Computer Speed

There are many ways to speed up your computer, but have you heard about getting these steps for free? Keep reading as we expose the most effective ways proven to speed up your computer free of charge.

Stay away from trash. All accumulated files and fragmented data that are stored in your system certainly count against your available hard disk space. This means that the more trash present in your system, the slower your computer performs. The idea of how to speed up your computer free is analogous to arranging books in shelves.

If the books are properly arranged, they are more compact and you can retrieve them as fast as possible because everything is in its proper order. The same thing is true with computer files. The amount of disk space plays a critical role in the availability of RAM, which is the key component to assessing whether your computer is performing fast or slow. In such cases, a more compact and organized hard disk will mean that the computer will find it easy to fetch instructions and processes that would be necessary for a certain program to run, and this will speed up your computer free, without purchasing anything. The faster the computer fetches these data, the faster your computer appears to work for you.

Likewise, if your system is fragmented and there are too many missing files and registry entries that make programs unusable or malfunctioning, expect that your PC would appear to run very slowly. Therefore, empty your recycle bin, clear the cache and world-wide-web files as often as you can.

Practice defragging. As mentioned earlier, it is very important to keep your hard disk space compact and its entries should be arranged in a systematic order that your system can easily comprehend. Such order can be possible by performing a process run by the Disk Defragmenter, a built-in process installed in any of the Windows Operating Systems that enables users to manually arrange their fragmented files in order to achieve an organized and compact hard disk. To speed up your computer free of charge, this process may take a few minutes, depending on the total disk space that your hard disk can handle.

For best results, it is recommended that you terminate all Windows-related processes while the Disk Defragmenter is currently running in your system. As the process completes, you will see a detailed report of the amount of fragmented files that have been successfully defragged, which means that these files, including missing registry entries, common files and other data types are being arranged in an orderly fashion that your computer will find very convenient to adopt in fetching information and processes.

Install a good registry protection software. Finally, these manual processes would not bear any fruit if you let your computers vulnerable from any form of outside threats that are waiting around the corner. The best way to speed up your computer free is to install the best registry protection program that will keep your registry secured 24/7. Regularly scan your computers to detect virus threats that can harm your PC and update the software regularly.


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Taking the Quantum Leap

While it may seem that the evolution of computers is about at its end, that is not the case. The next generation of computers is quantum computers.

The reason behind continuing computer evolution is the continuing thirst we have for speed and capacity of our computers. Way back in 1947 an engineer and computing expert, Howard Aiken, predicted that all the United States need to satisfy its need for computers were six digital electronic computers. Other scientists and engineers that followed Aiken added to the volume they predicted as being adequately massive, but were also far too conservative.

What none were able to predict that scientific research would produce voluminous quantities of knowledge that needed to be computed and stored, nor did they predict the popularity of personal computers, and the existence of the Internet. In fact, it’s hard to predict if humankind will ever be satisfied with its computer power and volume.

A basic computer premise, called Moore’s Law, says that the number of a microprocessor’s transistors doubles all 18 months and will continue to do so. What this means is that by no later than 2030 the number of microprocessor circuits found in computers will be astronomically high. This will lead to the creation of quantum computers, whose design will use the power of molecules and atoms for processing and memory tasks. Quantum computers should be able to perform specific calculations billions of times more quickly than can the current computers that are based on silicon.

Quantum computers do exist today, though few and they are all in the hands of scientists and scientific organizations. They are not for practical and typical use that is still many years away. The theory of quantum computers was developed in 1981 by Paul Benioff, a physicist with the Argonne National Laboratory. Benioff theorized going beyond the Turing Theory to a Turing machine with quantum capabilities.

Alan Turing created the Turing machine around 1935. This machine was made up of a tape whose length was unlimited and which he divided into small squares. Each square either held the symbol one or the symbol zero, or no symbol at all. He then created a reading-writing device that could read these zero and one symbols, which in turn gave these machines the early computers the instructions that initiated specific programs.

