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A lot of people say that a computer games magazine can give you the edge that you need as a gamer, but I think that this is a

rubbish. I know. I read almost mostly all computer game magazine that I can get my hands on. I read several technology magazines as well. The real thrill of computer games magazines is that you get to slaver over the new games and new

technology before anyone else even gets to see it. This is what I might call a unique thrill. But it is one of those thrills that is hard to describe to someone who is not interested in it. I know, because my girlfriend feels no fascination with my computer games magazine. She plays a few PC games, but none of them seriously. The first time she saw in the computer games magazine, she all but laughed in my face. She is a bit of a snob, I have always thought. She just could not understand why anyone would waste their time doing what I was doing.

The fact is though, that if you’re serious gamer, a computer games

Magazine is your hobby. When I get home from a hard day at work, I do not turn on the TV, but turn on the computer. When I feel like thumbing through something while using the bathroom or waiting at the doctors office, I do not look through the Sports Illustrated or even local news, I look through PC games magazine. When it comes down to it, there is really nothing to understand. The simple fact is that I loved computer gaming. I can not get enough of it, and so I often read about it too.

Despite all of that, however I would not make the claims that my friend Steve makes. He is actually silly enough to say that

reading a computer games Magazine makes him a better player. This is even more ridiculous because he is one of the worst

computer games players that I’ve ever seen. I guess that some people would say almost anything for attention now. I know

that I’ve made some pretty silly claims my life myself, but I do appreciate it when my friends call me on it. But what it all comes down to is this. Do what you want because you want to do it. If you like reading on computer games magazine do not pretend that you’re doing it for some higher purpose. The very fact that you enjoy it is reason enough if you ask me.

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