no cost at all. Dozens of music channels so you can watch concerts, festivals and videos. Kids channels to keep them happy during the school holidays, TV channels from over 70 countries the United States have over 100 stations the UK 60 stations plus radio stations and so much more according to everyone’s taste.

The software works with a 56k connection, the faster your Internet connection, the better picture quality you’ll get. Generally, a broadband connection will get you the highest quality audio and video for your satellite TV on your PC.


Why pay $30 to $100 per month when you can get satellite TV for your computer with no ongoing fees just one payment around $50 and then you have free satellite TV on your PC for ever with lifetime updates at no additional cost. When choosing the software you should look at what’s available. Look up forums and view what they’re saying about certain satellite TV for PC programs because not all programs are what they promise. Do your research and enjoy the good value entertainment.

Satellite TV For Your Computer

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Computer Scanner

scan computer online

Some so-called driver updaters are thoroughly rip-off! online computer scan

The second aspect which you really should pay focus to is the Driver Database of the method. No applications are excellent! You will need to get speedy support when you’re in trouble.

There are instances when you’re not able to use your antivirus due to the fact the virus or whatever the danger has disabled it. How do you scan your laptop or computer if this is the circumstance? You are not able to use your protection computer software and as a result, you can not get rid of the threats.

Thankfully, most of the antivirus companies have on-line scanning instrument for you to use. Companies such as McAfee, Symantec, Bitdefender and other virus protection organizations supply totally free virus scan from their world-wide-web websites. You can use it for free not having any fees.

Following scanning your pc and pinpointing the threats, then you can instantly discover the elimination device to eliminate it from the world wide web. Commonly, there is a elimination device for every single menace and you can locate it at personal computer safety program company’s web sites this sort of as Symantec web site.

Nonetheless, there are a number of cost-free virus scan obtainable on the world-wide-web supply threats elimination this sort of as the BitDefender On the net Scanner.

You can also use the absolutely free virus scan to attempt new form of virus defense software package. Let us say you have an antivirus set up in your program and you need to consider new protection computer software from one more provider, but your system won’t be able to have two antiviruses at when. So, how do you test the new safety computer software?

You can use the cost-free virus scan supplied by the organization to scan your Computer and review it with your existing antivirus. This way, you can figure out which performs greater without having acquiring to uninstall your existing a person.

Nonetheless, most absolutely free virus scan did not deliver elimination of the threats and call for some kind of payment ahead of they will get rid of it.

In purchase for you to thoroughly guard yourself and your Personal computer, it is really far better that you prevent downloading suspicious software package or visiting suspicious world-wide-web websites instead than seeking to remove it following being infected.

Shopping for the greatest on-line driver scanner to update your system drivers? Manually seeking on the world-wide-web for a solitary driver is a time-throwing away, skill-demanded job. Employing a system driver scanner, also termed driver updater, is an simple and effective way to get the most recent motorists for your hardware.

But if you enter the words “finest driver updater” and research with Google, you will get hundreds of effects. Which one is the ideal? In the post, I will inform you the standards to separate great driver scanners from the incompetent ones.

What I attach great relevance to is the system compatibility of the packages. online computer scan

The abovementioned aspects are what you should give your attention to.

Learn how to connect a computer scanner to a computer in this free instructional video. Expert: Tony Ramirez Bio: Electronics and media guru Tony Ramirez is . . .

Computers Canada

Computer solutions include networking hardware, data security, data sharing etc. It includes linking computers using Local Area Network (LAN), Wide Area Network (WAN), so that the same hardware devices like printers, modems etc. can be used by several machines together. Data security is also includes putting up firewalls to protect data from virus attacks and threats.

A detailed description of Computer Networking

Computer Networking implies setting up of different computers, may be desktops or laptops in the same configuration, using local area network (LAN) and wide area network (WAN). It includes setting up data management and security by putting up requisite security programmes, anti-virus, anti-spyware and firewalls. It is of great help especially in offices and internet cafes, as it facilitates data transfer.

Computer networking also allows connectivity to the same modem, thereby enabling different computers to use the same internet connection, thus reducing the need for multiple ones. It also includes managing, maintaining and protecting the server from malware and also connecting computers through intranet for better data sharing.

There are many services offered in Canada, especially in the Great Toronto Area (GTA). Computer networking in GTA is offered by a large number of companies. They install and assemble desktops, or laptops, and also help set up connections for LAN and WAN. They put up anti virus and anti spamware as well and also protect computers by installing firewalls. They also offer configurations for data sharing on hardware and also configure the computer for sharing the same internet connection. All this is done through intranet, extranet and by connecting the computers to the same modem.

The services of these computer management firms are available in various parts of the GTA like Vaughn, Bolton and Brampton. They are easy to connect and each company offers a special package for configuring and managing computers.
What else do these companies offer?