Benioff took this to the quantum level, saying that the reading-writing head and the tape would both exist in a quantum state. What this would mean is that those tape symbols one or zero could exist in a superposition that could be one and zero at the same time, or somewhere in between. Because of this the quantum Turing machine, in contrast to the standard Turing machine, could perform several calculations at once.

The standard Turing machine concept is what runs today’s silicon-based computers. In contrast, quantum computers encode computer information as quantum bits, called qubits. These qubits actually represent atoms that work together to act as a processor and as the computer’s memory. This ability to run multiple computations at one, and to contain several states at the same time, is what gives quantum computers the likely to be millions of times as powerful as today’s best supercomputers.

Quantum computers that have 30 qubits would, for example, have processing power equal to today’s computers that run at a speed of 10 teraflops (trillions of operations per second.) To put this in perspective, the typical computer of today runs at gigaflop speeds (billions of operations per second.

As our cry for more speed and more power from our computers continues, quantum computers are predicted to be a readily available product sometime in the not so distant future.

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Computer Pictures

On a recent outing to a local orchard, my daughter and I enjoyed a visit and lunch with my Mother-In-Law. The lunch was delicious, the weather was delightful, and the scenery was exquisite. Wanting to capture the beauty of the floral and fauna of the greenhouse where we enjoyed our lunch, I asked my daughter to use my LG enV Touch camera to capture images of the beautiful flowers that surrounded us. The idea was to be able to transfer them to our PC and enjoy and share them with other family members.

Click here for info about moving pictures to your computer.

After taking and saving the photos to the microSD card, we were immediately able to enjoy the colors and beauty of our surroundings. I was anxious to return home and notice the images on my computer monitor and to share them online with family and friends.

I’ve used the camera on my LG enV Touch before and have been very satisfied with the ease of use, the quality of the photos, and the transfer process. The frequency that I use the camera and transfer the photos is infrequent though, so I thought I’d write the steps down and share them here in this article.

Steps to Move Pictures From Cell Phone to Computer

Before taking a picture, you will need to either change or make sure your camera settings are in place for saving to your external memory card. At the end of this article is a link which provides steps for changing the camera setting to use the external memory.

Following are the steps I took to transfer the photos from the LG enV Touch MicroSD card to my computer.

These instructions assume the following: use of the camera on an LG enV Touch VX11000 cell phone, capturing and saving photos or video on an external memory microSD card, and transferring the photos using a SD adaptor.

  1. Remove the MicroSD card from the lower right hand side of the phone by gently pressing the card in toward the phone.
  2. Slide the MicroSD card into the SD card adaptor
  3. Place the SD Card adaptor into a SD port or reader whether it be located on a laptop, PC, printer, or standalone external reader
  4. Using Microsoft Explorer,locate the external memory card, Mine reads SD Card
  5. Double click on the drive name and find your photos or video.
  6. Highlight the photo or video files you need to copy or move
  7. Ctrl-C to copy, or Ctrl-X to move
  8. Locate the folder or location on your PC where you need to store the image or video files and type Ctrl-P.

Your images are now on your laptop or PC and are accessible for printing, sharing, embedding, editing, or viewing.

So what did I do with the photos from the orchard lunch with Nana? My daughter and I uploaded the photos to an online photo site and using the photos from our visit, made a twelve mo calendar for Nana’s birthday in September. Taking photos using your cell phone camera might be lots of fun. Bring able to access, share, and view them is even better!

This article originally published Move LG enV Touch Pictures

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Pink Computer

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Pink computer chair is used for the computer desks. As we all know most of people use desktop computers so they always need a type of chair that can give rest and relaxation to their body and at the same time they can do their work on desktop computer. With the passage of time many manufacturers start manufacturing pink computer chair and each have different style. Color combination, size and design. The pink is the symbol of pleasure so when people buy this pink computer chair it automatically adds beauty to the desk of computer and room. Girls and women are quite fond of the color pink, and they especially love pink chairs for computers. There are beautiful designs are found in pink computer chair that is specially planned for the people who daily use the desktop computer. This chair has foam under seat cover and back cover that gives your back support and the feeling of rest. And you don’t get tried even after hour. pink computer chair also provide support to the shoulder and arms so you could work easily on your computer. It has stand under it with wheels which makes the movement of the chair easy and you easily move the pink computer chair anywhere.
Verity Of Pink Computer Chair

You have large verity available in pink computer chair. You don’t need to do compromise on your require pink computer chair. Due to more designs, different sizes and colors it is easy to choose and buy pink computer chair. Some commonly used pink computer chairs are
* Fabric Ergonomic Task Home Office Computer Chair, Pink

* Translucent Fabric Task Chair-Pink

* Ergonomic Chair with Sculpted Seat Cushion Pink Fabric

* Ergonomic Executive Chair Pink Fabric/Black Frame

* Task office computer chair

How To Buy Pink Computer Chair

You have option to buy this elegant and beautiful pink computer chair from the store and you can also do online shopping for this pink computer chair. Search for your most adored pink computer chair and place order for purchasing it.
Safety Rules For Pink Computer Chair

Good material is used in production of pink computer chair so the chair will not depreciate. But you have to follow any but easy rules to enhance the lifetime of pink computer chair.

* Don’t put pink computer chair in direct sunlight as the sunlight can fade the color of this chair.

* Don’t keep pink computer chair under rain

* Don’t keep heavy stuff on pink computer chair.

* Avoid cleaning it with hot water.

* Clean it with cotton cloth to avoid scratches on pink computer chair
Pink Computer Chair

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Computer Games For Kids

What person doesn’t like sports games? They are on the television, radio or if you are lucky enough, you can go see them in the flesh! Going to the outdoor field and watching your favorite team gets the blood rushing, throat sore and the tummy full. You sit there cheering madly for your team, which in turn, phycs them up even more. All humans love the challenge of multi-player games and these are definitely challenging.
The Dart game is based on lowering your score. The score starts at 501 and then you see how many times you must throw the dart to get your score down to 0 and end with a double score or bull’s-eye. Each player throws three darts per round ( remember that there’s a time limit on each player as they throw as well as a total time limit). If a player’s total time runs out, the opponent wins.
When you start with 501 points, your score for each throw is subtracted from that total. The trick is to get your score down to a single digit number that is NOT less than two or you bust on that round and it is your opponent’s turn. Don’t whine about having darts left if you bust because that does not matter and to make matters worse, if you bust, you lose all the points scored in that round! This gets a little challenging, but you will just think ahead and do the subtraction in your head so that you will know what number to aim for on the dart board. But-don’t hit another dart or the metal edges; your dart will bounce off the board and not give you any points at all.
Playing the game is fairly simple. You must aim with your mouse and click to lock your aim. This action brings up a meter that decides the altitude of your throw. The higher the marker is when you click, the higher your dart will hit the board. In order to hit exactly where you want to, click when the marker is in the middle. Overall this game takes practice and good planning skills when your score gets below 20!
KicKing is timing based football game where you get show off your skills at passing and tactical thinking. Throwing the ball through the opposing team will earn your team 7 rounds of quick play. Grab the powerups to give your team energy as they run towards the goal. This is a football game where crowd pleasing play is awarded more than a solo rush if you want to win.
Each round has a time limit of 35 seconds. If your team (the blue team) does not score a goal before 35 seconds or loses the ball the round is over. When a round starts the ball is always with your goalie at the bottom of the field. The game starts as the opponent closest to the ball starts to run towards your ball. You have to finish a pass before your opponent reaches you. Don’t let them sack you! The goal is to keep passing the ball and make a goal before time runs out.
Your team’s active player has a hexagonal yellow marker around him and a rotating arrow. You do not control the movement of the active player; you can only control his next pass. You first set the direction and then the strength of the pass. After you’ve made the pass, the player closest to the pass trajectory will start to move towards the ideal position available that will grant him to catch the ball. If it is a very short pass, the person whoever threw the pass may also catch it and throw it again.
After releasing the pass, the a path of the ball is shown by two yellow dots. The small dot shows where it will touch ground the first time. Before this point it can’t be intercepted by the opposition as it is in the air. The bigger point shows where the ball will stop if it isn’t caught first. In each round the red team’s players (the opposing team) will get slightly faster.