Apart from offering computer networking, these companies offer laptop repairs and maintenance services. They have various service centres, where laptops and computers can be taken to and gotten reconfigured. They also offer home services. Laptop repairs in Vaughn in the GTA are is well developed and one can simply call them to get solutions to their various hardware and software problems. They are trained in handling the different types of software and hardware available in the market. They address the problems immediately and fix your computer within a few days. Laptop Repair Specialists in Bolton is highly qualified and they are available all through the day, every single day of the week. They have different charges for the different services that need to be offered.

Laptop repairs in Vaughn are done by able computer specialists, trained to handle different software and hardware. They can configure and upgrade computers within a few days and they have different charges for different services. Computer Networking in GTA is done by different companies and they set up different PCs and also install anti virus and anti spamware. Also they help to install connectivity among various computers by connecting it to the modem, through intranet and extranet.

Custom gaming pcs canada

Computer Camera

Most hidden cameras today’s are designed to be hooked up to a TV set for viewing only or to an old VCR for recording video surveillance and reviewing the camera video at a later time. Very few people know how to hook up a hidden camera to their computer so that they can record and view it using their computer. This article explains in detail what you need to purchase and how to install the components so that you can not only view and record hidden camera video surveillance on your computer but also view the video remotely through the Internet for free.

While most hidden cameras will most likely work with this setup we can only verify these hidden cameras will work for sure. The Hidden Camera VISEC Software-Hardware System is just the thing for making your hidden camera work with your laptop or desktop computer.

For a wired or wireless hidden camera you will need the GrabBee II to connect your camera(s) to your computer. The GrabBee II is the bridge between the wireless or hidden camera and your computer. The GrabBee II converts analog video signal to digital through your USB port. Plug & Play installation allows you to connect the number of cameras equal to the number of USB ports on your computer. Comes with software and all the connecting cables you will need to hook it up. GrabBee II

Installation Instructions:

If you do not follow these steps in their order you can cause damage to your computers Operating System. These steps are ONLY for Microsoft Windows XP and above. For all other Operating Systems (Windows 95/98/ME/200) please follow the instructions given in the manual, which came with the unit.

Before you begin:

* Make sure you have downloaded all of the windows updates, which are located at update.windows.com.

* Unplug all other USB Devices if possible.

* Close all other programs running besides the needed programs to run Windows XP.

1) First Connect the Grab Bee II to any USB Port on the computer.

2) Wait for the Found New Hardware Wizard to pop up. (Do not click anything at this point, please read the instructions all the way through first)

3) Insert the Multimedia Installation Kit CD (Red and Purple CD). When inserting the CD you may notice a box that pops up, it will say Video Home- 32BG. Click the Cancel button, and proceed to step 4.

4) On the Found New Hardware Wizard dialog box, click No, Not at this time, and then click next.

5) Click Install from a list or specific location (advanced), and then click next.

6) Now Click the BROWSE button, Then the + sign next to MY COMPUTER, locate the CD-ROM Drive you put the CD into, should say Video Home- 32GB next to it.

7) Click the + sign next to it, then locate the folder called Grab Bee 2, Click the + sign next to it and then proceed to click on the folder called driver.

8) Once you have clicked onto that folder, click the word OK, and then click NEXT.

9) The computer will now search that location you specified for a DRIVER for the Grab Bee 2 device which as been installed.

10) Once the computer finds the driver, a window will pop up that says: Hardware Installation, Click the Continue Anyway button and proceed to the next step.

11) Click Finish, and now your device is installed and ready for the software installation. The Visec program can now be installed from the disk you have purchased. Once the software is installed your system is ready to operate.

Now connect your hidden camera to the Grab Bee II. If you are using a wireless hidden camera, connect the 2.4Ghz receiver to the Grab Bee II.

VISEC Software:

The software that gets installed on the computer was developed as a next generation computer program by NASA Level Programmers.

This software has the following features.

* Watch your pets, nanny, babysitter even your kids!

* View from any location in the world via the Internet.

* Use your computer’s IP address to log on and immediately view live or past video.

* Record all video activity, or just when motion is detected.

* In motion detection mode you can be alerted by email, cell phone or PDA when motion is detected.

* Can also be used as a stealth surveillance system allowing the program to operate secretly on your computer. Suspect an abusive nanny or cheating spouse? Simply set VISEC on ‘secret’ mode and record everything for possible evidence.

* VISEC is extremely easy to use. Installation and configuration will only take 5 minutes.

In the past, it was quite costly to connect a hidden camera to work with your computer. But with VISEC you can turn your computer into a powerful surveillance system at a fraction of a regular security system cost. VISEC has no monthly fees and, for a one-time fee, you can receive a lifetime of free updates.

Please Note:

When remote viewing via the Internet, you will get a snap shot every 6 sec. You are not actually viewing real time video.

If you are broadcasting a meeting using Livestream and do not use an external camera but the camera from a computer, this is a how to on setting it up. Provi. . .