You must be already planning the next pass while the player is moving. This way he will make a direct pass as soon as he reaches the ball. This planning is important to keep the ball away from the opposing team (red team).
If an opponent intercepts the ball, reaches the final destination before it reaches your player or before you make your next pass you will lose the ball, and the round. If you commit to a pass (release the button to set power) before you reach the ball and reach the ball destination before the opponent you will be able to kick it away even if the opponent reaches you before the ball arrives. If you make a pass out of bounds then round is over.
There are also 2 different power-ups placed in the field. You have to pass a ball through them to collect a power up. This power-up will affect your player for the duration of the round.
You use only your mouse to control the passes. When your player has the ball there’s a directional arrow around him. Hitting the left mouse button will lock in the direction of the pass. A successful pass is worth 100 points. If by any strange chance you throw the ball into your goal, instead of the opponents’ goal, you will automatically lose 1000 points! So pay attention and throw the ball through the right goal! A long distance pass always gets the crowd up and cheering. So, if you want to score big, please that cheering crowd as it will give you 300 extra points. This isn’t the real thing as far as it goes, but it is an interesting game that promote thinking, planning ahead and strategic maneuvers. It probably can’t be played by anyone under the age of 10.
The final sports game we reviewed was Couronne King. It is based off the old tabletop game of Couronne. In this game you need to sink all the green rings with as few shots as possible. The play time has multiple lay-ups all of which are more difficult as the game advances. Your score is determined both by the difficulty of the shot and your speed at which you perform the shots at. There are many different, challenging levels of this game.
For each and mostly all shot you start by placing your yellow ring anywhere along the red line towards the bottom of the table. You then aim your shot with the cue and add strength to shoot the yellow ring.
You may sink the green rings in any of the four holes on the table. This is done with either a direct shot or bouncing them off a wall or other rings. If you sink your yellow ring, it and another green ring will both appear back on top of the table which will cost you a shot. You may hit any ring on the table when it is your turn but sinking a red ring and the green ring in the same shot will be penalized by placing the green ring back on the table top.
After you’ve sunk all the green rings on the table you will advance to the next level. This new level will start with a different lay-up. To finish and thus win the game you will have to clear all the lay-ups in the time. The end of the game occurs when you’ve cleared all the lay-ups or time has run out.
If you’re looking for a challenge, check out any of these game options. You might find that your stress level is greatly reduced as well as your reflexes sharpened.

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Bad Credit Computer Financing

Computer equipment becomes obsolete extremely quickly and if you do not have financing due to having bad credit, you won’t be able to catch up to technology changes. And though it may sound unfair, this might contribute to keeping you away from better jobs and higher wages. However, it is possible to finance computer equipment purchases through bad credit loans.

Computers have become a necessity and are no longer considered sumptuous possessions. Thus, it isn’t strange that more and more people are resorting to loans when they need to purchase one. And for those with bad credit or no credit at all, the use of bad credit loans becomes the only solution.

Lenders And Stores

Though many computer stores are offering financing to purchase equipment and supplies, the interest charged tends to be high. If your credit is extremely bad, you may end up closing a good deal with these companies because the majority of them do not check your credit score before approving you for finance.

However, chances are that you’ll do better by applying for a bad credit loan with a lender specialized in tailoring loans for people with bad credit or no credit at all. These lenders offer longer repayment programs and higher loan amounts so you can purchase all you need and pay it in affordable installments. Stores do not have so much flexibility typically because financing isn’t their area of expertise.

Credit Checks

As stated above, most stores won’t check your credit score before offering you finance plans to purchase computer equipment. However, truth is that you’ll end up overpaying, because the equivalent of their finance plans are cash advance loans which do not require credit checks either.

As regards to bad credit loan lenders, they already know that your credit is far from good. Otherwise, you would not be applying for a bad credit loan. What they’re interested in is calculating the risk of the transaction so they can fix the interest rate you’ll be charged for the loan. Only if you’ve recent critical delinquencies like defaults or a bankruptcy you may end up being declined for the loan.

Where To Find Lenders And How To Choose

Both lenders and computer stores may be found by performing a quick search on the internet. If you need to get the best deal possible, you need to compare prices and interest rates. Some stores offer finance but compensate that by offering equipment at higher prices. Though you may find a good deal, remember that you should always go to a store to purchase a computer and to a lender to get a loan.

As regards to bad credit loan lenders, you just need to contact as many lenders as you find and request loan quotes from them. Do not forget to mention that you’re using the money to purchase a computer as some of them have special offers tailored for that purpose. Compare rates, fees and any other loan term that may affect repayment. Ultimately, you need to watch closely the loan’s APR and the amount of the monthly installments to view if you can afford repayment without sacrifices.

Computer Financing, Guaranteed Computer Loans Also with No Credit Checks And No Money Down. Bad Credit Computers.

How To Make Computer Faster

How to make your computer faster? This an annoying trouble if you don’t know why. Most of the slow computer problems are related to the Windows system errors and registry errors. We are providing this how to make your computer faster for free as a simple guide, which you can do it on your own. In order to make your computer faster, you can clean and fix the invalid, corrupted and empty registry entries. Also, you need to erase the threat information on your computer so that it can ensure speeding up your computer.

Speeding up your computer to improve the performance of your slow computer is not difficult as you think. You can save a lot of money from fixing your slow computer on the computer shop. Do you want to make your computer faster? Just follow these steps below:

1.Remove obsolete temporary files can make your computer faster

These files can accumulate on your hard disk over time and slow down your computer. In order to make your computer faster, you can download and install Registry Repair Tool. Then, click “Scan Now”, Temporary files might be safely removed without deleting any data needed by your computer.

2. Clean out your registry can make your computer faster

Every time you uninstall a program, not many things of it were removed from the computer, its entries, settings, configuration etc were still left over in the Windows registry. Unfortunately the computer users don’t know that Windows system will keep reading these wasted entries to search programs which did not exist at all, as the number of these wasted stuff become bigger over time, Windows is getting more and more slowly. By using a free registry cleaner or registry tool to clean up the registry, it can help you erase these unwanted entries, settings as well as fix the registry errors, this will help you make your computer faster instantly.

3. Defragment your hard drives can make your computer faster.

While you install and uninstall a program from your hard disk, the Windows data is separated all over the hard drives in pieces and becomes fragment. It will take your operating system a lot of time to load the data on your PC. This is why your computer is running slow. How to make your computer faster? Defragment the fragment on drives can speed up the data access time. Just follow the step-by-step guide to get the job done in your computer. Click Start> Most Programs> Accessories> System Tool> Disk Defragmenter

4. Remove the unwanted programs on the background and startup can make your computer faster.

In order to make your computer faster, just go to control panel, then open the add/remove tool, you may find a list of almost all the programs you installed on your computer. Check the list carefully, find out the unnecessary programs and then remove them all to free your computer more resources.

5. Install the security program and keep it running regularly can make your computer faster.

Malicious code (also known as malware)–such as viruses, Trojans, spyware, and worms–uses your computer’s resources to do all sorts of nasty things to it, including causing it to slow down. One of the most important aspects of the protection scanner is its ability to check your PC for malicious software. Furthermore, if you want to make your computer faster, you have to keep your Antivirus program up to date.

6. Try starting up your computer in safe mode can make your computer faster.

Normally, when you start your computer, Windows loads a large amount of data into your computer’s memory. In safe mode, however, you only have access to basic files and drivers (for example, mouse, monitor, keyboard, default system services, and no network connections). Therefore, the processor is only running at a fraction of its capacity.

If your system is significantly faster in safe mode, one or more applications or drivers may be causing the slowdown in normal mode. If you have recently added new software or a new device, try uninstalling it or removing the hardware to notice if your computer speeds up.

To start in safe mode:

a. Click Start, and then click Shut Down.

b. Click Restart, and then click OK.

c. As your computer restarts but before Windows launches, press F8.

On a computer that’s configured for booting to multiple operating systems, you can press F8 when the boot menu appears.

d. Select Safe Mode, and then press ENTER.

7. Optimize your RAM usage can make your computer faster.

In order to make your computer faster and make it function properly, the computer needs a bare minimum RAM, this is the basic criterion for the operation system. Clogging up the RAM further with other unwanted software and games would slow down even the fastest computer. What’s more, you can install the Registry Easy to optimize your RAM and CPU usage. Run Registry Easy> Click Optimize System> Tweak Memory> Optimize

After that, your computer will speed up instantly. Just click here.

“How To Make Your Computer Faster” “How To Make Windows 7 Faster” “How To Make Your Computer Faster 7/8” Check out my new tech channel for more videos like this.

Build Your Own Gaming Pc

Do you need to Build a Custom Gaming PC but you really don’t have a clue how you can build a custom gaming computer on the easiest, fastest and safest way? If so, then I will help you to do this on a pretty simple way.

How To Build A Custom Gaming PC

If you need to start building a custom PC for gaming, then you’ve got to know 2 things.

1 – What hardware you are going to use.
2 – Who will put the computer together. You, or a hired person?

Once you’ve planned this out, then it should not be too hard to build a custom computer for gaming by yourself. And if you have not got any building knowledge or experience, don’t worry, I will put a link to a step by step guide at the end of this article.

Knowing What Hardware You So, are Going To Use When Building A Custom Gaming Computer

At first, it’s needed to know what hardware you are going to use. The most important hardware pieces are the video card, and the RAM memory. Make sure that your video card is at least 512 MB, and that your RAM memory is at least 1 GB.

How To Put The Custom Gaming PC Together

There are 2 options to put the computer together. You either do it by yourself, or you hire a person to do this for you. Keep in mind that when you are hiring a person to do this for you, that you’ll have to pay quite a lot of money. In most cases it’s around $75, but it can also be $100+.

Therefore you should definitely do it yourself to save yourself any money. But, how can you build a custom PC for gaming by yourself if you don’t have any knowledge or experience with this?

Using A Step by Step Guide To Build A Custom Gaming Computer Yourself

It’s highly recommended that if you don’t have any knowledge, but you still need to start building the custom gaming PC yourself, that you use a guide to help you with this.

A guide like this will give you step by step info and instructions that are coming along with highly detailed photo’s so you can know exactly what hardware to get, where to get the hardware, how to put the computer together and how you can install the needed software on the computer.

Why don’t you take a look at this guide? Visit: Build a Custom Gaming PC Guide.

So, in order to build a custom gaming PC you’ve got to keep an eye on 2 things. What hardware you need to use, and how you are going to put the PC together. However, putting a computer together might be hard, therefore it’s highly recommended to use a guide.

So, do you need to start building a custom computer for gaming? Today? Right now? Visit: Build a Custom Gaming PC.

First I need to thank you to Carey Holzman for making his tutorials on how to build computers, If you guys like to build your own PC I do recommend you to see his tutorials

Linux Computer

You have an old computer and tired of working with the same old Operating System and looking for a change or there is a crash of the operating system and you are about to lose any valuable data. In both the cases you can opt for a distribution of Linux called the Puppy Linux which has a mascot of a fearless Puppy and hence the name. The question one may ask what Linux is. Linux is an operating system which is mostly available free of cost but undoubtedly a secure and safe operating system. For Linux-set-up you can talk to a computer repair service company.

Second question one may ask what can I do with Linux. The answer is, you can do anything that you can do with your favorite operating system. Puppy Linux is a distribution of Linux OS and has the added advantage of booting from a CD or DVD or USB drives. Hence it is easily portable. If you are working with a PC with approximate 256 MB of RAM and with or without a hard drive you will be able to taste the flavor of puppy Linux. The operating system is enriched with games, browser and essential softwares. You can install the OS directly from RAM using a Live CD or actually install using your Hard Disk. In both the cases puppy Linux will automatically detect and install drivers for the Hardware. Booting is very fast takes approximately 30-40 second and occupies roughly about 100MB of space and 250MB with open office. If you need you can save the files in the CD or DVD which was used as Live CD provided it was burnt without finalizing. You can also use puppy Linux to remove virus like the Autorun.inf. You do not need an antivirus to remove the same. You just need to insert the device which will be automatically be detected. The autorun.inf file needs to be selected and deleted straightway.

To install puppy Linux we first need to enter the CMOS or BIOS screen by pressing the delete or F2 or F10 key and change the first boot device to CD ROM. Once the installation starts it will ask any basic information from you like name, PC host name and password and so on. If we have only Windows as the operating system we do not need to install GRUB but if we install the puppy Linux along with Windows Operating System we should be installing GRUB.

The file system of Linux is mostly ext2/ext3 which is not readable by Windows File System but Linux can read Windows File system. This is mostly helpful if there is a system crash and you need to backup all critical data. You only need to download the ISO file and burn it using your favorite burning software. The next step is to copy your important data to any external drive like a USB pen drive or a hard drive.

If you are still not convinced about using puppy Linux you can call any online technician who will assist you to do the same.

Mini ITX Computer Build Running Linux – Ubuntu 13. 10 – Start to Finish Cheap Computer Build Tutorial Please notice my Blog at: Hi. . .

Gaming Computers For Sale

The terms gaming PC and gaming computers refer to computers especially built for playing personal computer games on them and they’re built to support the newest versions of these games at a higher resolution then a normal computer. They mostly have extravagant cases, high-end components and they’re water cooled instead of fan cooled. They mostly operate on Microsoft Windows systems.

Even though games will run on ordinary home computers these gaming computers will process the instructions necessary for 3D graphics acceleration processing, physics modeling, unified pixel shading technology, dynamic geometry rendering and enhanced sound processing and effects engine. They also include a serial of available external connections for accessories such as headphones, USB devices and firewire connection points. Evan though gaming computers might be easily bought from stores exactly like widely seen computers they’re mostly built by their owners for use in single player or online games. The owners build them to gain the best possible performance for their goal is to out-perform their opponents computers and high scores, or winning the online contest or even for the best image and sound effects possible in their games.

These personal gaming computers started appearing in the 90’s along with the introduction of games such as Doom by id Softwares. These kind of games pushed computer building to the limit and made game enthusiasts go over their limits to build and and enhance their computers’ forces to support the online contests and therefore to be able to win online contests. The highest performance hard drive enabled to run Doom at the best possible performance (frames per second).

Since the introduction of Doom on the computer games market each generation pushes the limits of the abilities of a computer. Game developers encode their software to impress over the next yr or two in which time they’re working for developing a new and more complicated software for the next generation. This is why the developers equip their games that you can find in retail stores with two sets of required hardware listed on the package: ,,minimum hardware requirements” and ,,suggested hardware requirements”. The minimum requirements are for the oldest and lowest performing hardwares which supported the game during the testing made by the producers and the suggested hardware is the one on which the producer wants the game to be played on so that the player is satisfied for sure with the experience of that game. Games will commonly run faster, look better and make a better impression if the hardware performance is higher.
In the 90’s games started being very complex from the graphical point of view with games such as Quake and Tomb Raider, which used hardware accelerated graphics. These factors gave birth to the idea of building your own PC especially made for gaming. The power of gaming PC’s CPU have always been the main priority. In the mid 90’s companies as Voodoo PC, Falcon Northwest and Alienware started promoting and focusing the computers entirely on gaming and high-end PC’s were launched on the market. In 1998 AMD incorporated the 3D now! Instruction to their hard drive CPU and all other model afterwards. This helped playing games like The 7th Guest and Myst which also helped cd-roms and sound cards become very popular on the computer parts market.

This is a brief history of gaming computers and the reasons why the players build them at home.

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